27 Amazing Big Sister Gifts To Celebrate This Big Change

Big Sister Gifts

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Becoming a big sis is a big deal, and it is an exciting experience that should be celebrated appropriately.

This big change can sometimes make the soon-to-be big sis doubt and worry.

What Are The Best Big Sister Gifts?

Help her adjust to her new responsible role easier and more pleasantly with the following 27 thoughtful big sister gift ideas.

This life-changing event deserves a really nice gift to show her that she’s doing a great job and that she’s or will be the best big sis ever!

Big Sister Journal

27 Big Sister Journal

A beautifully designed keepsake big sister book will surely help her become much more confident and excited for the baby. This Big Sister Journal will make her feel like the most special girl in the world with its unique artwork around lined pages for writing and blank pages for creating beautiful drawings. If she’s into unicorns, then she’ll surely enjoy playing with this amazing journal.

26 Big Sister Outfit

Make your beautiful daughter feel like the most shining princess in the world with this amazing Big Sister Outfit. Its cute and stylish design will make your child feel like a super star. She’ll love the idea of becoming a big sis when wearing this awesome outfit. The set includes a beautifully designed short sleeve t-shirt, a tutu skirt, and a headband. Show her how important she is with this lovely outfit.

Big Sister Outfit

Big Sis Shiny Bracelet

25 Big Sis Shiny Bracelet

If you’re looking for a lovely big sister bracelet, then consider giving her this beautiful Big Sis Shiny Bracelet. This charm bracelet with a silver-plated snake chain will fit all of her daily outfits. It’s a personalized accessory with which you can show the little princess how special she is. This lovely gift comes beautifully wrapped in tissue and presented in a velvet pouch gift box.

24 Little Miss Big Sis Pucture Book

This is simply the perfect picture book for children expecting a new sibling. With Little Miss, Big Sis Picture Book the little princess will learn the wonders of becoming a big sister. A positive message is brought out through expressive pictures and excellent rhyming text. This is the perfect present for a girl who’s about to become a big sister and helps her understand things in an easy and lovely way.

Little Miss Big Sis Picture Book

Baby Doll Stroller

23 Baby Doll Stroller

Help the sister keep her dolls secure when on the go with this unique Baby Doll Stroller. This colorful doll stroller features a pink seat and canopy covered in polka dots to keep her favorite dolls and figurines protected from the elements while outdoors. The bassinet is even removable from the stroller when she wants to carry her dolls and not have to bring the entire thing inside. There’s no way she doesn’t love it!

22 Super Big Sister Gift Set

Big sisters are often their little siblings’ heroes, and this Super Big Sister Gift Set will help her prepare for this new role. The awesome set includes a soft cape, eye mask, bracelet, necklace, drawstring backpack, unicorn keychain, plastic tumbler, and a nice gift box. She’ll get very excited and will understand better how important she’ll be in her sibling’s life.

Super Big Sister Gifts Set

Embroidered Baseball Cap

21 Embroidered Baseball Cap

How cute and awesome would the future big sis-to-be look in this Embroidered Baseball Cap! Made of soft cotton, this beautiful hat is very comfortable and breathable. It will protect the girl’s head from the dangerous UV lights, and it’s suitable for all-season wearing. It will be an adorable accessory to any outfit, making it unique and expressing the wonderful news in style!

20 A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting

Waiting for the new sibling to arrive is truly an exciting and stressful time for a young girl. She’s surely eager to step into her new role. Give the little one this A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting and help her celebrate the excitement of waiting in a unique way. It is a heartfelt look at the wonder of becoming a big sister. After spending time with this book, the young sister will be more than ready for her new role!

A Big Sister's Book of Waiting

Promoted to Big Sister T-Shirt

19 Promoted to Big Sister T-Shirt

Made of soft and breathable material, this Promoted to Big Sister T-shirt will bring a dose of excitement to any little princess who’s about to become a big sis. She’s probably very excited to wait for her new sibling to come into this world, and she wants everyone to know about her new role. Help her show off her promotion with this beautiful and stylish big sister shirt.

18 Big Sister Stuffed Elephant

A soft Big Sister Stuffed Elephant is the perfect way to get the big sis excited about the arrival of her sibling. She can snuggle up with her new stuffed friend while you’re snuggling the new baby. It’s a classic and timeless gift that she’ll cherish for a long time. She’ll be pleasantly surprised when she receives this cute, soft, big sister stuffed animal that loves sweet cuddles.

Big Sister Stuffed Elephant

Big Sis Bar Necklace

17 Big Sis Bar Necklace

Made of high-quality stainless steel, this beautiful and stylish Big Sis Bar Necklace is the ideal present for a girl who’s about to become a big sis. You’ll really surprise her by giving her this awesome necklace with ‘’big sis’’ inscription on it. Its elegant and breathtaking design will make everyone look at it and find out about her promotion to big sister.

16 Charlotte The Dog Doll

Surprise the little princess with a beautiful little puppy in an adorable flower headband and pink scalloped hem dress! Charlotte The Dog Doll is hand-knit with premium 100% cotton yarn and has a high stitch count for durability and softness. It features a soft ivory color with tan facial accents and pink pads on her hands. There’s no way the young sister doesn’t love this beautifully designed doll.

Charlotte The Dog Doll

Big Sister Little Brother Matching Shirts

15 Big Sister Little Brother Matching Shirts

There’s nothing cuter than seeing your children wearing matching clothes. They’ll look so adorable in these Big Sister Little Brother Matching Shirts. Made of 100% cotton, they’re breathable, comfortable, and have a stylish look. The big sis and little bro will get everyone’s attention when you go for a walk in the park or when you go to the store. It’s a great gift that the big sis will truly appreciate.

14 Big Sister Photo Album

Children love having their own things, and why not a photo album? The big sis-to-be will be sooo excited to share photos of her and her new sibling in her very own Big Sister Photo Album. She’ll feel like a real big sis having one, and she’ll be so happy to use it. She can pick the photos that are going in the album, and she can keep it safe in her bedroom. This is one of these new big sister gifts that you don’t give every day, so it’ll be really special for her.

Big Sister Photo Album

Promoted to Big Sister Gift Set

13 Promoted to Big Sister Gift Set

If you’re wondering how to pleasantly surprise the young lady in your life who’s about to become a big sister, then consider giving her this Promoted to Big Sister Gift Set. Every child loves receiving gifts that contain many things inside, and this set is just like that. Inside, the little princess will find specially crafted items like a frame, activity sticks, coloring pages and crayons, star magnets, and a celebration sticker. She’d love having fun with all those cool things!

12 Sisters First Picture Book

In this how to be a big sister book, the twin daughters of President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush offer their perspective on growing up in the public eye. This Sisters First Picture Book will teach your little princess that by each other’s sides, siblings are smarter, kinder, and braver than they ever thought they could be.

Sisters First Picture Book

Dinosaur Big Sister Announcement T-Shirt

11 Dinosaur Big Sister Announcement T-Shirt

With its unique design, this Dinosaur Big Sister Announcement T-shirt will excite any little sis-to-be about the arrival of the new family member. She’ll feel so special, cool, and comfortable in this beautifully designed dino t-shirt. Made of 100% cotton, it is breathable and soft, and the young girl will feel great wearing it.

10 Super Sis Superhero-Cape and Mask

In order to explain to the young sister-to-be her new role in a fun and easier way, you should give her something that’ll make her feel special and appreciated. A big sis is a sibling’s personal hero. And with this Super Sis Superhero Cape and Mask, she’ll definitely feel like one. These soft-to-the-touch cape and mask are super comfortable, and she’ll feel great in them, whether she’s running around, handing out diapers, or playing with her sibling.

Super Sis Superhero-Cape and Mask

Big Sister Bracelet

9 Big Sister Bracelet

A beautifully designed beaded bracelet might be just the thing to get the young princess excited about becoming a big sister, with a touch of style. This Big Sister Bracelet is the perfect way to show your new older sibling that you’re proud of her new role in the family. She’ll definitely look down at her wrist with pride and be very excited about showing it around to everyone.

8 Big Sister Gift Set

A 3-piece gift set is a creative, unique, and fun way to make the big sisters feel special. And with this Big Sister Gift Set, you can’t go wrong. It includes a storybook, a big sister doll, and a child size big sister crown. The book explains in understandable words the importance of being the older sister. It is a sweet story with engaging artwork explaining why it is great to be a big sister. She’ll love spending time playing with this thoughtful set.

Big Sister Gift Set

Super Big Sister Doll With Book

7 Super Big Sister Doll With Book

Big sisters may need a little extra tender, loving care to adjust to a new family situation when a new baby arrives. And with this Super Big Sister Doll With Book, you’ll be able to share and prepare the big sister-to-be about your expanding family. The book is a very sweet story that’ll help her understand her new role better. And the soft and cuddly doll will soon become her favorite companion.

6 Personalized Big Sister Necklace

A special girl deserves a special gift. This Personalized Big Sister Necklace is simply beautiful, carefully crafted, and beautifully ornamented. The sweet details make it super adorable, and any little girl would love to wear it. It fits different styles and occasions and can be worn anywhere. It’s a thoughtful gift for a big sister to show her how much you appreciate and love her.

Personalized Big Sister Necklace

Big Sister Colorful T-Shirt

5 Big Sister Colorful T-Shirt

Imagine how excited the big sis will be to announce the big news with this Big Sister Colorful T-shirt. Made of high-quality cotton, she’ll not only look cool but also feel super comfortable in her new big sis t-shirt. This meaningful gift will make her feel even more excited about the arrival of her sibling.

4 Cute Big Sister Tote Bag

Designed by a professional designer, this Cute Big Sister Tote Bag is a thoughtful and unique present for a young lady who’s about to become an older sister. She’ll love having her toys and items in this awesome, soft tote bag. Made from 100% cotton, it’s very comfortable to wear. The lovely patterns will highlight her lovely personality in a unique way.

Cute Big Sister Tote Bag

Big Sister Plush Teddy Bear

3 Big Sister Plush Teddy Bear

If you’re looking for a more classical gift for a young girl who’s going to become a big sister and you want her to really enjoy her gift, then consider giving her this Big Sister Plush Teddy Bear. Its soft and scruffy light beige fur makes it the perfect companion for any child who loves stuffed toys. It’s a special gift that will make her feel appreciated, loved, and cherished.

2 Big Sis Tumbler

Having the perfect drink is very easy with this Big Sis Tumbler. Imagine the lovely big sis on the playground showing off her new awesome tumbler that features a double-wall insulated design that will keep her favorite drinks cold or hot. It’s made of high-quality BPA-free material, and it’s also kid-friendly. One of the best features of this awesome tumbler is its contoured outer wall, which allows for easy grip.

Big Sis Tumbler

Me And My Brother Picture Frame

1 Me And My Brother Picture Frame

This beautifully designed Me And My Brother Picture Frame makes a lovely keepsake gift for a big sister. She’ll be more than happy to have a picture of her and her little brother in this picture frame, positioned in her bedroom. With its modern and stylish design, it will fit any interior, and it will look beautiful wherever it’s placed. It makes an adorable gift for the children’s bedroom.

There’s no doubt that becoming a big sister is a huge excitement, but it could also be quite stressful.

In order to make the young lady feel better and accept the upcoming situation more happily, you should also encourage her and ensure her that she’ll always be loved and taken care of.

Explaining things with words is not always enough; that’s why a thoughtful gift would make it much easier both for you and the little one.

With the gifts above, you’ll accomplish this mission successfully.

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You can find 5 more suggestions in our video. Links to the gifts are in the description of the movie.

Did you like our list of gifts for big sister? What other ideas can we add to it? Comment below!

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