35 Unique Dinosaur Gifts For Kids To Make Them Raaawr of Happiness

Dinosaur Gifts For Kids

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Dinosaurs may have gone extinct 65 million years ago, but for kids, dinosaur love is everlasting.

And if you know how to pronounce Archaeopteryx, chances are you know a dinosaur-obsessed child. These giant creatures still fascinate kids of all ages.

And there’s probably nothing else a dinosaur-obsessed child would want more as a gift than something related to his favorite animal.

What are the Best Dinosaur Gifts for Kids?

Lean into the dino mania and surprise the dino fan in your life with one of these 35 cool dinosaur gifts!

Interactive Set of Dino Toys for Kids

35 Interactive Set of Dino Toys for Kids

There are two things little kids love: dinosaurs and press-and-play books, and this Interactive Set of Dino Toys for Kids has both. This awesome set for kids comes with one book and 12 realistic-looking toy dinosaurs. The book contains information about their favorite prehistoric creatures, fun sound effects, and interactive toys to keep the child entertained. In other words, it’s the perfect combination of fun and education.

34 Rechargeable Big Dino Robot

Perfect for kids who are huge Jurassic Park fans or just love to play with dinosaurs, this Rechargeable Big Dino Robot has a life-like look, complete with claws, teeth, textured skin, and fully-articulated arms and legs, which enable it to move around realistically. With the help of the easy-to-use remote control, the child can fully control the dino, directing his movements forward, backward, left, or right. It will roar, shake his head, turn around, and even feature cool lights.

Rechargeable Big Dino Robot

Ask Me About My T-rex T-Shirt

33 Ask Me About My T-rex T-Shirt

This awesome Ask Me About My Trex T-shirt will amaze the little dino fan not only with its superior quality and soft materials but also with its unique design. Featuring a smart inscription on the outside and an awesome T-rex head on the inside, the little dino lover will run around, showing off his new favorite t-shirt. Made from quality garments, it will be the softest, most comfortable apparel he’ll ever wear!

32 Dinosaur Playset

Featuring 10 high-quality dinosaur figures, a large playmat, and a durable plastic container, this Dinosaur Playset is the ideal gift for a dino-obsessed child. The little one will play hours of fun games with this awesome playset. The 10 life-like dinosaurs with realistic designs are 5.5-7 inches tall, perfect for small children’s hands. And the playmat is durable, not easy to tear, soft, and foldable – the perfect playmat for a child. With the durable plastic container, the child can easily learn to clean up and keep his dinos organized.

Dinosaur Playset

Dinosaur Bath Bombs

31 Dinosaur Bath Bombs

If there’s one thing the dino-obsessed child in your life loves more than dinosaurs, it’s probably bath time. With these Dinosaur Bath Bombs, you’ll bring together his two favorite things in one. The set includes 12 pieces: 9 bath bombs and 3 transformable dinosaur toys, with a variety of scents and colors for the child to enjoy. There’s a different mystery dinosaur buried inside each egg – he won’t know which one he gets until the fizzing is all done!

30 T-Rex 3D Night Light

Creative and interesting, this T-Rex 3D Night Light comes with 6 timer setting options, allowing the child to set it up to turn off automatically according to his needs. It even comes with a remote control that makes it easy to operate, and the 3D dinosaur visual effect makes it the perfect gift for a kid who loves dinosaurs. It features 7 different colors, and the best thing is that the light is dimmable, so the child can adjust the brightness with the remote control.

T-Rex 3D Night Light

Dino Claws

29 Dino Claws

If you know a child whose biggest dream is to walk around scaring everyone like a real dinosaur, then surprise him with these high-quality Dino Claws. With them, he’ll be on a new adventure every single day, dressed up like his favorite prehistoric animal. The 10 inches long pair of claws are made of soft material to fit perfectly on the child’s small hands, making wearing them comfortable. Their realistic design and awesome quality make them one of the best gifts for dinosaur lovers!

28 DIY Dinosaurs Painting Kit

This DIY Dinosaurs Painting Kit contains everything a child needs to spend hours playing fun games with his favorite creatures. With this cool kit, the dino lover in your life can paint, play, and learn more about color combinations and dinosaurs. He can create his own dinosaur world with the 10 large dinosaurs, 6 brushes, 6 color paints, 2 palettes, and 1 color chart. The kit will also help the child develop his imagination, creativity skills, and fine motor skills.

DIY Dinosaurs Painting Kit

Dinosaur Programmable Robot

27 Dinosaur Programmable Robot

With all these awesome features, this Dinosaur Programmable Robot will instantly become the child’s favorite toy ever. The dino’s tail can move flexibly, and he’ll slide and walk with music and flashing eyes. It comes equipped with combat rigs and sucker bullets, and after the dino receives the battle signal, he’ll roar and enter battle mode. He’ll not only provide the child with hours of fun games but also help him have more courage while battling side by side with his favorite creature.

26 Colorful Dinosaur Tent

Spacious enough to fit even bigger kids, this Colorful Dinosaur Tent sized at 51 by 40.5 inches, provides the perfect space for kids to use their imagination and create magical adventures! It will take you only a few minutes to pop up this prehistoric playground for kids and get your kiddo back to a prehistoric time where he will soon be escaping exploding volcanoes and listening out for thrilling Raptor calls. The roar button features 6 lifelike dinosaur sounds to further develop the child’s imagination.

Colorful Dinosaur Tent

Dinosaur Themed Race Track

25 Dinosaur Themed Race Track

Working perfectly as an educational toy, encouraging imagination and creative thinking, this Dinosaur Themed Race Track is the perfect gift for a dino-obsessed kid! Lightweight and easy to store and assemble, the set features 156 pieces for endless fun games. The two LED dinosaur cars and the two realistic looking dinosaurs will probably be the child’s favorite things while playing on this awesome racetrack.

24 Cozy Furry Paw Slippers

A pair of fun slippers will give the child a source of joy and comfort. Surprise the little dino fan with these cool Cozy Furry Paw Slippers to help him get into character. These slippers are not only cool but also safe because they’re nonslip, meaning the child can wear them safely without worrying about sliding around. If you thought it couldn’t get better, you were wrong! They are also machine washable to maintain their awesome look for longer.

Cozy Furry Paw Slippers

T-Rex Ceramic Cup

23 T-Rex Ceramic Cup

What’s a real dino fan without an appropriate dino drinking cup? Surprise the child in your life who’s obsessed with dinosaurs with this T-Rex Ceramic Cup. The creature on the bottom of the cup will emerge slowly as he drinks. Imagine how excited he’ll be to drink his favorite hot cocoa or tea in this 11 oz. dino-inspired cup. It’s also dishwasher, microwave, and food safe.

22 Dinosaur Inspirational Quote Wood Sign

The combination of original design, colorful painting, unique decoration, and quality materials makes this Dinosaur Inspirational Quote Wood Sign the perfect gift for a dino lover. It’s the ideal decoration piece for a child’s bedroom or game room. It’s a meaningful gift, made of high-quality, sturdy wooden materials with a vintage and stylish look. The dino lover will surely appreciate this gift very much.

Dinosaur Inspirational Quote Wood Sign

Wooden Dinosaur Stamp Set

21 Wooden Dinosaur Stamp Set

It’s fun to bring prehistoric scenes to life with this amazing Wooden Dinosaur Stamp Set. The dino fan in your life will love using the 8 detailed dino stamps, 5 colored pencils, and the two-color inkpad. This quality set is conveniently contained in a sturdy wooden box for storage. Washable, non-toxic, kid-friendly ink – the ideal combination for safe games for children. The little one will be happy, playing with his new cool stamp set, and parents will feel good knowing that their baby is safe and having a good time.

20 Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker

Give the dino-obsessed child in your life the opportunity to have five different dinosaur-shaped waffles in just minutes with this Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker. It will brighten up his mornings and add a dinosaur twist to his breakfast time. With its nonstick coating, it’s the perfect appliance that he’ll enjoy very much!

Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker

Dinosaur Transport Truck Carrier Set

19 Dinosaur Transport Truck Carrier Set

Coming with 14 realistic miniature dinosaurs and a smooth-rolling semi truck to carry them in, this Dinosaur Transport Truck Carrier Set is one of those dinosaur gifts for kids that your little adventurer will love! It will take the child on a shining, shimmering, and splendid journey, giving him hours of fun games with his favorite creatures.

18 Dinosaur Kingdom Floor Puzzle

Beautifully made using recycled materials and plant-based inks, this Dinosaur Kingdom Floor Puzzle is an awesome gift idea for a dino fan. The puzzle has fun, vibrant colors with plenty of dinosaurs to spot. Contained in a perfect gift-to-go box with a soft cotton rope handle. The little dino lover will be ready to learn using fine motor skills as well as pattern and shape recognition with this 24-piece large-size puzzle.

Dinosaur Kingdom Floor Puzzle

Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit

17 Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit

Your little explorers can use the provided tool to uncover 12 different dinosaurs, each encased in a hard egg, in this Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit. This kit includes a dozen dino eggs, each with a different toy dinosaur model buried inside. With the help of the chisel and brush, the child can get to the center of the egg and then identify their dinosaur using the provided dinosaur learning cards. Anyway, it’s a good idea to take this game outdoors or protect the playing area with a suitable cover.

16 NACHOsaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set

While obviously not a real living and breathing dinosaur, this fun NACHOsaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set does look like a miniature stegosaurus with plenty of room on its back to hold nachos, popcorn, French fries, candy, chips, and more. Make the child’s snacks look more appealing than ever with this awesome ABS plastic dip and snack dish. The BPA-free plastic dinosaur acts as a vessel for dippers, while the second rock-shaped bowl acts as a place for a pair of dips.

NACHOsaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set

Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies

15 Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies

Organizing the ideal dinosaur birthday party is easier than ever with these Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies. This awesome dino set includes all the necessary party supplies for 24 guests, such as realistic-looking dinosaur plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery, which are made of premium material for durability. It will surely be a fun and memorable party that the birthday boy or girl and the guests will remember for a long time.

14 Dinosaurier-Fossilien LEGO Set

Let the dino lover in your life create his own natural history museum dinosaur exhibit with this Dinosaurier-Fossilien LEGO Set. Each one of the three dinosaurs provides a nice balance between being accurate to the real-life skeletons that have been discovered and capturing the pop culture influenced character of these creatures. Additionally, the set features two minifigures: one paleontologist and one LEGO sapiens skeleton.

Dinosaurier-Fossilien LEGO Set

Triceratops LED Headlamp

13 Triceratops LED Headlamp

The perfect gifts for children who like outdoor sports, are full of adventure spirit, and last but not least – are dinosaur fans! This Triceratops LED Headlamp features 3 different light modes, which include constant light, strobe, and colorful light. The adjustable head strap makes for easy and comfortable wearing. And this is the feature that the kid will probably love the most – the roar sound that can be turned off with the mute button. Get him fully equipped for adventures with this awesome dino headlamp.

12 5 Piece Jumbo Dinosaur Set

If you are looking for a jumbo-sized dinosaur toy, then go with this 5 Piece Jumbo Dinosaur Set. Each dinosaur in this awesome set has realistic features and is made of high-quality materials. They are also very easy to hold thanks to their large size, making them perfect for children’s small hands. The dinosaurs are also durable, ensuring long hours of imaginative play for kids who love these creatures.

5 Piece Jumbo Dinosaur Set

Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur Book

11 Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur Book

This Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur Book will take the child on a journey through the fascinating world of dinosaurs with everyone’s favorite Cat in the Hat in a positively prehistoric adventure! The Cat makes the names easier to pronounce by breaking them up into syllables. The child will surely enjoy learning more about these prehistoric animals with the Cat in the Hat as his guide.

10 Dinosaur Masks Party Supplies

Every child on the birthday party can become a mighty dinosaur with these Dinosaur Masks Party Supplies. The set of 24 different masks will make their dreams come true, giving them the opportunity to choose what type of dinosaur they want to be. Made from top-notch wool and 100% raw material, they’re very comfortable to wear, not like the popular plastic ones. The elastic band on the back offers great elasticity and is very durable.

Dinosaur Masks Party Supplies

Funny Dinosaur Shower Curtain

9 Funny Dinosaur Shower Curtain

Bath time will be so much better and more exciting with this Funny Dinosaur Shower Curtain. The little dino lover in your life will look forward to having a bath or shower every single day with this waterproof and soft shower curtain. It features plastic hooks for easy hanging, and it’s machine washable. The high-resolution picture will brighten up your bathroom, making it look much more aesthetic.

8 Velociraptor Blue Chomp ‘n Roar Electronic Mask

Fan favorite movie character Velociraptor Blue comes to life with this Velociraptor Blue Chomp ‘n Roar Electronic Mask. This electronic mask roars to life with moving eyes and sound. It features lifelike details like skin texture and color, teeth, and moving eyes. The avid dino fan can open the jaw at 3 different degrees for 3 levels of sound effects. It’s the perfect gift for a dino-obsessed kid!

Velociraptor Blue Chomp 'n Roar Electronic Mask

Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

7 Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

Your dinosaur-themed birthday party will be so much better with these Dinosaur Party Favor Bags. The 24 drawstring backpacks are very lightweight and soft, and they’re also very delicate but durable. The kids can use them on a daily basis for storing school supplies, toys, snacks, clothes, and more. These adorable and reusable backpacks are so colorful, and they feature children’s favorite creatures, the mighty dinos! Any dino lover would be so excited to own such an awesome backpack!

6 Small Dinosaur Backpack

The little dino lover can take his favorite things for a walk, on a trip, or when playing outdoors in this awesome Small Dinosaur Backpack. This denim backpack features a main compartment to pack a small lunchbox, some snacks, toys, or any kid’s stuff that fits the size. It also features two side pockets for bottles. The shoulder straps can easily be adjusted as the child grows for comfortable carrying. It is made of durable and tear-proof material, and the little dino fan will love carrying the stuffed dino around in its own special harness.

Small Dinosaur Backpack

Dinosaur Baseball Cap

5 Dinosaur Baseball Cap

Made of 100% cotton, lightweight, durable, and very comfortable, this Dinosaur Baseball Cap will become the little dino fan’s favorite everyday wear. Designed in modern and cool colors, it will match all his styles. It’s a must-have accessory for the sunny seasons to protect the child from the bad UV rays and also make him look cool and stylish.

4 Mega Fossil and Gemstone Dig Kit

This awesome Mega Fossil and Gemstone Dig Kit is an educational playset that allows children to dig up their own set of gems. The little dino lover will dig like a real archaeologist with the included digging tools and learn about each specimen with the full-color learning guide. This dig kit is definitely a fascinating and fun way to inspire kids with geology and develop their creativity and imagination.

Mega Fossil and Gemstone Dig Kit

Dinosaur Throw Blanket

3 Dinosaur Throw Blanket

With its vibrant colors, cute graphics, and extraordinary softness, this Dinosaur Throw Blanket will become the dinosaur lover in your life’s favorite. It is so soft to the touch, warm, and cozy that it almost feels like a cloud. Measuring 50×60 inches, it provides plenty of room for cuddles and snuggles. Made of high-quality materials, it will keep the little one comfortable and warm throughout the years.

2 Dinosaur Plush Toy Named “Spike”

A friendly dinosaur plush stuffed animal toy that sits 9″ tall is definitely the best gift for a dino-obsessed child. This Dinosaur Plush Toy Named ‘’Spike’’ is made of high-pile soft plush fabric and low-pile plush accents, making it ideal for cuddling and loving. With an embroidered mouth and eyes, it is completely safe for babies. It will become the little one’s new best friend in no time.

Dinosaur Plush Toy Named “Spike”

Baryonyx Face Off: The Treasure Hunt Jurassic World LEGO

1 Baryonyx Face Off: The Treasure Hunt Jurassic World LEGO

Dino lovers will love playing out action-packed scenes in this Baryonyx Face Off: The Treasure Hunt Jurassic World LEGO. This awesome playset will inspire the child’s adventurous spirit as he builds a Baryonyx dinosaur, an offroader, and a trailer and seeks a hidden treasure in the jungle. The child will also find a posable Baryonyx dinosaur figure and 4 minifigures with cool weapons and accessories to inspire imaginative play in this awesome playset.

Dinosaurs aren’t odd creatures; they can actually be used to help children practice various activities, from science experiments to art projects.

So, it’s a good idea to encourage the child’s interest in dinos, and the best way to do so is with an appropriate present.

Just lean into the dino obsession, get the dino fan in your life something from prehistory, something to encourage his imagination, and offer him hours of fun games.

The above dinosaur gift ideas for kids will surely make the dino lover very happy and satisfied.

Want more suggestions? Watch our video for 5 more unique dinosaur gifts. Product links are in the video description.

Does your child love dinosaurs? What dino gift would you give him? Let us know in the comments!

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