27 Awesome Big Brother Gifts to Help Him Adjust to His New Role

Big Brother Gifts

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No matter how much effort you put into trying to prepare a little boy for the arrival of a new baby, he’s going to have concerns. Change is always confusing.

Get him a gift that will make him feel special and not neglected. Welcoming a newborn is always a special occasion for the older sibling and parents.

What Are The Best Gifts for Big Brother When Baby is Born?

I Am a Big Brother Picture Book


I'm The Big Brother Teddy Bear


Funny Big Brother Shirt


Congratulate your firstborn on being promoted to big brother with these 27 special gifts that will help him feel special and prepare him for brotherhood.

Superhero Sibling Inspirational Cape And Mask Set

27 Superhero Sibling Inspirational Cape And Mask Set

This 3-piece Superhero Sibling Inspirational Cape and Mask Set is a creative, one-of-a-kind, and “super” fun way to make big brothers feel appreciated. This set is a fantastic way to prepare your firstborn hero for welcoming a sibling. He’ll love the role of a protective big bro!

26 Big Bro T-Shirt

Help him shout it from the rooftops – he’s the big one! Whether you’re expecting or your new little one has arrived, this Big Bro T-shirt will get your little one really involved and excited about the arrival of the new baby. This cotton tee is soft enough for even the most sensitive skin. The fabric is soft and washes very well.

Big Bro T-Shirt

Best Brother Ever Bracelet

25 Best Brother Ever Bracelet

If you’re looking for a really special gift to surprise the big bro with, then consider giving him this Best Brother Ever Bracelet. Engraved with an inspirational quote and featuring an adjustable cord chain, it is the ideal gift for anyone who’s been promoted to big bro! He’ll feel more than proud wearing this unique piece of jewelry.

24 B is for Brother Sweatshirt

Any little man will be more than excited to wear a B is for Brother Sweatshirt. Imagine how proud he’ll be to show off the important news. This awesome sweatshirt is very comfortable to wear, made of quality materials, machine washable, and has a soft touch to the skin.

B is for Brother Sweatshirt

Big Brother Baseball Cap

23 Big Brother Baseball Cap

The new big brother may need a little love and attention. This Big Brother Baseball Cap is the perfect gift. It is made of soft twill cotton that is cozy and breathable to wear. The cap also has an adjustable, convenient metal closure and can hide the extra strap. It’s suitable for wearing during all seasons and will protect his little head from UV rays and sunlight.

22 Activity and Coloring Book

Becoming a big brother is an exciting time full of smiles, smells, hugs, and kisses. This Activity and Coloring Book is perfect when an older brother is getting ready for an expanding family. During this time, your little boy needs extra tender, loving care to adjust to a new family situation. The book is beautifully designed to capture the attention of boys 2 to 5 years old. The full-color illustrations, combined with fun activities and stories, make this book a special present.

Activity and Coloring Book

Superhero Shirt And Superhero Sidekick

21 Superhero Shirt And Superhero Sidekick

Give your little one a special gift to let him know how proud and happy you are of him for becoming a big brother. This Superhero Shirt And Superhero Sidekick set is the perfect gift for the two most special beings in your life. They’ll look absolutely adorable in this great shirt set.

20 Best Brother Ever Socks

These funny Best Brother Ever Socks will be your perfect gift choice for your beloved one on a special occasion, such as welcoming a new family member. With such a cute pair of socks, the big bro will feel appreciated, loved, and cherished. He’ll be more than happy to show them off any chance he gets!

Best Brother Ever Socks

Kidizoom Camera Pix

19 Kidizoom Camera Pix

Inspire curiosity with creativity tools and 40+ camera effects on this 2.0-megapixel Kidizoom Camera Pix with 4X digital zoom and a 1.8-inch screen. Your little one can even create a Talking Photo using his own photo, voice, and voice effects. The camera features four built-in games if, by any chance, he gets bored.

18 Sibling Matching Outfits Set

That’s the ultimate gift for siblings! This Sibling Matching Outfits Set is made from 100% super soft combed ringspun cotton garments, suitable especially for babies and toddlers. The big bro will be thrilled to show off the fun of having a new baby brother or sister. This awesome set is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate the special siblings’ bond.

Sibling Matching Outfits Set

Brother Wish Bracelet

17 Being a Big Brother Book

The idea behind a wish bracelet is that you make a wish and put the bracelet on your wrist; eventually, when the cord wears out and breaks, your wish is released and will come true – so they say! This Brother Wish Bracelet is made from 1mm waxed cotton cord with a Tibetan silver charm. When the bracelet starts to fray, the wish you made is on its way.

16 Being a Big Brother Book

With an illustrated guide and advice on how to be a great sibling, Being a Big Brother Book helps boys of all ages settle into their role as an older sibling. This wonderfully drawn book includes tips for being a good role model, staying patient, and encouraging your little brother or sister.

Being a Big Brother Book

Big Brother Enamel Pin

15 Big Brother Enamel Pin

Celebrate a wonderful brother with this Big Brother Enamel Pin badge. It’s a great positive reminder for siblings who might need a boost. Perhaps he has become a big brother to a new baby, and you want to remind him that he’s doing a great job. This awesome enamel pin is the perfect accessory to wear on his dungarees, jacket, or backpack.

14 Big Bro Tumbler

This 10oz classic tumbler is kid-friendly, recommended for ages 3 and up, and features a contoured outer wall for easy gripping. The Big Bro Tumbler features double-wall insulated construction that keeps drinks hot or cold longer and reduces condensation to prevent rings on your table. It also comes with an easy-to-clean BPA-free travel lid.

Big Bro Tumbler

Big Brother Daniel Board Book

13 Big Brother Daniel Board Book

Four-year-old Daniel Tiger invites young viewers directly into his world, giving them a kid’s eye view of his life and making them feel like one of his neighbors. The Big Brother Daniel Board Book features seven tales and shines a spotlight on a relevant topic for families and preschoolers everywhere: smoothing the transition for preschoolers with a new sibling.

12 Funny Big Brother Shirt

Announce big brother’s new status in style with this Funny Big Brother Shirt. It features a 100% super soft combed ringspun cotton garment, suitable especially for babies and toddlers. The short-sleeve top’s proud “Big Bro” design shows he’s ready for his new role as the older sibling, making the transition more exciting for him.

Funny Big Brother Shirt

I Am a Big Brother Picture Book

11 I Am a Big Brother Picture Book

In this vibrant, rhythmic, and charming picture book, a big brother expresses his joy upon the arrival of his new sibling. The I Am a Big Brother Picture Book is a great choice for caregivers looking for a positive, uncomplicated introduction to a new baby that focuses on everything an older sibling can do to help. And the engaging illustrations in watercolor and pastel capture the tenderness of this new family bond.

10 Super Big Brother Gifts Set

Get your child excited about the new family member’s arrival with this Super Big Brother Gifts Set! It includes a silk fabric soft cape, a soft eye mask, a silicone dinosaur slap bracelet, a badge necklace, a drawstring backpack, a dinosaur plush keychain, and more! It’s always a good idea to get the big bro as excited about their new role in the family. And what better way to do that than with an awesome gift?

Super Big Brother Gifts Set

You're The Biggest Keepsake Gift Book

9 You’re The Biggest Keepsake Gift Book

When introducing a new baby into the family, it can be natural for an older sibling to feel left out. A great way to get kids excited to meet their sibling is to give them a gift from their new brother or sister. This You’re The Biggest Keepsake Gift Book helps an older sibling mark their new role as the biggest child in the family following the arrival of a new baby.

8 Big Brother Puppy

Making the transition from only child to big brother is sometimes scary. This Big Brother Puppy is here to reassure the big bro that there’s nothing to worry about. The puppy is made of plush fabric with a soft brown finish. Its embroidered nose and mouth ensure years of durable companionship with no buttons or other pieces to lose. It will remind the big brother just how special he is before the newest member of the family gets home.

Big Brother Puppy

Big Brother Set of Crayons

7 Big Brother Set of Crayons

Gift the big brother this set of rainbow toddler crayons that spell out his big brother status. This Big Brother Set of Crayons features letters large enough for the littlest hands to grasp, and he can use them to make “Welcome Home” artwork for greeting his new sibling. Made with high-quality name brands, the crayons are non-toxic.

6 Big Brother Promotion Gift Set

When you share the big news with your little one, the best way to get him excited is to get him involved. This Big Brother Promotion Gift Set includes activity sticks with suggestions for how they can help out, a special frame to decorate and display a pic with their new sibling, coloring pages, magnets to display their artwork, and more.

Big Brother Promotion Gift Set

Big Bro Little Bro Matching Outfits

5 Big Bro Little Bro Matching Outfits

Are you looking for big brother little brother gifts? These Big Bro Little Bro Matching Outfits are made from 100% cotton fabric and are great quality and fit. The shirt is designed for the perfect big brother announcement and makes a great present for any toddler! Is there something cuter than a matching siblings’ set?

4 Co-Pilot Coming Soon Brother Announcement Shirt

Every pilot needs a good co-pilot, and if your cutie is getting his soon, then grab this Co-Pilot Coming Soon Brother Announcement Shirt and announce the new co-pilot in style! Available in a variety of colors and sizes 3-6m to adult, this sweet tee displays an old bi-plane flying on the front, along with the word “co-pilot coming soon.”

Co-Pilot Coming Soon Brother Announcement Shirt

I'm The Big Brother Teddy Bear

3 I’m The Big Brother Teddy Bear

Sometimes welcoming a new baby can be exciting but don’t forget to give siblings a little extra attention of their own to help with the big changes to come. This I’m The Big Brother Teddy Bear is wearing a removable blue cotton blend t-shirt that reads I’m The Big Brother, and is the perfect gift for any new sibling! Delivering an important message is a serious job and this teddy bear does not take it lightly.

2 Big Brother-to-be Gift Set

Made for the big brother-to-be: This Big Brother-to-be Gift Set is the perfect way to celebrate an exciting moment in your kiddo’s life and help him understand his role as a big brother. The set includes a book about becoming a big brother, a child sized Big Brother superhero cape, and a Big Brother felt superhero mask. Your little one will feel like a superhero when you read him this book detailing the important duties of being a big brother.

Big Brother-to-be Gift Set

I Am a Big Brother Doll And Book Bundle

1 I Am a Big Brother Doll And Book Bundle

Recommended for kids up to 8 years old, this I Am a Big Brother Doll and Book Bundle is a cute way to help older brothers get excited about a new sibling. This bundle features a lifelike doll with a soft body and vinyl head, as well as an accompanying hardcover book that tells the story of how the little brother or sister is born.

Welcoming a new baby is always a special occasion for the older sibling and parents. 

These awesome gifts will work wonders at getting him excited for the new baby. Give him a gift that lets him know that you’ll love him no matter what.

Make the transition a little easier with an awesome new big brother gift to remind him that he’s awesome and doing a great job!

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To see the rest of our gift ideas, watch the video. The gifts links are in its description.

Do you like the concept of of giving “big brother gifts” to your child if you’re going to have a new baby? What could be good gift ideas for the occasion? You can tell us about it in the comments section.

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