35 Gifts For The Golf-Obsessed Man In Your Life

Golf Gifts for Men

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Golf is one of the few games that can be enjoyed by both men and women, young and old, experienced professionals and beginners.

While it’s almost impossible to be a great golfer, anyone can understand the challenge of playing golf.

With the help of good equipment, most men are trying to show their love of the game and improve their skills.

What Are The Best Golf Gifts for Men?

If you know golf lovers that meet any of the above descriptions, a well-thought-out golf-themed gift is a great option for them. So check out our recommendations first.

Golf Chipping Net

35 Golf Chipping Net

Here’s a great gift idea for the man who’s ready to sharpen his skills and enjoy his golf game at his leisure. With this Golf Chipping Net, you won’t have to worry about golf weather conditions ever again. It’s designed to help you practice without worrying about disturbing your neighbors with missed shots.

Driver Drink Dispenser

34 Driver Drink Dispenser

The Driver Drink Dispenser is a fun and easy way to bring your favorite beverage onto the course. Simply fill it up and pump the top to dispense. It’s a unique beverage cooler and dispenser that’s worth owning. It fits in any golf bag and eliminates the need to carry cans or bottles.

Mini Golf Set

33 Mini Golf Set

With this Mini Golf Set, you can have the most fun playing golf whenever you want without having to drive to the course every time. Its compact design and lightweight structure make it easy to carry. Its easy assembly and set up means that you can start playing in no time.

Laser Golf Range Finder

32 Laser Golf Range Finder

This unique Laser Golf Range Finder features an adaptive slope, a 600-yard range, water resistance, accuracy to +/- one yard, crystal clear optics, lifetime battery replacement, tournament legality, and more. With a faster laser speed and a new ergonomic design, this finder’s technology makes it user-friendly and helps select the correct golf club.

Garmin Golf Watch

31 Garmin Golf Watch

This simple and easy-to-use Garmin Golf Watch is sleek, lightweight and comfortable with a high-resolution, sunlight-readable display. It provides yardages to the front, back, and middle of the green – as well as hazards and doglegs – on more than 41,000 preloaded courses worldwide.

Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate

30 Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate

Comprising of a steel inner plate, to prevent warping and breakage, and a spiked-based rubber surround, holding the acrylic mirror in place, the Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate build good alignment and setup. With its compact design, it can be used anywhere, anytime.

Golf Ball Holder

29 Golf Ball Holder

A handy on-course golf accessory that clips to the top of the golf bag, featuring instant ball release and a unique aluminum anodized flex-frame. This Golf Ball Holder lets you select the balls from either side and features a track frame with 3 ball storage spaces.

Green Golf Putting

28 Green Golf Putting

Here’s another useful and unique gift idea for the golfer in your life. This Green Golf Putting is the perfect training aid to work on your short game. It’s made with a high-quality putting surface and a non-skid backing, designed to stay smooth and flat. The multiple cup targets allow you to vary your angles and practice different putt lengths.

Tee Toss Game

27 Tee Toss Game

This simple to learn but hard to master Tee Toss Game represents the popular Caribbean ring and hook toss + the classic cup and ball game + golf. This interesting game is both addictive and meditative. It’s bound to become a lively amusement in the rec room, backyard, or workplace break room.

Golf Brush Cleaner

26 Golf Brush Cleaner

This unique Golf Brush Cleaner has a solid construction – an extremely strong plastic body that won’t bend or break. It’s extremely comfortable. The soft rubber grips allow for heavy scrubbing pressure without discomfort. It’s loaded with features – 2 bristle types, a groove spike with two rubber caps, an attachment clip, and a heavy-duty retractable extension cord.

Pressure Putt Trainer

25 Pressure Putt Trainer

The Pressure Putt Trainer is a scientifically shaped target that rejects bad putts and returns good ones. It’s a revolutionary training aid that will improve any golfer’s aim and pace with its scientifically designed parabolic curve that auto-returns the good putts, rejects the missed putts, and holds the perfect putts.

Golf Travel Bag with Wheels

24 Golf Travel Bag with Wheels

This is one of the most useful golf gifts for men that they will highly appreciate. This Golf Travel Bag is designed to meet different conditions. The unique OTS system covers the entire golf travel case with a 2x thickened cushion layer and 900D oxford wear-resistant and waterproof material.

Cordless Electronic Return Putting Mat

23 Cordless Electronic Return Putting Mat

With this Cordless Electronic Return Putting Mat, the golfer in your life can practice his putting any time and anywhere. This handy putting green returns every ball, whether you make the shot or wind up in the hazards.

Backyard Golf Cornhole Game

22 Backyard Golf Cornhole Game

This ultimate tailgating game combines the fun of golf with cornhole to create a fun chipping game for players of all skill levels to enjoy. The Backyard Golf Conrhole Game is easy to learn, so you don’t have to be a pro, but after hours of fun, your short game will be on another level.

A Life Well Played Book

21 A Life Well Played Book

Here’s a gift suggestion for the golfers in your life who also enjoy reading. A Life Well Played is a treasure trove of entertaining anecdotes and timeless wisdom that readers, golfers and non-golfers alike, will celebrate and cherish. This book is for all golf lovers, but it is more than just a golf book.

My Golf Retirement Plan T-Shirt

20 My Golf Retirement Plan T-Shirt

A little golf humor in an expertly applied and cured screen print on a soft, ringspun 90% cotton blend, retro-feel t-shirt. My Golf Retirement Plan T-shirt is a present suitable for any occasion, especially a retirement party. Any golf fan would be more than proud to wear it.

Tee System

19 Tee System

This professional Tee System is a proprietary system of printed golf tees that allows for easy identification of length and appropriateness for various golf clubs. The system features five sizes in many different styles. The color-coded system helps to easily identify which tee to use with each golf club.

Golf Ball Wine Stopper

18 Golf Ball Wine Stopper

Searching for the perfect gift for the 19th hole? This handmade Golf Ball Wine Stopper is a great gift suggestion for the golfer in your life. Rubber sealing rings are integrated into the heavy-duty chrome stopper. Wine bottles will look perfect with such a thoughtful wine stopper.

Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

17 Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

If you’re looking for an interesting and useful gift, here’s a great suggestion. This is the ultimate folding chipping basket. This Golf Collapsible Chipping Net is a great practice tool for any golfer at any level. It’s a gift, suitable for any occasion.

Golf Ball Retriever for Water

16 Golf Ball Retriever for Water

This Golf Ball Retriever has an ergonomic sure-grip that makes it easy to hold on to while you’re fishing your ball out of the water. It has a stainless-steel retriever mechanism and a high-quality aluminum alloy that helps minimize bending when it’s fully extended. It’s the perfect present for any golfer.

Golf Ball Marker Poker Chip Collection

15 Back Neck Massager

Surprise the golfer in your life with this Golf Ball Marker Poker Chip Collection. With these custom imprinted poker chip ball markers, golf outings will be way more fun. The high-quality imprints are done on laminated vinyl decals that are then inlaid on the recessed surface of the chip, making them durable and waterproof.

Golf Waffle Towel

14 Golf Waffle Towel

If you’re looking for the best towel in the galaxy, you’ve found it. The Golf Waffle Towel features a carabiner clip, a microfiber waffle pattern, and it comes with a poker chip from out of this galaxy.

Dammit Doll

13 Dammit Doll

The Dammit Doll is engineered to absorb all that negative energy so you can let go on the golf course and get your happy back on. It’s the ultimate stress-relieving tool. It’s handmade, made of high-quality material, and durable enough to sustain a mean squeeze. Help a loved one relax and take a moment to vent frustration.

Personalized Golf Ball Marker

12 Personalized Golf Ball Markers

If you’re looking for personalized golf gifts for him, then you should give him this unique Golf Ball Marker. This custom engraved 3 in 1 ball marker and divot tool is both stylish and practical for a day out on the course. It’s the ultimate golf gift!

Golf Bluetooth Speaker

11 Golf Bluetooth Speaker

This Golf Bluetooth Speaker features crystal clear sound that projects on the green and bass that amplifies the golf game. It mounts securely to any golf cart or bag and directs the music in any direction. It’s also fully waterproof!

Happy Birthday Golf Balls

10 Happy Birthday Golf Balls

If a golfer you know is about to have a birthday, then you should definitely consider giving him these Happy Birthday Golf Balls. They are real golf balls with printed logos and images and come neatly boxed, ready for giving.

Golf-Club Style BBQ Grill Accessories Kit

9 Golf-Club Style BBQ Grill Accessories Kit

With this Golf-Club Style BBQ Accessories Kit, you’re giving not just a gift, but unforgettable times. These grilling accessories for smoker tools have golf grips on the ends of them to make them look like mini golf clubs, except instead of hitting balls, they’ll be flipping burgers. Every golfer who enjoys a backyard barbecue will love this set.

I’d Rather Be Golfing Socks

8 I’d Rather Be Golfing Socks

If you’re looking for funny golf gifts for him, here is an idea that will impress your recipient. These I’d Rather Be Golfing socks are exactly what your man will need. Any golfer would be more than proud to show off in these crazy socks. The premium fabric ensures they will hold up for years of wear and washes without fading.

Golf Ball Glass

7 Golf Ball Glass

Every man would be more than happy to receive such a unique Golf Ball Glass. It’s high-quality, heavy, and handcrafted, making it the ideal gift for any golf fan. It’s suitable for any occasion due to its elegant and unique design.

Personalized Leather Golf Scorecard

6 Personalized Leather Golf Scorecard

This elegant, handmade Personalized Leather Golf Scorecard is designed for professional and amateur golfers. It’s made to house standard golf scorecards and will fit stylishly in the back pocket. It combines traditional style with functional design and is available in a range of classic colors.

Golf Trunk Organizer

5 Golf Trunk Organizer

The Golf Trunk Organizer is perfect for smartly organizing all the loose golf clutter. It features easy-access storage compartments with rigid wall dividers designed to keep your golf hat, shirt, balls, shoes, and other accessories separate. The easy-pull zippers reduce zipper snags, allowing you to easily access the trunk locker. The shoe compartment has mesh ventilation designed to keep your golf shoes dry and fresh.

Golf Coffee Mug

4 Golf Coffee Mug

This meaningful Golf Coffee Mug is a suitable gift for any occasion and will definitely make any golf fan happy. Its thoughtful and inspiring message will bring its owner happiness every time he uses it. It features an elegant design, making it the perfect addition to any mug collection.

Embroidered Golf Towel

3 Embroidered Golf Towel

The following gift idea will help any golfer show his team pride. This Embroidered Golf Towel is made from 100% cotton and features a cherkered scrubber design for easier cleaning, swivel clip for easy attachment and removal from golf bags, and an embroidered logo of a favorite team.

The Card Game of Golf

2 The Card Game of Golf

Fun and exciting, perfect for family game night, parties, family reunions, etc. The Card Game of Golf will keep everyone entertained. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion for the golfer in your life.

Golf Ball Storage Bag

1 Golf Ball Storage Bag

This practical yet hysterical Golf Ball Storage Bag makes a great accessory. The sack comes with two balls and can hold a total of six. It makes the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves golf stuff. But let’s be realistic – the guys who love to play golf never really grow up.

No matter what the occasion, your golf lover will surely appreciate whichever of the above gifts you choose.

Be creative, bring him joy and meaning with your gift. You may be confident that it will be well received and that it will be put to good use for its intended purpose.

What are our best 5 picks? Watch the video below to find out. All links to gifts are in the description of the video.

Do you know any men who are passionate about golf? Do you think they’ll really like these gift ideas? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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