35 Unique Golf Gifts for Women That They’ll Totally Love

Golf Gifts for Women

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If you have a special lady in your life who enjoys golf, a gift related to her favorite sport will be greatly appreciated.

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of equipment just for a single game. If she is an avid gamer, she will probably need a lot of accessories and gadgets.

But you could also give her a gift that she can use every day that has something to do with golf.

What are the Best Golf Gifts for Women?

In the list below, you’ll find 35 great gift ideas for a golf-loving woman. Why? Because we all know that women can actually play golf just as well as men!

Stylish GPS Golf Smartwatch

35 Stylish GPS Golf Smartwatch

This Stylish GPS Golf Smartwatch shows distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, hazards, and automatically records detected shot distances. It also lets you manually adjust to today’s pin position for accurate approach shots. Preloaded with more than 41,000 courses from around the world, it also tracks everyday activities such as steps and sleep and includes built-in multisport profiles.

34 Golf Wine Tumbler

Make her laugh with a funny Golf Wine Tumbler. It holds 12 oz which is just enough to stay on her game. Give the golf-obsessed woman in your life a good laugh after she shanks a ball! It is made of high-quality stainless steel that is food safe and durable. It makes a great gift, suitable for every occasion.

Golf Wine Tumbler

Golf Goddess Stroke Counter Bracelet

33 Golf Goddess Stroke Counter Bracelet

This Golf Goddess Stroke Counter Bracelet is a beautiful and convenient way to track golf-related goals. It is the first beautiful bracelet to track strokes per hole and replaces the need for a counter attached to a belt or golf bag. It features a sterling silver-plated cuff with sterling silver-plated hand-etched circle-patterned beads. It is a stylish alternative to traditional counting tools.

32 Personalized Golf Balls

Here’s one of the best and most useful golf gift ideas for her. These handmade Personalized Golf Balls make a unique and unusual gift that will be highly appreciated. You can have them printed with anything you like – face, logo, monogram, slogan, or whatever else you provide. They will become her most favorite item among her golf accessories.

Personalized Golf Balls

Women's Sleeveless Golf Shirt

31 Women’s Sleeveless Golf Shirt

This amazing Women’s Sleeveless Golf Shirt is designed with a stylish V-Neck. The curved waist design will make her a charming sight on the golf course. Sleeveless allows you to stretch freely, not bound, making it more comfortable and breathable. It will protect her skin on hot summer days. The UPF 50+ fabric with permanent UV sun protection gives the maximum and longest-lasting sun protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

30 Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

This Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf will give the golfer in your life the ability to improve her performance by using technology that provides distinct data parameters and action video capture for athletes to practice with a purpose. It uses 3D Doppler radar technology to provide 8 accurate, real-time data parameters: spin rate, ball speed, carry distance, flight time, club head speed, smash factor, launch angle, and apex height.

Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

Funny Golf Coffee Mug

29 Funny Golf Coffee Mug

Perfect for any coffee lover, this Funny Golf Coffee Mug is the ultimate gift for the golfer in your life. It’s made with the highest quality, guaranteed to last, microwave and dishwasher safe. This coffee mug is printed on both sides, which is great for both the right hand and the left.

28 Golf Scorecard Log Book

With this unique Golf Scorecard Log Book, the golf lover in your life will have the opportunity to keep track of all elements of her game, including the course name, weather, and players. She can also track her score for each hole (18-hole scorecard) with a grand total for each hole. It consists of 105 pages and a soft, flexible cover.

Golf Scorecard Log Book

Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

27 Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

Stylish lunch bags meet daily needs. They can be used as ice packs, snack packs, picnic bags, shopping bags, toiletry bags, and more. This Insulated Lunch Tote Bag has a main pocket in which she can store food, meals, sandwiches, drinks, and fruits, and a front pocket for small items such as tissues, tableware, phones, or keys. It has high-quality fiber aluminum film and canvas to keep food warm or fresh.

26 Golf Simulator with Motion Sensor

Allow her to enjoy a round of golf at home using her real swing with this exciting game! The Golf Simulator with Motion Sensor is a golf game simulator that is simple to use and enjoyable for all levels of golfing expertise, from golfing beginners to pros. Simply, she can pair the sensor with this device using Bluetooth and attach it to a swing stick or her own golf club to use. Based on the analysis, she can analyze her play, get feedback, and improve her swing all by herself.

Golf Simulator with Motion Sensor

Golf Ball Charm Necklace

25 Golf Ball Charm Necklace

This beautiful Golf Ball Charm Necklace is designed to be worn on and off the green as a reminder of her love for the game of golf. You can choose from a 925-sterling silver or 14k gold-filled chain featuring an 8mm golf ball charm. It even comes ready to give on a gift card. It’s simply the perfect gift for any occasion.

24 501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot

This is the ultimate gift for the golfer who always has an excuse for their wayward shots on the tee box. This 501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot book is perfect for that friend in your golf league whose excuses are always a hole-in-one. If the woman you’re giving the gift to has a good sense of humor, then she’ll absolutely love this gift.

501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot

Wristlet Purse for Female Golfers

23 Wristlet Purse for Female Golfers

Add joy and style to her daily life with this Wristlet Purse for Female Golfers. It is available in signature prints that will brighten her mood and show off her fun personality. It is perfect for carrying life essentials like cash, keys, and cards with ease! This wristlet will very quickly become one of her favorite golf essentials.

22 This Is How I Roll Golf T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a practical and cool golf gifts for her, you can get the “This Is How I Roll Golf T-shirt“. It’s a great gift for women who love playing golf and spending time on the field. You get a lightweight, classic fit, double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

This Is How I Roll Golf T-Shirt

The Ultimate Bluetooth Golf Speaker

21 The Ultimate Bluetooth Golf Speaker

Allow her to enjoy her favorite music and charge her electronic devices on the course using The Ultimate Bluetooth Golf Speaker. She can pair her Bluetooth-enabled device to the speaker and begin playing tunes for up to 10 hours. Its functional features allow her to use the speaker in a cart, in a golf bag or spiked into the ground. Additionally, she can control music on her phone or directly on the speaker.

20 Golf Glove for Women

This unique Golf Glove for Women fits like a dream. The stretchy Lycra fabric on top ensures it won’t hang loose. The skin-tight feel will let her really grip her club and give her best performance. It is extremely flexible due to the close stitch, ensuring maximum comfort on the course. The glove also offers UV50 sun protection and breathability to protect against sweaty hands.

Golf Glove for Women

Golf Mallet Putter Cover

19 Golf Mallet Putter Cover

This funny Golf Mallet Putter Cover fits standard mallet putter covers. The front says, “Who’s Thirsty?” and the back says, “Drink Up B**ches!” but you can choose between at least 14 more design options. It features a polyester lining on the inside and a PU synthetic leather shell that is embroidered.

18 Golf Swing Trainer

This Golf Swing Trainer improves swing tempo, strength, and flexibility. Simply “swing” the gold flex back and forth continually without stopping at impact position, as if swinging to a metronome. She can find the natural feel of lag and develop her core golf muscles. The extra flex in the shaft helps lengthen the swing, giving more power and better control.

Golf Swing Trainer

Premium Emoji Golf Balls

17 Premium Emoji Golf Balls

When you’re looking for a funny and unusual gift idea, you can’t go wrong with these Premium Emoji Golf Balls. With 12 unique emoji designs, they are the perfect gift for a golfer with a sense of humor. In a beautiful high-quality glossy gift box, you get 11 yellow and 1 red unique emoji golf balls. It’s 100% an eye-catching gift.

16 Funny Golf Towel for Women

This premium Funny Golf Towel for Women removes dirt, grass, sand, and excels at drying clubs and balls. It is professionally embroidered and makes a thoughtful and unique gift for a golf lover. The towel has a heavy-duty carabiner clip to attach to a golf bag. It’s definitely a gift, suitable for any occasion.

Funny Golf Towel for Women

Ladies' Golf Balls

15 Ladies’ Golf Balls

The unique 330-seamless dimple design of these Ladies’ Golf Balls generates increased lift of the club face. Their softer core is designed for players who want a softer feel, more control and less vibration at impact. The gradational compression creates more force and longer drives.

14 4 Pieces Golf Tee Holder

Golf storage bags come with a stable plastic clip that holds 3 golf balls securely, and she can clip them on her golf bag, shopping cart, or belt loop for easy carry. With this 4 Pieces Golf Tee Holder you get 4 different golf-themed styles, and the quantity is enough to meet her daily golf carrying needs and replacements. It is made of quality neoprene material, light and stable, not easy to break, washable and reusable, and will serve your golf lover for a long time.

4 Pieces Golf Tee Holder

Sand Trap Cheese Board and Tool Set

13 Sand Trap Cheese Board and Tool Set

Perfect for cutting and serving cheeses and various snacks, this Sand Trap Cheese Board and Tool Set has a rich bamboo construction in the shape of a putting green. Stainless steel wine accessories complement the three cheese tools. Drawers swivel out to reveal the cheese and wine tools. Also, it includes a crumbly cheese chisel knife, a hard cheese knife, and a cheese fork, all with handles shaped like golf club grips.

12 Golf Bag Organizer

This Golf Bag Organizer is the perfect storage unit for golf clubs, shoes, gloves, hats, and other equipment. It has room for two golf bags, and a protective foam strip ensures that the shafts don’t get scratched. It also includes three shelves and a five-inch bin you can use for storing shoes, golf balls, tees, and more. It is constructed with sturdy metal to last for years to come.

Golf Bag Organizer

Personalized Golf Shoe Bag and Tri Fold Golf Towel

11 Personalized Golf Shoe Bag and Tri Fold Golf Towel

 If you’re looking for a sentimental and thoughtful gift for the golf woman in your life, give her this Personalized Golf Shoe Bag and Tri Fold Golf Towel. You can choose it to be personalized with her initials or name. It’s a beautiful, handmade item that will remind her how well you know her personality and interests.

10 Golf Flask With Shot Glasses

This awesome Golf Flask With Shot Glasses is made of stainless steel and the engraved Birdie Juice golf logo will not wear off like printed products. It makes a unique and memorable gift for a female golfer. It comes packaged in a gift box with a funnel for easy pouring of liquids and spirits.

Golf Flask With Shot Glasses

Golf Ball Marker

9 Golf Ball Marker

This Golf Ball Marker puts the FUN in functional, but looks like jewelry, so you won’t mind leaving it on when you’re off the course! With a marker this fun at a great price, you can afford to hook up the foursome with a little something at the beer cart. Each marker with a hat clip comes individually packaged in a cute organza bag with a plastic ball marker and a ladies’ hand cream packet.

8 Complete Golf Clubs Set For Women

Designed for the intermediate to advanced golf player in your life, this Complete Golf Clubs Set for Women is fully equipped with aerodynamic wood designs, premium V6 ladies’ flex graphite shafts, and Tour Pride grips with enhanced feel. The face is thinner, lighter, and more robust. It is the ultimate gift for a golfer.

Complete Golf Clubs Set For Women

Golf Carts Socks

7 Golf Carts Socks

Practical and cool, these adorable Golf Carts Socks make an incredible gift for a female golf player. With their interesting design and quality material, they will become her favorite pair of socks in no time. The price is low, so you can always buy several pairs of socks.

6 Golf Rangefinder

This unique Golf Rangefinder accounts for elevation changes and measures the angle of incline/decline, then calculates the slope adjusted distance. It is lighter and more compact than its predecessor, and now features P.A.T (Pin Acquisition Technology) with Pulse, which delivers a short vibrating “burst” to confirm that you’ve locked onto the pin. The Slope feature automatically calculates adjusted distances due to elevation changes, and comes with a highly visible, external on/off switch that can be easily disabled for legal tournament play.

Golf Rangefinder

Mini Golf Pen Holder with Pens

5 Mini Golf Pen Holder with Pens

Due to its innovative design, this Mini Golf Pen Holder with Pens makes a unique and thoughtful gift for a golf lover. The details in this pen holder are amazing. It is well made with good quality materials being used, and it is very detailed and realistic. For sure, it will become an exquisite decoration for the office, home, car, etc.

4 Women’s Golf Hat

This awesome Women’s Golf Hat is made of lightweight fabric for a barely-there feel. The mesh panels move heat and moisture away from you. The non-glare undervisor helps you see without squinting. It also features a hook-and-loop back closure for an adjustable fit. It makes a thoughtful and practical gift for the woman in your life who loves golf.

Women's Golf Hat

Cocktail Drinks Golf Towel

3 Cocktail Drinks Golf Towel

Golf towels are super absorbent and quick-drying with a perfect dirt removal design. It easily removes the most stubborn dirt, sand, and grass much better than cotton towels. This Cocktail Drinks Golf Towel is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and lint-free. It is machine washable, fade-resistant, and wrinkle-free and will look great on her golf bag.

2 Big Teeth Octopus Golf Head Cover

Add a fun addition to her golf bag with this Big Teeth Octopus Golf Head Cover. With its special and funny design, it will show her charm. It is intended to protect the golf head from dings and damage. This funny octopus is finished with high quality stitching and material. It is also very easy to take on and off, but not slip off.

Big Teeth Octopus Golf Head Cover

Golf Cart Wine Bottle Holder

1 Golf Cart Wine Bottle Holder

Golf and wine lovers will like this unique Golf Cart Wine Bottle Holder. This amazing metal wine bottle holder is a true head turner and something to talk about. Simply insert the wine bottle into the figure. The holder is made from oxidized metal. It’s an ideal gift for a golfer who enjoys drinking wine.

No matter what the occasion, these gifts are sure to please the golfing woman in your life. Some of them are practical and very helpful, while others are stylish or funny.

You know her tastes and interests the best, so you can figure out which of the ideas on the list she would be most interested in.

The most essential thing is to make the woman you love feel appreciated, and one of the best ways to do so is to get her something she’ll enjoy doing.

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Watch the video below to find out OUR TOP 5 golf gifts for women. There is a list of all the items in the video description.

Do you know any women who enjoy golfing? Have you given them such gifts? Feel free to share in the comments!

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