30 Funny Gag Gifts For Guys For Endless Laughs

Funny Gag Gifts for Guys

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If you have the honor of giving a gift to a man with a sense of humor, then it is quite normal to have difficulty choosing one. Everyone admires people with a sense of humor, and selecting the right gift for the company’s soul is a difficult task.

What Are The Best Funny Gag Gifts For Guys?

Therefore, these funny gag gifts for guys below will certainly make it easier for you and guide you to the right choice.

Christmas Gag Gift Reindeer Mankini

30 Christmas Gag Gift Reindeer Mankini

This is a timeless gift that you’ll remember for years to come. The Christmas Gag Gift Reindeer Mankini is of good quality and guaranteed to be the hit of the party. The bells are funny and hilarious! This mankini will fit your guy well because it has an adjustable buckle, so any man can wear it. It’s a great idea for white elephant gift exchanges!

50 Caliber Shot Glass

29 50 Caliber Shot Glass

This 50 Caliber Shot Glass is shaped like a shiny gold 50 caliber bullet casing. Now your friend can literally get “his best shot” out of this 2 oz. shot glass.

Silicone Holder For Pens And Pencils

28 Silicone Holder For Pens And Pencils

This funny and unique Silicone Holder for Pens and Pencils is a great decoration for any desk. The stationary holder is in the shape of “Dead Fred”, which makes it an unusual and funny gift idea.

You Said You Wanted Nothing

27 You Said You Wanted Nothing

There is nothing more annoying than when you ask someone what they need and they answer “nothing”. Well, good then! It is your will. Give that friend a box with an endless supply of nothing. The “You Said You Wanted Nothing” box is completely useless, like when you ask your friend about his needs.

The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

26 The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

Do you know a burger fan? If you want to make a friend who loves burgers happy, then you need to give them The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book. The book contains 75 original, practical recipes.

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

25 Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

Help a friend or loved one relieve stress by giving them a Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag. They can be attached to any surface, and come with an air pump to ensure that the ball is inflated and ready for action at any time.

Drinking Game for Parties

24 Drinking Game for Parties

By gifting this fun Drinking Game for Parties, you’ll make your friend laugh out loud. With the 100 dynamic cards, you’ll compete, vote, and screw. You can play the game with beer, shots, wine, water, or whatever else you like.

Underpants for Your Hands

23 Underpants for Your Hands

These Underpants fit most adult hands. It’s a fun and unusual gift that will be appreciated by someone with a sense of humor. They have multiple purposes and can be used anywhere, anytime.

Baseball Wine Holder

22 Baseball Wine Holder

For all baseball fans! This Baseball Wine Holder is made of designer composite resin, hand-painted and polished. The person who receives this present will surely feel great taking a bottle of wine from this hilarious holder.

Fun Flash Drive

21 Fun Flash Drive

This funny Flash Drive represents a memory of 32GB. It’s a funny yet practical gift idea for anyone. It’s multifunctional, suitable for digital data storing, transferring, and sharing, and can be applied to data storage, etc. The flash drive is very fast and easy to use, in the funny shape of a finger.

The Buttress Pillow

20 The Buttress Pillow

The Buttress Pillow is perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers. It’s super soft, good for support, and comfortable in many different positions. It’s also ergonomic and very flexible. This gift will make its recipient experience comfort and relief for his head and neck.


19 Pranklopedia

The Pranklopedia is a hilarious collection of over 70 pranks to be pulled on your siblings, parents, friends, co-workers, etc. It includes classic pranks like short-sheeting the bed, food pranks, fake snot, fake vomit, cutout pranks, and more. If the recipient enjoys pranking the people around him, then this will be the ultimate gift for him.

Face Drink Coasters

18 Face Drink Coasters

This set of Face Drink Coasters is the perfect addition to any party or family gathering. They represent different funny faces, such as a frown, a goatee, a scowl, a moustache, a funny kiss, a bright red lipstick, and more. These expressions will be a hilarious part of any occasion.

The Beard Head Family

17 The Beard Head Family

One of the funniest of all the gag gifts for men is the so-called Beard Head Family. It represents a hand-knit hat or helmet with an adjustable or removable beard for perfect placement. Now, this is called an “extra” gift.

Toilet Bowl Night Light

16 Toilet Bowl Night Light

These Toilet Bowl Night Lights will make the recipient’s life much easier. Sometimes, going to the bathroom at night is a real pain in the neck. And the last thing you want when you open your eyes in the middle of the night is to be blinded by the bright lights in the bathroom. These night lights have spot-on light and motion sensors, one button with colors, hassle-free installation, and a state-of-the-art targeting system.

Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Roll

15 Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Roll

For many men, the toilet represents their own personal throne. These Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Roll Statues are a high-quality and funny bathroom decoration. Your father will undoubtedly enjoy it!

Beer Soap

14 Beer Soap

Beer lovers will love this Beer Soap. It’s the perfect gift for people who enjoy nice scents, artisan soaps, and fun-made things. They’re made of great ingredients, such as crushed oats, real hops, orange peel, and more. The scents are derived from the beer itself, so this product isn’t some stinky handmade soap from the local dollar store.

Cat Butt Tissue Holder

13 Cat Butt Tissue Holder

By giving this Cat Butt Tissue Holder, you’ll help the person keep their tissues close at hand. Any cat lover will fall for this cute, yet funny tissue holder. They’re made of molded resin that’s easy to clean.

Disposable Urinal

12 Disposable Urinal

Disposable Urinals are ideal for motion sickness, car travel, outdoor activities, or bathroom emergencies. They’re unisex, convenient, biodegradable, nontoxic, and waste disposal safe. This is a fun yet practical gift idea!

Wine Condoms

11 Wine Condoms

These Wine Condoms allow you to seal up almost any opened bottle, creating a water-tight and air-tight seal. They’re also fully reusable. Say goodbye to bottle stoppers for different sized bottles. Now you have an all-in-one solution for storing your opened bottles of wine.

Dog Butts Magnets

10 Dog Butts Magnets

Surprise the person with 6 strong magnets of Dog Butts. Yes, you heard right! The magnets represent a Dalmatinian, a Pug, a Poodle, and a Retriever’s butts. There’s also a hydrant. If the person loves dogs and fun, he’ll definitely enjoy this gift.

Liquid Ass

9 Liquid Ass

Do you really want to have fun? And are you really prepared to see how people react after using this highly concentrated, extremely unpleasant-smelling fart spray? The two bottles are more than enough to evacuate a whole building. If you want to have some fun, then you need a Liquid Ass!

Funny Wine Glass

8 Funny Wine Glass

Are you looking for a hilarious wine glass to get as a gift? Well, how about a Funny Wine Glass that says “Shut up liver! You’re fine!”, for example. What better way to drink wine and have fun at the same time than this? Surprise the person with such a unique wine glass and see their reaction.

Fresh Balls and Asswipes

7 Fresh Balls and Asswipes

This is the perfect to-go set to put in the gym bag or purse. No more messy powders! The Fresh Balls and Asswipes are specially designed to deal specifically with the unhygienic and uncomfortable problems that can often be caused around the “men-regions” by moisture and bacteria.

Glass Drink Markers

6 Glass Drink Markers

This party pack of 12 Glass Drink Markers comes with a marker to personalize the recipient’s handsome hunk. This is an essential accessory for a person who likes entertainment and fun.

Affirmation Cards

5 Affirmation Cards

These Affirmation Cards will bring a dose of positive energy into the everyday life of the person you give them to. The power of positive thinking will ensure a dream career and a perfect life for the person. The set includes 50 affirmation cards, with which the person will find it much easier to focus on the good things in life.

Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener

4 Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener

This Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener is a hilarious party accessory. It’s the perfect addition to the Halloween decorations. The bottle opener is hand-crafted in foundry cast iron using the ancient sandcast method. A person with a sense of humor will surely appreciate such a gift.

Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

3 Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

What if? People tend to have many absurd questions running around in their heads. But did you know that author Randall Munroe has answered many of them in a book? The book Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions has new questions and answers that have never been given before. It also has updated and enlarged versions of the most popular answers.

Coffee Toilet Mug

2 Coffee Toilet Mug

This hilarious Coffee Toilet Mug will guarantee a smile on the recipient’s face. It’s the perfect addition to the recipient’s home mug collection. It’s made of high-quality ceramic and is hand-painted to look like a toilet, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

Beer Belly Waist

1 Beer Belly Waist

This is definitely a suggestion for people who you know that have a sense of humor. The Beer Belly Waist represents a fake belly. It will bring a laugh to everyone who sees it. It’s very practical to use, and the waist is adjustable and comfortable. The quality is solid and it looks super realistic, even the belly hairs.

With these funny gifts for men, you will undoubtedly delight and cheer up your friends. Each idea is unique in its kind, and you will decide which one would best suit the recipient.

Be bold, daring, and different. Do not give a typical present, give a smile.

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Do you give gag gifts on a regular basis? What are your gag gift ideas that would make any man pee in his pants? Share your thoughts in the comment section below 🙂

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