27 Thoughtful I’m Sorry Gifts for Him That Will Get His Forgiveness

I'm Sorry Gifts for Him

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Saying sorry to your partner can be difficult. Sometimes mere words fail to do what a simple, thoughtful gesture or gift can achieve.

Once you have done something to make him upset, you will need more than just a simple “I’m sorry.”

The perfect gifts, thoughtfully selected, can show just how contrite you really are.

What Are The Best Apology Gifts for Him?

This list of 27 thoughtful I’m sorry gifts for him will be your savior, assisting you in reconnecting. You’ll not only get his precious forgiveness, but your relationship will also get stronger than it was before.

Cute Poop In A Jar And Sorry Card

27 Cute Poop In A Jar And Sorry Card

If you’re looking for a way to mend your relationship, this is the ideal gift. This adorable Teddy Bear Heart Pin and Dish with its ceramic keepsake dish and removable heart pin, is the most thoughtful apology gift for your man. It is an adorable reminder of your apology, and it will make him feel much better and more comfortable.

26 Teddy Bear Heart Pin And Dish

Let him know you are sorry without making a big deal out of it. Send a funny message of apology and tell a special person in your life that you’re sorry with this handmade Cute Poop In a Jar And Sorry Card. It ‘s a truly unique way to say, “I messed up, but I beg your forgiveness.”

Teddy Bear Heart Pin And Dish

Sorry Scented Candle

25 Sorry Scented Candle

Give your lover this relaxing scented soy candle to let him know how sorry you are. This Sorry Scented Candle is made with natural ingredients and features an elegant design to help you tell your hubby just how sorry you are for being such a jerk. It is handcrafted with love and care to make this gift even more special. If you’re looking for a meaningful apology gift for your loved one, look no further than this sweet little baby.

24 Inspirational Leather Bracelet

Made from genuine leather material, this Inspirational Leather Bracelet is a unique way to apologize to a loved one. When you’re having trouble saying “I’m sorry” and meaning it, this awesome bracelet will definitely help. It even comes in a decent box, ready to be gifted to the person you want to apologize to.

Inspirational Leather Bracelet

Pocket Bear Apology Gift

23 Pocket Bear Apology Gift

This meaningful gift is an unusual way to let him know how sorry you are, even if it may have been hard to do. This Pocket Bear Apology Gift can be just what you need to make things right. The little bear comes inside a white drawstring bag with the text “a little bear just for you” printed on the front.

22 You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Pillow Cover

Suitable not only for a sincere apology but also for house décor, this You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Pillow Cover is just what you were looking for to tell him how sorry you are. Featuring an invisible zipper and waterproof fabric, this beautiful pillow cover features a heartfelt message to let him know how deeply sorry you are!

You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Pillow Cover

Custom Faceless Couple Portrait

21 Custom Faceless Couple Portrait

The perfect addition to your home or the perfect present for someone special. A one-of-a-kind piece of art, digitally illustrated by hand using a photo selected by you. This Custom Faceless Couple Portrait will recreate your photos into memorable art! It will not only help him forgive you, but it will make him cherish your memories every time he looks at the gift of love that you gave him.

20 Cute Apology Gift Mug

Did you make a mistake that irritated your husband? Don’t worry; use this Cute Apology Gift Mug to show him how much you regret what you did. If he has a soft spot for dogs, or both of you are parents to a fur baby, then this mug can help win him over. The cute and thoughtful inscription will melt his heart, and he’ll forgive you in an instant!

Cute Apology Gift Mug

To My Husband Black Silicone Bracelet

19 To My Husband Black Silicone Bracelet

Made from stainless steel and silicone, this To My Husband Black Silicone Bracelet will make the perfect apology gift for him. When you find it hard to express your feelings with words, do it with a special, engraved bracelet. It comes in a grey velvet bag or mealguet box, which will save you lots of time searching for the perfect packaging.

18 I’m Sorry I SUCC Mini Succulent Gift

Searching for a thoughtful way to apologize? Give him a lighthearted gift that says, “I’m sorry I SUCC”. This Mini Succulent Gift features a 2.5-inch live succulent in a white ceramic pot with forest moss and a bamboo plant tray. It comes in a gift box with a card, so you won’t have to worry about that either!

I'm Sorry I SUCC Mini Succulent Gift

Little Bag Of I’m Sorry

17 Little Bag Of I’m Sorry

Whatever has happened, this Little Bag Of I’m Sorry can be a thoughtful way to make things right. It’s filled with meaningful little sentimental items that will make his heart melt. There’s no way he doesn’t forgive you after receiving this treasured present. It measures 8cm by 10cm and is the perfect keepsake present to make him forgive you.

16 I’m Sorry Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are the universal apology gift that helps anyone forgive anything. Show up with this cute I’m Sorry Teddy Bear and watch his expression change in an instant. With its super soft, fluffy fur, it’s a unique gift to give when you want to apologize to someone special.

I’m Sorry Teddy Bear

15 Custom Outline Couple Photo Sweatshirt

Have a photo that you want to bring to life? This personalized design aims to do that. This Custom Outline Couple Photo Sweatshirt makes a one-of-a-kind memorial gift for a loved one. When you’re looking for a truly unique way to say “I’m sorry,” definitely consider this thoughtful gift.

14 Thinking of You Gift

When you truly care for someone, you want to make them feel loved and appreciated. If you did something wrong and you’re looking for a great way to apologize, then give your husband or boyfriend this Thinking of You Gift. It features microwavable comfort packs for warming up, stress relief, and healing, and real essential oil relaxation spray to scent packs as desired.

Thinking of You Gift

Love Letters Capsule

13 Love Letters Capsule

These little capsules with emoji-esque faces on them are so freakin’ cute. The Love Letters Capsule features capsules that come with a blank piece of paper inside. You can write a special note to your lover, and he can pull it out to read whenever he needs a little dose of love.

12 Luxury Watch With Apology Card

This Luxury Watch With Apology Card features the perfect mix of elegant design and modern styling, making it an essential piece of jewelry for your loved one’s everyday style. It has a genuine leather strap that is splash-resistant and has increased durability thanks to hardened mineral glass. Of course, it comes in a luxury box, ready for giving.

Luxury Watch With Apology Card

Deadpool Funny T-Shirt

11 Deadpool Funny T-Shirt

Here’s something for the Marvel fan in your life to whom you want to apologize. With this Deadpool Funny T-shirt, he’ll be able to enjoy comfort and fashion at the same time. Designed in an exclusive collaboration with top brands and world-class artists, it will become his favorite very fast! He’ll probably even forget what he was angry about in the first place.

10 Apology Nifty Note

Note down your thoughts and feelings (negative or positive) with this fun Apology Nifty Note. This pad features fifty tearaway sheets, all full-color printed with hilarious small details, tick boxes, circling, and filling in blank spaces. Just select one or more of the listed excuses, and you’re out of the dog house.

Apology Nifty Note

Decorative Box Sign

9 Decorative Box Sign

Made of high-quality materials, this Decorative Box Sign and accessory makes a wonderful addition to any home. The words inscribed on the box sign really speak for themselves. You can be sure that your apology will be accepted even without saying a single word. Your loved one will be reminded of your love and care for him every day when he sees this beautiful piece of décor.

8 I’m sorry Chocolate Cube Message

Message it with chocolate. If you hurt your loved one accidentally or otherwise, let him know that it was your fault and not his. It will help him feel better. The sweetness of chocolates will make the moment sweet and loving again. Make things work better than before with the I’m Sorry Chocolate Cube Message. You can also customize the chocolates to say sorry and sort out things between you and your loved one to make your relationship happier and healthier.

I’m sorry Chocolate Cube Message

I'm Sorry Apology Card

7 I’m Sorry Apology Card

Sending a text or a Facebook message may be all fine and well, but sending a real “I’m sorry” card will show him you care. What better way to say you’re sorry than with this I’m Sorry Apology Card? Send a card, and make sure the man you love knows how much you just didn’t mean it. Don’t make excuses; just say you’re sorry.

6 Personalized Music Plaque

Personalize your apology with a musical note, your photographs, and even your names with this Personalized Music Plaque. Choose your favorite song or album, and get it on a plaque. The song you could choose could be the first dance you chose for your wedding or your favorite album you listen to in the car.

Personalized Music Plaque

I'm Sorry Keychain

5 I’m Sorry Keychain

If you don’t know how to apologize, then you might give this I’m Sorry Keychain to the man you want to apologize to. Now, not only will he forgive you, but he’ll have a personal, one of the most unique I’m sorry gifts for him. Made of stainless steel, he’ll use it for a long time. Sometimes, a small gesture speaks a thousand words.

4 Funny Thank You Card

This Funny Thank You Card is the ideal gift for the spouse who puts up with your special sort of crazy. Express your appreciation with a thank you gift that features a witty and unique sentiment captured in a modern minimalist design. Even the smallest gesture can be of significant importance when it comes to making apologies.

Funny Thank You Card

I'm Sorry Card With Wine Sticker

3 I’m Sorry Card With Wine Sticker

Be the one to reach out, just because he’s probably sitting around thinking about you too. Give him not only an apology but an I’m Sorry Card With Wine Sticker – a one that he’ll never forget. You get a self-adhesive label – resistant to water, tears, abrasion, and solvents, a 4 x 5½ inch card that is blank on the inside and an A2 white envelope.

2 I’m Sorry Scented Candle

This I’m Sorry Scented Candle is a simple way to let someone you care about know that you care and are thinking of them through whatever highs or lows they may be experiencing. Infused with notes of crisp floral scent and blended with a refreshing herbal aroma, the lavender fragrance will add enjoyment to his life. There’s no way he doesn’t accept your apology after you give him this unique present!

I'm Sorry Scented Candle

Apology Giant Greeting Card

1 Apology Giant Greeting Card

Give the entertaining gift of laughter with a giant greeting card. This Apology Giant Greeting Card is perfect for expressing your feelings in an extra way. Its large size allows for multiple personal messages, so you can really express everything you feel sorry for there. This giant greeting card is professionally printed on heavy-duty corrugated plastic with white edges.

You made a mistake and feel terrible about it, or you hurt his feelings when you didn’t mean to. Whatever the case may be, you can make it up to him with a sweet I’m sorry gift.

The 27 apology gifts for boyfriend mentioned above will surely help you show how incredibly sorry you are.

Apology gifts don’t need to be expensive or extravagant as long as you’re sincere and have learned from your mistakes.

Watch the video to get more gift suggestions. All of the links to the products are in the video’s description.

Have you ever made an apology gift to a loved one? What ideas could you add to this list? Leave a comment below.

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