Gift Ideas for Son That He’ll Cherish in 2023

Gift Ideas for Son

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Every child needs to be respected and appreciated by their parents. The best gift you can get for your son is one that shows your love and understanding of him.

No matter the occasion, you should invest time and effort to get a gift that will make him happy.

In this guide, you can find the inspiration you need for choosing an amazing gift. Consider the following gift ideas for son if you’re still unsure of what to get him.

Let’s dive right in.

Do Not Give As A Gift

Most of the time, men are practical creatures and enjoy equally practical gifts. When you want to surprise your son with a gift, your relationship helps you better determine what he would enjoy.

But there are some gifts you should avoid giving because they can have the opposite effect of what you want.

  • Tools – Most men love to fix things. Still, a tool case is not the best gift. Firstly, you do not know exactly what he needs, and secondly, there is a high risk of taking something of poor quality.
  • Notebook, business card, or any “stationery” – Such a gift is suitable for a man with whom you are fully in a working relationship. And yet it is not something that will make him particularly happy.
  • Plush toy – If she is 5, he might be happy. Various teddy bears and hearts that say, “I love you!” are extremely unsuitable for a man’s gift. What do you expect from him – to sleep with them and cuddle? Souvenirs such as Oscar statuettes or strange figurines with naked female body parts are also not suitable.
  • Shoes – Are you serious? Giving shoes to your son is certainly not in the category of dream gifts. He certainly already has enough, and if you give him a pair that doesn’t fit him, he’ll have to find time to go to the store to change them. It’s pretty awkward, isn’t it?

What Gift Should I Give My Son?

When choosing a present for someone, it is good to look for something that will be used repeatedly.

You do not want to give something that will remain in the closet with unnecessary gifts or that will be re-presented at the first opportunity.

Before that, ask yourself, “If someone gave me this, would I use it?” If your answer is yes, the present is probably useful.

  • The gift should be surprising – There is nothing more exciting than not knowing what kind of gift you will receive. A surprise means that you put some thought into the gift, instead of just asking for the person’s wish list. It is not difficult to surprise someone. You just have to keep your choice of gift a secret until the last minute. In almost all cases, the surprise of the gift will be more rewarding than the gift itself.
  • Look for a creative gift – To avoid boring and predictable gifts, immediately reject the first 3 gift ideas for son that come to mind. This advice is especially useful in cases where you have no idea what gift to buy. Then the first ideas that come to mind are usually the most commercial things that you see in commercials or that surround you in everyday life.
  • Choose a quality gift – Choosing a quality gift means making sure that your gift is well made and will not break. Depending on the nature of the product itself, quality may relate to the material of manufacture, the manufacturer, the origin, the design, or the type of packaging.
  • Be observant – One of the best tips for mastering the art of gifting is to be observant of signs and signals of what your son needs or wants. To do this, pay attention to his favorite hobby, how he spends his free time, what things he buys for himself and what things he admires and likes.

Gifts For Every Occasion

Gifts are strictly individual according to a person’s preferences, hobbies, and interests. If one man would enjoy a set of tools, another would prefer a good book.

Still, there are gifts you can give for any occasion, and your son would surely appreciate it.

The wallet is a universal present that is suitable for absolutely every man and for any occasion.

They come in different styles and different materials, so you can choose the right model that will delight your son.

The wristwatch is a stylish and traditional gift, which is especially suitable if your son likes to wear watches.

If you have a bigger budget, you can buy him a luxury men’s watch that he can brag about to his friends.

If your son likes to wear jeans, then a belt can be a very nice gift. It will diversify and complement the style of each person, giving it even more charm and beauty.

Of course, there are also many options here, so you can choose a belt according to your child’s personal preferences.

There are universal presents that are suitable for people with different interests.

If your son is a fan of reading books, then the answer to the question “What is the most appropriate gift?” is very clear – a book, of course.

Choose a reading from his favorite genre, his favorite author or a collector’s book to make him happy on his special day.

Jewelry is undoubtedly valuable and full of memories and emotions. Giving jewelry is something extremely personal and sentimental.

It is a great gift option for your son. Of course, it is important to consider whether he likes jewelry or not.

Leather Jeans Belt

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Elegant Waterproof Wrist Watch

Elegant Waterproof Wrist Watch Review

What better gift than one that is aimed at the favorite hobby of the person you are giving it to? Everyone is interested in a specific topic, sport, or activity.

If you know what your son’s favorite hobby is, a gift related to it will be highly appreciated.

For Gaming Fans

The world of video games has always been characterized by being very specific. Gamers need special equipment and gadgets to make the game enjoyable and be successful.

If your son is an avid gamer and you are wondering what gift to give him, keep reading.

The large and thick mouse pad improves the game a lot. It provides enough space for the movement of the mouse and makes it as agile and responsive as possible.

But if you want to make a really cool gift, look for a bigger pad. There should also be space for the keyboard.

If your son loves to play on the console, the bean bag is the perfect choice for a present. On a chair, sofa, or armchair, things don’t go so well.

The bean bag, on the other hand, takes on the shape of the back and engulfs you all over, creating comfort.

Another suitable gift for a gamer is a gaming keyboard. A good keyboard can not only improve the game a hell of a lot, but nowadays, most gaming keyboards look great. The choice here is also very large.

The arcade game is a gift for true connoisseurs. Here, depending on the model and condition, the price varies considerably.

The gaming experience of the retro arcade can’t be compared to anything.

So, if you are looking for a present for a gamer who would appreciate the classics, consider the options.

Check out 32 Gifts For Gamer Boyfriend That He’ll Love And Use for much more gaming-related inspiration.

For Fitness Lovers

If your son strives to maintain a good figure and fitness is his second home, he would certainly appreciate a gift related to it.

There is a wide variety of products on the market for fitness enthusiasts. Here are some great suggestions.

Training bands are a very good accessory for training. They can be used practically anywhere – at home, in the gym, in the park.

In addition, they can help strengthen all major muscle groups. So, training bands are a great gift choice for a person who enjoys working out.

There would hardly be an athletic or physically active man who would not like a smart/fitness bracelet.

Regardless of age, every man would find an application for such a bracelet.

Apart from the fact that most models have a very stylish and unobtrusive design, they can measure various things, such as the number of steps taken, heart rate, time of physical activity and much more.

Every male athlete will enjoy quality, light and modern fitness clothing. There are many options, whether it’s men’s tracksuits and shorts, sweatshirts or T-shirts.

Sportswear is mandatory for every active person, and without it, it is difficult to conduct quality training.

Fitness books offer many amazing sports topics, new ideas, interesting workouts, and suggestions on what exercises to do and how to do them right.

Fitness cookbooks are also an excellent source of new, tasty, and healthy recipes for athletes.

Last but not least, if your son is a fan of fitness training, then it’s a great idea to get him a sports bag.

In this way, he will be able to wear all the necessary things and accessories, which makes your present not only pleasant but also very practical.

For Cars Lovers

Car fans are a very specific breed of people. They can talk to each other for days without changing their favorite topic.

Cars are a part of their lives and, although this remains misunderstood by many others, they are proud of this fact and would not replace their passion.

If your son is also a die-hard car lover, then you can make him happy with one of the following gifts.

Whether your son is a fan of a specific car brand and has already acquired the desired model or not, you can look for a mini model of his car as a gift.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of sizes.

Car enthusiasts like to keep their cars in optimal shape and appearance. That’s why a good detergent is a good present. For example, a good polishing agent.

It cleans, polishes, and protects the car cover. The perfect solution for quick removal of dust and other dirt.

At the same time, rainwater will not adversely affect the coating, which will become resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Did you know that the most common problem with cars is running out of batteries?

You have probably experienced it often on the road, and the worst is when you are out of town and there is no one around.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have an emergency car battery on hand. Your son would certainly appreciate such a gift if he doesn’t already have one.

Why give another boring picture when you can make a custom photo canvas of his car?

It comes in different wall sizes, made of wood or printed, and in other options.

For Camping Lovers

A hobby is an activity that truly unites you with someone, makes you share the same thrills and emotions, look forward to something, and prepares you both for an upcoming event, such as a camping holiday.

In the following lines, you will find out what you can give to your son related to camping.

Without a doubt, a sleeping bag is an integral part of any camping experience. Whether you are staying in a tent, RV, or caravan, it is always welcome to have it on hand.

Even if your son already has such a thing, he would be happy with a new and comfortable sleeping bag. A universal and easy solution to all camping problems.

If you are fishing, at sea, by the fire or elsewhere, the folding chair will always come in handy. They vary in price, amenities, and models.

There are more budget options, as well as those with more extras – with an umbrella, cup holder, pillow, etc.

This gift is for all those camping enthusiasts who have always borrowed a tent from a friend.

There are hardly many camping lovers without tents, but if your son is just discovering this hobby, start with the basics and give him the dream tent.

The backpack is also part of the basic equipment needed by every camper.

Even if it’s not about sleeping in nature, the backpack could be used for hiking and walking.

It should be light and well distributed so that you can fit the most important things in and arrange them in the most convenient way.

Gifts For Sport Lovers

Men love sports, and your son is hardly an exception. Whether he practices a certain sport or is just a fan, he would be happy to receive a gift related to this sport.

In the following lines, you will find sports gifts that can make your sports fan happy.

Watching sports without beer is like going to the airport without getting your passport – there’s just something missing.

That’s why you can get your son (if he is old enough) a beer mug to make his watching time more enjoyable.

To make this experience truly unique, a personalized mug would be an even greater choice.

A T-shirt of his favorite football, basketball, or baseball team would be a good enough gift that you can be sure your son will appreciate.

If you want to make the gift a little more special, you can have his name engraved on the back of the T-shirt.

If you manage to get an autograph from his favorite player, your son will be infinitely happy and grateful. This will be a very special gift for him, with which he will boast with the greatest pleasure.

With the next present, you will definitely make your son happy. Give him tickets to an upcoming match or event for his favorite team.

A cup final or semifinal or a match against a good opponent would make this gift much more worthwhile.

If your son not only loves to watch sports but also plays them, then you can give him some quality shoes suitable for his sport. A comfortable pair of shoes is never superfluous.

A book with the history of his favorite team is a gift that only a sworn fan would appreciate. If your son is like that and also enjoys reading books, this present would be a good fit for him.

Knowing the history of your favorite team is a privilege reserved for the most passionate fans.

RGB Gaming Keyboard

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Practical Gifts

You can play it safe and give your son a useful gift, which you can’t go wrong with. Many people prefer practical gifts, and men are practical by nature.

In the following lines, you will find such gifts that would be useful to your son.

Perfumes remain a classic gift, but it is good to know your son’s personal preferences and to trust sophisticated and quality brands.

The book is also a classic present that is timeless. If you know what your son’s genre preferences are, or you know a specific book he wants to read, this is your golden chance to make him happy.

Assuming that men like practical gifts, your son will definitely need a compact key holder. He will be able to keep his keys perfectly organized.

A powerful USB charging station is a tech item that will be really useful. He will be able to charge almost all of his devices, like smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, etc.

Personal care gifts are not and will never be out of fashion, so if you think your son will enjoy an electric toothbrush, choose the right model and accessories for it.

Is your son a fan of tacos? There are plenty of taco holders on the market with creative designs that will be good and useful as gifts.

The taco holder can also be used for waffles, sandwiches, burritos, and so on.

A personal water filter is a gift for everyone that wants to drink clean and safe water. It removes all bacteria, parasites, and the smallest microplastics and has a long lifetime.

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Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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Funny and Unusual Gifts

If your son is a person with a sense of humor and you want to make a more interesting, fun, and unique gift, then you can focus on some of the following suggestions.

Some men like to drink directly from the bottle, so they always need a bottle opener. A bottle opener could be both a funny and useful gift.

There are plenty of unusual models in the shape of a skeleton hand, an army soldier, a mermaid and similar.

The drone is an extremely interesting gift idea that is very suitable for people who like to take pictures.

The drone provides the opportunity to take photos and videos from a great height, and this is the dream of every photographer and video maker.

If your son is interested in such things, then this idea is the perfect present for him.

Puzzles are a favorite pastime for many people. 3D puzzles are interesting because they entertain and develop thinking.

The more complex a puzzle is, the more interesting its order is. This is a suitable present for a person who likes to arrange puzzles and play brain games.

In recent years, colorful and fun socks have become very popular. This is a fun and practical gift that would delight everyone.

There are various colorful socks on the market that can even depict the face of the birthday boy, his pet, etc.

The popcorn maker machine will bring fun and joy to any home and will probably delight every man regardless of age.

If your son is a movie buff or just loves to eat popcorn, you hardly need to think more about what to give him.

Here is another unusual gift idea, especially for car lovers and those who drive in general.

With a DVR, everyone will be able to record what is happening on the road, including possible violations and accidents, which in certain situations can be especially useful.

Funny Glove Bottle Opener

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Personalized Gifts

If you have an idea to make a more special gift for your son, then you can focus on a personalized gift.

This way, you will be sure that his gift will be unique and only he will possess such a thing. These types of personalized gifts for son are very suitable for most special occasions.

A simple but very practical gift idea is a notebook with a pen. You can order a notebook or pen engraved.

It is especially suitable for men who are engaged in teaching, accounting, or any other profession that requires recording information.

The mug remains one of the most classic presents, no matter what the occasion. Choose a personalized mug with a photo or special message for your son.

If he is old enough and likes to drink, give him a bottle of his favorite wine and have a label made with his name, a photo, and your wish on the back.

Choose a handmade woodcarving or other wooden figure that bears the author’s imprint and sends a message.

This is a unique and sentimental gift that will be remembered for a long time.

A photo portrait is one of the most stylish and valuable gifts for any occasion. It is especially suitable when celebrating an anniversary.

If you want to show how much you care about your son, get a portrait of him or the whole family (like a family tree with hanging photo frames).

There is hardly a man who does not become the owner of a Swiss Army knife at some point in his life.

This happens simply because such a universal gadget becomes absolutely necessary at some point, and once tested, always stays in the heart of its owner.

So, if you’re not sure what to give, a Swiss Army knife is a evergreen present that will always be useful and can also be personalized.

Custom Coffee Mug

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Personalized Roller Ballpen

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Low Budget Gifts

Even if you don’t have a big budget for a gift, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your son happy with a nice gift.

Not all gifts for son are expensive, and some, although symbolic, are remembered for a very long time.

Yet, remember that it is not the price that matters, it is the time and desire you put into finding the gift.

The keychain is a simple present that can always be combined with something else.

Nowadays, various keychains are available, which can contain a specific message or a photo. This will personalize the gift and make it more special and emotional.

Thermos bottles and insulated tumblers have always been useful items, especially when it comes to hikes, picnics, and camping.

In recent years, they have become very popular because people use them to bring hot coffee or tea to work.

In addition, they can be personalized or given as a gift together with a mug.

Slippers are a great gift idea because they are practical and never superfluous. The warmth and coziness of the slippers will surely remind him of you and your care.

The portable battery is convenient and compact and, at the same time, can often come in handy. This is a practical and inexpensive gift that will certainly not go unnoticed.

The umbrella is a great present, especially for the fall and spring seasons.

Depending on the age and style of dress of your son, you can give him a classic black umbrella or something with a more interesting shape and colors.

Star Wars Darth Vader Keychain

Star Wars Darth Vader Keychain

American Flag Insulated Tumbler

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DIY Homemade Gifts

Can you think of a better gift than the one you made with your own hands? There are countless ways you can make a gift for your son by yourself.

Rest assured that he will appreciate your diligence and the love you put into making it. Here are some such suggestions.

If you enjoy cooking, you can make him a homemade cake. Why pay for something you can do at home?

It will certainly be sweeter for everyone to eat something made by themselves, and your son will be very grateful to you.

If the occasion is more special, you can make a photo album for him to collect valuable photos and sealed moments.

Under each photo there may be a special message, or you can stick other small but valuable objects to him from the past.

Another interesting idea that you can make yourself for your son is the gift basket.

The good thing about this type of gift is that in the basket, in addition to favorite foods, you can decide to fill it with something else – his favorite cosmetics, video games, books, etc.

If you know how to knit, you can make him a scarf, a hat, gloves, or even a sweater if the occasion is during the winter.

This will be a valuable present for him because you did not just buy them, but created them yourself, especially for him. Here are some awesome knitting projects that are very easy to do.

What Can I Give My Son As Birthday Gift?

Birthday Gifts

Your son’s birthday is a special occasion on which, of course, you want to surprise him in a special way.

But if you’re still wondering what to give him for his birthday, here are some suggestions that he will surely like.

Giving a custom bobblehead figurine is an extremely kind and sentimental gift.

It can be associated with some of his favorite celebrities or personalized with his own photo.

This is really a funny and unusual gift that can capture the best moments of the life of your son.

The food supplement is an interesting gift idea, as not everyone would choose it.

Supplements are often used by professional athletes and fitness lovers, and their prices are high.

This is a practical and appropriate present, especially if your son uses nutritional supplements.

Chess is a classic game that has always been loved and is part of almost every home. Luxury chess is a perfect gift idea, especially for fans of this strategy game.

There are various card games that are very popular with guys. If your son likes card games, then gold-plated playing cards are the perfect gift idea.

In this way, you will both make him happy and show how well you know him.

In recent years, adventure gift cards have been a popular gift for adventurous types of people.

Giving such an experience is really special, because the emotions of the adventure itself will be remembered forever.

If your son likes new technologies and all kinds of virtual games and adventures, then a great idea for a present to make him happy are virtual reality headsets or glasses.

Give him fun, pleasant moments as a symbol of your love.

Custom Bobbleheads Figurine

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Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset

Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset Review

What Should I Get for My Son for Christmas?

Christmas Gifts

As Christmas approaches, you are probably already thinking about what to give to your loved ones.

Among the thousands of offers in stores and online, you are probably already quite confused.

So, here are some great Christmas gifts for son that feel special.

The soft and warm bathrobe creates incomparable comfort, especially after a bath. This is a wonderful gift idea that you can use for any occasion.

It can also be personalized or themed with his favorite movie characters. You should know your son’s size and color preferences.

A toiletry kit can save a man a lot of time and help him keep things more organized, whether the kit is in the bathroom or used for travel. If you have a bigger budget, you can fill the kit with some basic toiletries.

There is hardly anything that would delight a book lover more than an e-reader. In this way, your son will have the opportunity to read books anywhere and anytime.

The e-reader eliminates the need to carry a paper book, so it saves space and effort. If you want the present to be even more exciting, you can also buy e-books to load in advance on the reader.

Probably every man would be happy with a luxury pillow to sleep on, which would bring him even more rest and better and deeper sleep.

You can choose from many brands of pillows. Depending on your budget, they can be memory foam, latex, goose down, etc.

Give your loved one a pack of beer if he is already old enough and enjoys this legendary drink.

The beer bottle caddy may include well-selected world brands that will delight the senses and taste buds. It’s also worth considering getting some craft beers.

Star Wars Jedi Master Bathrobe

Star Wars Jedi Master Bathrobe

Wooden Beer Bottle Caddy

Wooden Beer Bottle Caddy Review

What Can I Give My Son As A Graduation Gift?

Graduation Gifts

A successful graduation is an important stage in the life of every young person, as is his prom.

Often, parents want to pleasantly surprise their children with a small but significant gift and show how proud they are of their achievements in life.

Here are some graduation gift ideas that your son will like.

High-school Graduation

Completing a stage of education is important for every young person.

Your son deserves to be rewarded for his success with a suitable present after years of effort, work and time spent on his studies. Here’s what you can give him.

Many of the younger men are fans of video games. The gaming console is a really valuable gift that will surely bring joy to its future owner.

Another idea for a practical gift, especially suitable for any man who is going to college and loves to read, write, or work late, is a lamp.

It can be a desk or table lamp. The important thing is to choose it so that it fits well with the design of the room and, of course, to use it as intended.

The modern lamps have features like LED light, USB charging port, wireless charger, touch control, etc.

The wireless charger feature would delight most young men, as it directly eliminates the need for a charging cable and everything becomes much easier.

If your son is a music lover, headphones are one of the best gifts. There is already a large selection of models – earplugs, earphones, wired, wireless, etc.

For home use, you can give him larger wired headphones, which are expected to produce better and more detailed sound and are perfect for gaming.

College Graduation

College graduation is an even higher stage in the education of a young person. If you are looking for graduation gifts for son, then continue reading.

Smart speakers are not just portable or desktop speakers. They connect to the Internet and can often be controlled by voice.

On the other hand, you get an answer from one of the many interactive helpers from Google, Amazon, Samsung, Apple, etc. This is a great gift idea for lovers of modern technology.

Another similar suggestion is the portable Bluetooth speaker. It is a perfect present for any man who would like something like this to listen to their favorite music.

You can carry your music with you wherever you go and listen to it for as long as you want, depending on the battery life.

The piggy bank can be used by a young man who is still learning how to distribute his finances properly.

In addition, there is a bit of fun in such a gift – who would not be happy with a funny piggy bank, regardless of age?

If your son strives to eat healthy and/or exercise actively, then be sure that the blender will do a good job for smoothies, protein shakes, and more.

As a recent college graduate, your son will most likely be proud to show off his diploma.

For this purpose, you can get him an exquisite and unique diploma frame to place it in a prominent place in the home.

LED Desk Lamp With USB Charging Port

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Diploma Frame With Tassel Holder

Diploma Frame With Tassel Holder Review


The most important thing is that you choose the gift with care and love and give it to your son with kindness and warmth, so that he will always remember this moment.

It’s not so much about the occasion as it is about the way you express your gratitude and admiration for someone.

You know your son best of all, so you will surely be able to make him happy. The gifts for son in this guide will definitely help you reach your goal.

What advice do you have for picking the best gift for your son? Let us know what you think in the comments below 🙂