32 Exceptional Horse Gifts for Girls That They’ll Totally Appreciate

Horse Gifts for Girls

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Is there anyone as proud of their passion as an equestrian or horse lover? For a girl who loves horses, there are some gifts that are just more special than others.

From equestrian accessories to cute horse toys and horse-themed décor, there is something for every girl who loves horses.

What Are the Best Gifts for Horse Lovers?

And since a horse might not be in your budget, you’ll find some great horse gifts for the girl in your life who loves horses.

Horse Backpack for Girls

32 Horse Backpack for Girls

This amazing Horse Backpack for Girls does awesome work of carrying everyday essentials, fusing comfort with style. It is ideal for school or work! And it provides plenty of space for A4 files. The backpack features adjustable, padded shoulder straps and padded back, and a main compartment big enough for 13.3″ laptops and A4 books.

31 Horse Lamp

With its very cute pattern, this Horse Lamp makes kids feel at ease and sleep well at night. The horse lover in your life can adjust 7 colors by smart touch or 16 colors by remote control. It is very easy to operate, and it will bring lots of fun. Its beautiful and unique design makes it the perfect decoration for a horse lover’s bedroom.

Horse Lamp

Horses Cool Snow Globe

30 Horses Cool Snow Globe

Every passionate equestrian will appreciate this Horses Cool Snow Globe. It features two horses roaming in a snow-covered field by a stone wall, individually crafted from start to finish. Give the horse lover in your life the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of two grazing horses depicted in a magical snowglobe. It will give her peaceful, quiet moments and cherished memories to last a lifetime.

29 Horse Racing Game

With a gorgeous maple veneer wooden board and detailed pieces, there’s no doubt that this is a board game that’ll last a lifetime. The Horse Racing Game is easy to play but difficult to stop. The game itself doesn’t require any existing knowledge of horse racing, and it’s absolutely possible to play and enjoy it as a complete newcomer to the sport. It is great for big groups or just a few friends.

Horse Racing Game

Barn Hair Don't Care Hat

28 Barn Hair Don’t Care Hat

If a girl in your life prefers spending her days horseback riding, caring for her animals, or just hanging out on the farm or ranch, this unique Barn Hair Don’t Care Hat is calling her name. The high-quality curved bill design will keep the sun out of her eyes during long days on the farm.

27 Handmade Leather Horse Bracelet

If you look for unique horse gifts for girls, give her this Handmade Leather Horse Bracelet as a symbol of vitality, life, running, and power, and as a reminder that you’re always there for her. Made of PU leather, this bracelet is highly polished and oxidation resistant. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear, and it is suitable for wearing on various occasions.

Handmade Leather Horse Bracelet

Makeup Bag with Dog and Horse Lover Quote

26 Makeup Bag with Dog and Horse Lover Quote

Not only a bag but also a travel companion and a great gift. This Bag with Dog and Horse Lover Quote is the perfect gift for any horse lover. It has many cool features, such as a waterproof material, large storage space, multiple functions, and exquisite workmanship. It’s ideal for traveling, daily life, or even business trips.

25 Wooden Stamp Activity Set

Allow her to stamp a scene with the outline stamps, then color it in with the colored pencils with this detailed Wooden Stamp Activity Set that includes a 2-color inkpad, 5 colored pencils, a barn, a corral, a jump, and ten different horse stamps. Arts and craft lovers will be inspired by the beautifully detailed horse stamps to create hundreds of beautiful scenes.

Wooden Stamp Activity Set

Horse Lover T-Shirt

24 Horse Lover T-Shirt

This super cool Horse Lover T-shirt will show the world her biggest passion. Made of high-quality materials, it will surely make her feel comfortable and cool, even in the scorching heat or cold weather. It will fit like a well-loved favorite. With its lightweight design and unique style, it will quickly become her favorite to-go tee.

23 Horse Necklace for Girls

This stunning Horse Necklace for Girls is expertly crafted and made of high-quality hodium/gold/silver. The necklace is also stacked with rainbow crystals, which makes it a perfect jewelry gift for girls. It is a special present that the little lady will highly appreciate.

Horse Necklace for Girls

Horse Styling Head

22 Horse Styling Head

Girls love horseplay, and girls love horses! This Horse Styling Head combines these two interests in a new, exciting way! This styling head features long, thick, silky, no-tangle manes for endless braiding and styling play. Each horse brings the beauty of the real horse-braiding world to life.

21 Cute Paper Clips

Add some fun and excitement to her office space or school organizer with these awesome Cute Paper Clips. Keep her desk organized with these unique accessories. These 30 horse paper clips are great for helping people do the paperwork in schools, offices, libraries, bookstores, etc. It’s an awesome gift idea that any horse lover will appreciate.

Cute Paper Clips

Horse Bottle for Girls

20 Horse Bottle for Girls

A horse is probably your most loyal friend. It not only helps you to keep focusing but also carries you away from all the worries. Surprise the horse enthusiast in your life with this amazing Horse Bottle for Girls. The water bottle is exclusively designed for this special relationship. It is made with special glitter material. The food-grade double-wall insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

19 Fantasy Horse Paint Set

With this horse painting playset, kids are able to decorate their own horse figurines exactly how they want and play with them for hours. This Fantasy Horse Paint Set comes with 5 different horses that kids can paint using the 6 paint colors and brush that are included with the set. It’s easy and satisfying for beginners, yet offer plenty of challenges for the more experienced artist.

Fantasy Horse Paint Set

Black Horse Throw Pillow Cover

18 Black Horse Throw Pillow Cover

Give her something useful and unique for her home décor by gifting this Black Horse Throw Pillow Cover. With its 18″ x 18″(45cm X 45cm) size, it won’t take up much space in her home but also won’t go unnoticed. It will fit any home decoration style, make her home look cozier, and proudly express her love for horses.

17 Horse Pretty Plush Toy

This amazing toy serves as an excellent gift for babies, girlfriends, toddlers, and young girls. This Horse Pretty Plush Toy is hand-crafted and hence more beautiful to behold with its natural eyes. It‘s a beautiful pony with shimmery gold hair. Kids can comb their hair and braid it. It’s an awesome gift idea that any horse-loving girl will be thrilled to have.

Horse Pretty Plush Toy

Unique Horse Gift

16 Unique Horse Gift

If you’re looking for a more sentimental gift that the girl will treasure forever, then consider giving her this Unique Horse Gift. It’s a keepsake in a sweet little bottle, personalized with a beautiful horse, which makes the bottle more special and memorable! She’ll surely keep it close to her heart at all times due to its sentimental meaning.

15 Horse Pendant Necklace

Looking for unique horse gifts for ladies that they can keep close to their hearts? Well, look no further! This stunning Horse Pendant Necklace is designed specifically for girls who love these magnificent animals. It is simple, luxurious, elegant, and suitable for any occasion. The necklace is expertly crafted and made of hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver, which allows comfortable wear, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Horse Pendant Necklace

Unique Decorative Lights

14 Unique Decorative Lights

Consider surprising the horse-loving lady with these Unique Decorative Lights which are battery powered and come with a water-resistant battery box. They will look great both indoors and outdoors, and they come with a wireless remote control with multiple timer and flash settings.

13 Toy Horse With Horse-care Accessories

Saddle up for hours of great fun and happy trails with this Toy Horse With Horse-care Accessories. Horse lovers of all kinds will admire the movable head, brushable mane and tail, and the lifelike sounds that come with this toy. This 14-piece set comes with grooming accessories to keep the horse ready for any competition. Brush, braid, and style its mane to win a blue ribbon for best in show!

Toy Horse With Horse-care Accessories

Memo Dispenser and Pen Holder

12 Memo Dispenser and Pen Holder

As a good assistant, this Memo Dispenser and Pen Holder can help us record anything important at any time. Its back can accommodate a notepad of 200 pages. Moreover, it can serve as a good pen container, simultaneously able to clamp notes and show them to others. It makes an interesting and unique desktop ornament.

11 Horses Coloring Book

This Horses Coloring Book is designed to be relaxing and enjoyable for girls between the ages of 10-12, 13-19, as well as for teens and adults. It contains 55 coloring pages that feature images of horses. It is created to stimulate a girl’s creativity as she selects the colors to use in creating visually appealing images.

Horses Coloring Book

Just a Girl Who Loves Horses Shirt

10 Just a Girl Who Loves Horses Shirt

Horse themed clothing allows girls to express themselves in a way that shows what they are passionate about. Surprise the horse lover in your life with this Just a Girl Who Loves Horses Shirt. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It’s comfortable and flattering, and it will make a fashion statement that is sure to bring your horse-loving girl a little extra attention.

9 Cowgirl Hair Ties

Help the horse enthusiast girl in your life spread and express her pride for horses with these Cowgirl Hair Ties. These absolutely adorable 8 multi-colored elastic hair ties will make her stand out and show off her affection for these beautiful animals. Horse hair accessories are never a bad idea for a girl who loves horses.

Cowgirl Hair Ties

Quiet Strength Square Plaque

8 Quiet Strength Square Plaque

As an expression of friendship and love of horses, the horse enthusiast in your life will treasure very much this Quiet Strength Square Plaque. It represents the powerful relationship that a girl can develop with her horse. A horse is strength and freedom – a strong and calming presence. It comes in a sturdy package that makes it ideal to store for longer periods of time.

7 Western Horse Christmas Ornament

The horse is a noble animal that represents loyalty, courage, grace, and speed. With this Western Horse Christmas Ornament you’ll give the horse lover in your life the chance to cheer up the Christmas mood in their home. It will surely become her favorite ornament for the Christmas tree. Designed to be one-of-a-kind, this piece features hand-crafted ornaments that make it exclusively unique.

Western Horse Christmas Ornament

Ponies and Horses Sticker Activity Book

6 Ponies and Horses Sticker Activity Book

Packed with mazes, spelling and pattern games, drawing activities, and more, this Ponies and Horses Sticker Activity Book will become her favorite free-time activity. The interactive book, full of cute and adorable ponies and horses, features bright colors, fantastic pictures, lively text, and interactive content.

5 Cactus Cowgirl Ranch

Give the horse enthusiast in your life this adorable Cactus Cowgirl Ranch for her to play anywhere she likes and have fun-filled ranch adventures with the micro-Polly and Shani dolls and their two sweet horse friends! It comes with a strap, so kids can wear it as a wristlet or purse, and it is small enough to take anywhere! What a great activity for little girls!

Cactus Cowgirl Ranch

Cute Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

4 Cute Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

Convenient, compact, and fun, this Cute Crossbody Cell Phone Purse is one of the best horse gifts for teenage girl. It is intricately decorated with contrasting materials, antique brass metal accents, and detailed stitching. The purse also has an outside pocket and a place for her credit cards on the inside. The soft material it’s made of feels and looks like real leather. It’s simply a unique gift that she’ll be more than happy to have in her purse collection.

3 Horse Socks

Horse girls are a different breed! If you know a female equestrian, then she will love receiving these cute Horse Socks as a present. Designed with horses and horseshoes, these funny socks are just the thing for a budding equestrian. Everybody will know she is a horse lover when she wears her awesome horse socks.

Horse Socks

Horse-Opoly Board Game

2 Horse-Opoly Board Game

This Horse-Opoly Board Game can be the perfect new addition to any family game night. Playing the game is simple and fun. When you play it, not only will she enjoy the traditional game of Monopoly, but at the same time, she’ll learn many interesting facts about horses. The object of horse-opoly is to buy horses and bales of hay and trade them for barns. It includes a game board, paper money, cards, and 6 player tokens.

1 Luxurious Horse Blanket

Get the horse enthusiast in your life ready to cuddle up with this Luxurious Horse Blanket that’s designed specifically for horse lovers. It features a variety of breeds, colors, and sizes. Made from shrink-resistant 100% polyester fabric, it is softer than the softest blanket she has ever felt. It truly makes an ideal gift for a horse lover.

Luxurious Horse Blanket

Displaying strong and active characteristics, horses are preferred by many people, especially those who are dynamic and distinctive.

With an avid equestrian in your life, there are two things you can do: learn about their favorite horse breeds or get them one of the best gifts for horse lovers!

You can’t go wrong with any of these 32 gift ideas for horse lovers, equestrians, or horse owners.

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Do you know a girl who is madly in love with horses? What kind of gift would you give her? Leave your ideas in the comments section.

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