31 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men That Don’t Suck (They Actually Want These)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

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The Christmas holidays are knocking on the door. Every year, with the approach of the Christmas holidays, comes the question of what could be the best stocking stuffer ideas for men. Unique handmade Christmas gifts made from recycled materials, or more sophisticated ones? However, when it comes to buying a present for a man, some women find it very difficult.

What Are The Best Men’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas?

If you want to avoid the typical gifts and give something that would be really useful and interesting to him, then the following stocking stuffers would definitely appeal to you.

31 Knife Sharpeners

The ideal gift for outdoorsmen who want to ensure their blades are always sharp is this Pocket Pal. This Knife Sharpener features a fold-out, tapered round diamond-coated rod for sharpening serrated and standard edges, carbide blades, ceramic stones, and reversible and replaceable carbide and ceramic stones for extended sharpening. This multifunction sharpener is what every outdoor lover needs.

Knife Sharpeners


30 Screwdriver

This 4-in-1 screwdriver offers the convenience of a set of precision screwdrivers in one small tool that fits perfectly in a pocket. It features two double-ended bits, ideal for toy assembly, eyeglasses, battery compartments, electronics, and more. It’s made of a soft bi-material grip, which makes it super comfortable to use. This compact tool is crafted with magnetic bits to easily attract and hold small screws. Now, that’s one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for men.

29 Large Drinking Flask

The Stainless-Steel Drinking Flask is a great gag gift idea for any man with a sense of humor. It’s 11 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 1.75 inches thick. It features a brushed silver-polished stately finish and an attached screw-on, leak-proof lid. This amazing drinking flask comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and it is even dishwasher safe.

Large Drinking Flask

Eyeglasses Holder

28 Eyeglasses Holder

If the man receiving the present wears glasses, he will appreciate this hand-carved wooden statuette for holding his glasses. He’ll never blindly search for his glasses again or try to remember where he put them.

27 AirPod Case

The most convenient way to protect your AirPods is by using KeyBudz. This AirPod Case features a 1.3mm thickness, which protects against everyday bumps and scratches. It has a full lid opening, which allows a full range of motion for the AirPods lid. The anti-slip coating keeps the lid secure, and the textured finish prevents accidental drops by providing extra grip. Even more, it comes with a dust port cover, which keeps dust out of the AirPods’ lightning port.

AirPod Case

Emergency Clown Nose

26 Emergency Clown Nose

This emergency clown nose is made by performing actors, and it’s an item that should be carried at all times. Well, you never know when you’ll need it.

25 Magnetic Wristband

The magnetic wristband is perfect for any hobbyist, mechanic, home-craft enthusiast, carpenter, do-it-yourselfer, or professional tradesman. It’s embedded with super strong magnets for holding small tools, screws, or scissors. It’s ideal for any home improvement, woodworking, or do-it-yourself projects.

Magnetic Wristband

Personalized Mini Figure Keyring

24 Personalized Mini Figure Keyring

If you’re looking for an unusual and original gift, then you’ll love this personalized mini figure keyring. You can create a personalized mini figure, attached to a keyring, so that your loved one can take it everywhere.

23 Water Bouncing Ball

This water bouncing ball is the perfect gift for athletes, sports lovers, or just for some competitive fun for the whole family. It’s great for accuracy, more control, and one-handed Bobe catches. It’s great for lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans. Take your water games to the next level.

Water Bouncing Ball

Credit Card Sized Multitool

22 Credit Card Sized Multitool

Did you know that you can get the power of 18 functional, reliable, everyday tools in just one credit card-sized multitool? It fits perfectly in a wallet, and it’s made of 4 x heat-treated steel with a silky soft-touch finish. This is the perfect gift for any mechanic, camper, boat owner, repairman, carpenter, or just a hobbyist. The included tools are: a can opener, a bottle opener, 6 hex wrenches, a fruit peeler, a ruler, a box opener, a phone stand, a flat heat screwdriver, a letter opener, and a nail puller.

21 Ball Wipes

These wallet-sized ball wipes can be used anywhere, anytime. They’re made of sturdy, multi-layer woven fabric. They are very easy to carry and use. Infused with natural ingredients like soothing, calming, and refreshing aloe vera. These refreshing ball wipes are specially designed to meet men’s unique hygienic needs.

Ball Wipes

Premium Cocktail Kit

20 Premium Cocktail Kit

If you’re looking for a fun gift, then keep reading. This handcrafted, Premium Cocktail Kit is ideal for hotel rooms, airplane rides, excursions, etc. Each kit provides the premium ingredients needed to prepare three perfectly tasting Mojitos.

19 Universal Socket Tool

This universal socket wrench fits both standard ¼ to ¾ inches and metric 7 to 9 mm nuts and bolts. The universal screwdriver is made of stainless-steel construction with 54 individual hardened steel spring pins that retract to the shape of most objects. It comes with one universal socket adapter and one power drill adapter.

Universal Socket Tool

Ooma Bowl

18 Ooma Bowl

If eating in front of the TV is something that usually happens for your man, then he’ll definitely love the following gift idea. The dual chambers of the Ooma Bowl are specially designed to keep food separate, so your loved one can enjoy his chips and salsa without any unintentional mixing. It’s ergonomically designed and keeps the writ in a comfortable position.

17 Toilet Timer

You can send a clear message with this funny gift. The Toilet Timer is an unusual gag gift for any man who lingers too long. It runs for approximately 5 minutes and comes with a sturdy construction. No more 30-minute bathroom breaks.

Toilet Timer

Ninja Flip T-Shirt

16 Ninja Flip T-Shirt

This Ninja Flip T-shirt is made from the finest quality garments, making it the softest, most comfortable appeal your man will ever wear. The flip shirt technology is something unique. The company prints on the underside of the shirt so that the person can reveal the design underneath at the perfect moment.

15 Jar Shot Glasses

This set of four shot glasses will absolutely impress your guests. They’re made of glass and have a capacity of one ounce. They’re also dishwasher safe. That’s an amazing, fun, low-budget gift idea.

Jar Shot Glasses

Shakespearean Insult Bandages

14 Shakespearean Insult Bandages

This set of 15 assorted plasters is another great and original gift idea. The bandages are decorated with an image of Shakespeare and one of the fifteen insults from his plays. It comes in a tall metal tin with a free prize. 

13 Super Tight All Instrument Tuner

The Super Tight All Instrument Tuner provides a solid, stay-put, clip-on direct connection to your loved one’s instruments. It has a tuner display that will dim after 5 seconds of no sound being detected. The display returns to normal brightness when a note is detected. The tuner will shut off if no notes are detected for 2 minutes.

Super Tight All Instrument Tuner

Hot Ones Truth or Dab The Game

12 Hot Ones Truth or Dab The Game

If you’re looking for an interesting and fun gift, then that’s the one. The game is simple. You have to answer deeply personal and potentially awkward questions, or you’ll face the Last Dab. The Hot Ones Truth or Dab game consists of 250 questions that pit players against each other.

11 LED Tactical Flashlight

With this LED Tactical Flashlight, you can light up an entire room or focus in on objects up to 1000 feet away. It’s the ideal gift for camping, using around the house, or dog walking. It’s compact enough to fit in a pocket, purse, backpack, etc. Not only that, but it comes with five useful settings and a wide-to-narrow beam zoom. This flashlight can survive a 10-foot drop. You can even run over it with a vehicle or freeze it, and it will still work.

LED Tactical Flashlight

Working Hands Cream

10 Working Hands Cream

This hand cream is perfect for extremely dry, cracked hands. It is a moisturizer that heals, relieves, and repairs super dry, cracked hands. It creates a protective layer and helps prevent moisture loss. The Working Hands Cream is also safe for people with diabetes.

9 Ultimate Dinosaur Taco Holder

Both adults and kids will enjoy the Ultimate Dinosaur Taco Holder. It can also hold waffles, sandwiches, nachos, crackers, burrito dogs, pizza roll-ups, and other snacks. If you’re looking to add a bit of fun to the special occasion, this Dino holder is just what you need.

Ultimate Dinosaur Taco Holder

Pocket Ref (Reference Book)

8 Pocket Ref (Reference Book)

The following gift idea is perfect for men who love to learn, read, and know everything. Anything they need to know is in this Reference Book. This pocket-sized book features abundant information on many subjects, hundreds of tables, formulas, maps, conversions, etc.

7 Reusable Rubber Twist Tie

The Reusable Rubber Twist Tie is the most versatile way to wrap, hang, and organize nearly anything. It provides excellent grip and a strong, bendable interior to hold their shape, making them endlessly reusable. The ties are available in a variety of colors.

Reusable Rubber Twist Tie

Frozen Smiles Ice Tray

6 Frozen Smiles Ice Tray

Those absolutely hilarious Frozen Smiles Ice Trays are made of food-safe synthetic rubber and are designed to produce four denture-shaped ice cubes. What better way to make the man in your life smile and laugh than this?

5 Personal Water Filter

With this personal water filter, you can remove bacteria and parasites. The hollow membrane technology inside the LifeStraw keeps you safe during outdoor adventures. It will transform 4,000 liters of contaminated water into clean and safe drinking water. Its small footprint makes it a perfect fit for most emergency kits.

Personal Water Filter

Cards Against Humanity

4 Cards Against Humanity

This party game is made for people with a wicked sense of humor. The game contains 500 white cards and 100 black cards. The game is very simple. Each round, one player asks a question from one of the black cards, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

3 Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Here’s something for the man in your life who loves quality alcohol. The Whiskey Wedge will help him achieve the former while avoiding the latter in a simple, yet artful way. Each unit contains one silicone ice form and two old-fashioned glasses in gift-ready packaging. This innovative gadget is great for enjoying whiskey, tequila, vodka, scotch, bourbon, or any other of your man’s favorite liqueurs.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Insulated Lunch Tote

2 Insulated Lunch Tote

This Insulated Lunch Tote will keep your man’s precious goods prepped and ready to transplant into his stomach. This clever lunchbox has a foam-insulated, water-proof lining, a mesh interior pouch, and an “organ donor” ID tag. Now, that’s one unique and funny gift idea.

1 Swiss Army Pocket Knife

This unique Swiss Army Pocket Knife features 33 tools, stainless-steel construction, and Swiss-Made precision, making it the essential handy helper for anyone, anywhere. You’ll be sure that your man is prepared for whatever adventure life brings.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

For each person, it is enough just to hit the right Christmas present. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or the newest. It all comes down to personal preferences. Remember it all the time.

Take into account what this person likes the most. If your gift doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas, you can add a little bit of Christmas spirit by wrapping it in a Christmas-themed paper bag, for example.

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What are your stocking stuffers in preparation for the upcoming Christmas? Do you think that every time you manage to give something useful or unusual? It would be fantastic if you could share it in the comments!

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