28 Heartwarming New Grandma Gifts to Cherish Forever

New Grandma Gifts

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Along with getting married and having children, becoming a grandparent for the first time is one of life’s biggest moments.

The arrival of a new baby is exciting for everyone, but grandparents tend to be especially thrilled about it.

The start of a new generation is a milestone event in any woman’s life. Celebrate that momentous occasion with a sweet gift just for the new grandma.

What Do You Get a New Grandmother?

So even if you’ve already given them the gift of a grandchild, here are 28 new grandma gifts she’ll actually like. 

28 The Little Big Book for Grandmothers

An illustrated collection of traditional tales, nursery rhymes, songs, literary excerpts, poems, finger games, recipes, and more, The Little Big Book for Grandmothers, filled with nostalgic charm, is brimming with many of the classic and favorite things grandmothers grew up with and illustrated with charming vintage art. She’ll love and appreciate this present for sure!

The Little Big Book for Grandmothers

New Grandma Soy Candle

27 New Grandma Soy Candle

When you’re looking for a practical gift to complement the grandma’s everyday life and make it much more relaxing, consider giving her this New Grandma Soy Candle. This hand poured, 100% soy wax candle is non-toxic and provides up to 50% more burning time. You get the choose from several high-quality scents to fit the taste of anyone.

26 Grandma To Be Keychain

Surprise the new grandma with a thoughtful and sentimental gift like this Grandma To Be Keychain. Adding a new member to the family means that there’s also a new-born grandma. She’ll be more than thrilled to use this hand stamped grandmother keychain! Made of stainless steel, it will serve her well for years to come when she comes to visit the new family member.

Grandma To Be Keychain

Great Moms Get Promoted to Grandma T-shirt

25 Great Moms Get Promoted to Grandma T-shirt

Any grandma would be more than proud to wear this Great Moms Get Promoted to Grandma T-shirt. It is a comfortable and affordable way to express your gratitude and show the new grandma that she’s loved and cherished. Imagine the happy look on her face when she holds her grandbaby wearing this awesome t-shirt. There’s no doubt that she’ll be showing it off at all times!

24 Personalized Bar Necklace

With minimalist style and an elegant finish, this Personalized Bar Necklace is the ideal sentimental gift for a first-time grandma. With its flexible lobster claw clasp, this simple rectangle bar necklace is easy to put on and take off. Plus, it is lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause any irritation, and it’s perfect for sensitive skin types.

Personalized Bar Necklace

Important Nana Bag

23 Important Nana Bag

This Important Nana Bag makes a wonderful gift for a grandma. It can be personalized with text or a name of your choice. The bag is made from high-quality cotton canvas with colored jute side panels and matching colored handles. And the jute is laminated to ensure good protection in wet weather. She can load it with anything she likes and walk around in style!

22 Newborn Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame

Allow the new grandma to capture and cherish the little ones’ prints forever with this Newborn Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame. This modern, white, wooden frame includes everything she needs to create a personalized keepsake with her grandbaby’s tiny prints. This baby frame is truly one of the most suitable gifts for new grandparents!

Newborn Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame

When a Child Is Born So Is a Grandmother Book

21 When a Child Is Born, So Is a Grandmother Book

Illustrated by the one-and-only Mary Engelbreit and authored by Jan Girando, this When a Child Is Born, So Is a Grandmother Book speaks to the very essence of the close bond that grandmothers will forever share with their precious grandchildren. It illustrates the joy and excitement every grandmother feels when their precious grandchild arrives in the world. She’ll treasure this present forever!

20 Soon to Be Grandma Christmas Ornament

A classic Christmas ornament that will definitely delight the new grandma with its elegance and beauty! This Soon to Be Grandma Christmas Ornament will surely bring a smile to her face and make her feel cherished. It’s a great way to show appreciation to the ones you love. Its unique design will become her favorite Christmas ornament to put on the tree!

Soon to Be Grandma Christmas Ornament

Grandma's Sippy Cup

19 Grandma’s Sippy Cup

This elegantly and sweetly designed Grandma’s Sippy Cup was specifically created for all the grandmas who love to enjoy a glass of wine on the couch after a busy day. It will definitely add a spark of joy while she’s having her favorite drink. It features a stemless, sturdy base design to minimize the risk of breakage. Plus, it has an ergonomic shape, showcasing a narrow rim and sleek silhouette for an easy, comfortable grip.

18 Grandma’s Getaway Zippered Tote Bag

The best way you can invite grandma over to see the family is by giving her this Grandma’s Getaway Zippered Tote Bag for her future travels. The roomy bag is the perfect size for grandma’s weekend away. This stylish, unique, custom-designed tote bag has enough room for all of her belongings and more! Includes a zippered main compartment and a front zippered deep pocket.

Grandma's Getaway Zippered Tote Bag

Trimmed Box Sign

17 Trimmed Box Sign

Surprise a new grandmother with a classic black-and-white wooden box sign that says, “Only the best moms get promoted to grandma,” with zigzag designs around the edges. Easy to hang or can free-stand alone. This Trimmed Box Sign is made with high-quality wood and distressed paint design, and it’s made of high-quality durable wood. She’ll proudly display it in her home and enjoy it every day!

16 Funny Grandparent Socks

Want Grandma to know she’s number 1? Say it with socks! These Funny Grandparent Socks are the ideal gift for grandmothers and feature a message on the bottom she’ll be proud to showcase. Her face will light up with joy when she hears the announcement! What better way to show how much you appreciate her than with a funny pair of socks that she’ll love wearing?

Funny Grandparent Socks

Echo Show

15 Echo Show

Amazon’s second-generation Echo Show 8 smart display offers just the right balance of price, performance, and size, with an updated camera for an even better video chat and home security experience. It is handy for watching videos, listening to music, getting weather reports, controlling smart home devices, making video calls, and more. It’s an excellent virtual assistant with a screen for an attractive price, and grandma will love it!

14 Glamma Gift Gift Box Set

Sassy young-living grandmas are GLAM-MA’s and you have to give that lady a super cool gift! This Glamma Gift Box Set is designed to shine bright and make her feel like the queen she really is. There’s so much to love in this set: a lavender soy wax candle, a peppermint-shea lip balm, a natural castile soap, two bath bombs, and a greeting card. Show her how much you love and appreciate her with this thoughtful new grandma gift!

Glamma Gift Gift Box Set

The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame

13 The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame

Give grandma something she can cherish with this The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame. This brilliant gift allows her to display three different pictures, highlighting different generations. She could include a picture of her as a child, then a picture of her with her child, and finally a picture of her with her grandchild. Telling the story of her life through her children and grandchildren is a very special gift that she’s bound to fall in love with.

12 Funny Grandmother Gift

Grandmas are everything! They love their grandbabies like their own, and it’s no secret that most of all – they love spoiling them. This Funny Grandmother Gift will surely make her heart melt, and she’ll be so excited to see her grandbaby wearing this cute bodysuit. It is made with only the finest, highest-quality materials, so the baby is sure to be at their coziest, and it will not fall apart after a few wash cycles.

Funny Grandmother Gift

New Grandma Necklace

11 New Grandma Necklace

Make the special moment into an everlasting memory with this beautiful New Grandma Necklace. This boho-chic necklace has joy to claim, and the keychain has a message to exclaim. This handcrafted piece of art will become grandma’s favorite thing to wear, always reminding her of the ones who love and care for her.

10 Grandparent Memory Book

Whether grandparents live near or far, having grandma complete a memory book creates a personal, special bond with her grandchild as well as a cherished document that will memorialize her family’s history. This keepsake Grandparent Memory Book will give her the chance to etch her words into history. Because all grandparents have one common thread – a story.

Grandparent Memory Book

Letters to My Grandchild

9 Letters to My Grandchild

This paper time capsule becomes a priceless heirloom for generations to cherish. This Letters to My Grandchild book includes paper and envelopes for grandparents to write their memories, hopes, and dreams for their new grandchild. It absolutely makes an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind gift to treasure forever. The twelve prompted letters offer an immediate way for grandparents to give the gift of a lifetime to their grandchildren of any age.

8 Insulated Wine Tumbler

No one wants to give first time grandma gifts that never get used. And doesn’t grandma deserve the best Insulated Wine Tumbler, keeping her daily hot and cold drinks just the way she likes them? Made with attention to detail, this durable 12 Oz wine tumbler is just the gift you were looking for. The double-wall insulation helps retain hot and cold liquid temperatures, which makes this tumbler great for any beverages. And it comes with a convenient reusable drink straw, a straw cleaning brush, and a BPA-free drink lid.

Insulated Wine Tumbler

Grandma’s Brag Board

7 Grandma’s Brag Board

All grandma really wants is a hug from her children and grandchildren. But for the times when that’s not possible, this adorable Grandma’s Brag Board will serve as her personal shrine to her loved ones. She will be thrilled to hang this “brag board” with photos of all her favorite people. The board features easy-to-use clothespins that make adding and swapping in new photos exceptionally easy and includes clips that work for photos of all sizes.

6 New Grandmother Coffee Cup

This handmade New Grandmother Coffee Cup is a unique way to express your gratitude to the grandma to be. If you’re looking for the best way to announce your pregnancy, then with this cup, you can’t go wrong. Imagine the look on her face when she receives this beautifully designed cup with a meaningful inscription. You simply can’t go wrong with this present!

New Grandmother Coffee Cup

Personalized Family Tree Keepsake Décor

5 Personalized Family Tree Keepsake Décor

Beautifully designed to fit any home style, this Personalized Family Tree Keepsake Décor is a unique gift that shows appreciation, love, and gratitude. Give this to that special grandma in your life who deserves only the best! It will make a meaningful gift that can be personalized with a last name. She’ll be more than thrilled to display this unique piece of art in her home and look at it every single day!

4 Grandmother’s Journal

This spiral book would be the perfect gift for the journal lover in your life. The spiral-bound version of Grandmother’s Journal is great for those who really use and abuse their books. It’s a wonderful keepsake book that she will want to share with each of her grandchildren. It is designed to capture and preserve grandmother’s unique memories, from the days of her own childhood through the precious moments she spends with her grandchild.

Grandmother's Journal

Grandmother Charm Bangle Bracelet

3 Grandmother Charm Bangle Bracelet

Your family is your foundation, and their support lets you soar. Grandma’s one of the wisest women you know and the matriarch of the family. She’s full of stories from days gone by and a living record of your family history. Surprise her with this Grandmother Charm Bangle Bracelet featuring double-sided charms with a meaningful quote for your relationship.

2 Grandma Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

This beautiful piece captures the unique love between a grandmother and her much-loved grandchild. The Grandma Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure will be forever treasured by the first-time grandma. Surprise her with a figure that commemorates the loving bond between generations. She’ll be very grateful!

Grandma Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Grandmother Metal Picture Fame

1 Grandmother Metal Picture Fame

A meaningful brushed silver-plated metal picture frame with the sentimental inscription “When a baby is born, so is a grandmother” is a great item to house the sweetest and most innocent of all human relationships. This Grandmother Metal Picture Frame is made of heavy gauge metal and high-quality materials and is built to last! With a sleek body and a clean visual presentation, this item is designed to focus the viewer’s attention on the photograph it houses.

Nothing, it is said, compares to the joy of being a grandparent.

New grandparents deserve something that acknowledges how much you appreciate them, and any day is the perfect opportunity to choose a thoughtful gift for the new grandma in your life.

Whatever you choose, it’ll bring a big smile to her face, and with the above-mentioned gift ideas, you simply can’t go wrong.

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