35 Unique Gifts For Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything And Who’s Hard To Shop For

Gifts For Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything

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It is difficult to choose gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything. You certainly want to show her your love, to show respect and gratitude. In addition, the occasions to give a gift to mom are numerous throughout the year, and it is not easy to be original every time.

What Are The Best Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything?

The choice becomes even more difficult when your mother tells you she doesn’t want anything. If this is the case for you, then the gift ideas in the following list would definitely be useful to you.

Home is Wherever Mom is Throw Pillow

35 Home is Wherever Mom is Throw Pillow

This originally patterned pillow is a great idea, and it will fit into any home interior design. You can choose from two colors – black and white. The Home is Wherever Mom is Throw Pillow has an invisible zipper and is safe to machine wash.

Mama Bear Clog Slippers

34 Mama Bear Clog Slippers

These charming, cozy, and comfortable Mama Bear Clog Slippers are perfect to slide on, offering extra comfort for your mother’s feet. Each slipper is fitted with a multi-density cushioned insole and topped with memory foam for an extremely comfortable wear experience.

California Cabernet Duo Gift Basket

33 California Cabernet Duo Gift Basket

This keepsake California Cabernet Duo Gift Basket is one of those gifts for mom that doesn’t want anything and is suitable for any occasion. The set includes two bottles of red wine along with globe-spanning gourmet fare. The basket comes decorated with a solid-color ribbon, an attached card with your personal message, and securely arranged.

Q&A a Day for Moms

32 Q&A a Day for Moms

Mothers share so much with their children – countless memories, joys, challenges, etc. You can make an unusual gift with this Q&A a Day for Moms 5-Year Journal. It will help you capture every single moment with your beloved mother. Simply turn to today’s date and answer the questions on top of the page.

Silicone Tea Infuser

31 Silicone Tea Infuser

This fun and functional Silicone Tea Infuser is another great idea, suitable for any occasion. The product is constructed from food-safe, BPA-free silicone. And the material is soft, non-toxic, and tasteless, so it won’t affect the flavor of the tea. It takes just a few moments to enjoy a perfectly brewed tea.

MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

30 MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

You can help your mother discover her ancestry and find relatives she never knew existed on both her maternal and paternal sides. With the MyHeritage DNA Test Kit, it will take her about 2 minutes to complete a detailed ethnicity breakdown with the most comprehensive list.

Worry Healing Hut

29 Worry Healing Hut

You can cheer your mom up with this Worry Healing Hut. It will give her the opportunity to write down any nagging thoughts and tuck them inside the mini house. Then, by carefully putting a lit match through the hole, the papers will alight. This is a great ritual with which she can get rid of stress, bad thoughts, worries, etc.

Wooden Antique Book Tissue Holder

28 Wooden Antique Book Tissue Holder

If your mother likes collecting antiques or is a fan of the vintage style, you can consider getting her this Wooden Antique Book Tissue Holder. It is the perfect decoration for her bedroom, office, or car. It’s handmade and hand-printed to resemble a stack of antique books.

Relaxing Herb Tea

27 Relaxing Herb Tea

This Relaxing Herb Tea is the best-quality product you can get for your beloved mother. It contains 20 bags of triple-leaf, relaxing herbal tea. Your mother can enjoy a cup of quality hot tea whenever she likes.

Beautiful Flowers by Subscription

26 Beautiful Flowers by Subscription

Why should your mother receive flowers only on special occasions? Now you have the opportunity to make her smile with these Beautiful Flowers by Subscription on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plan. The flowers will be handpicked and shipped to her farm-fresh.

Mom Coloring Book

25 Mom Coloring Book

Give your mom the opportunity to experience calm and peace by giving her this Mom Coloring Book. It’s an inspiring and calming collection of beautifully drawn artwork. These relaxing coloring patterns will become your mother’s favorite hobby and stress-relieving activity.

Mom Parking Sign

24 Mom Parking Sign

This Mom Parking Sign is made of high-quality plastic and won’t rust. It comes with 4 mounting holes for easy installation. It’s the perfect present for any occasion, and your mother will love it.

Solar Hummingbird Wind Chimes

23 Solar Hummingbird Wind Chimes

These Solar Hummingbird Wine Chimes are a colorful and magical addition that will keep your mother in a good mood at all times. They change various kinds of brilliant colors to light up any room and make your mother happy. They’re made of a unique rain- and moisture-proof design. They’ll not get deformed and are easy to hang.

Handwriting Bracelet

22 Handwriting Bracelet

This handmade Handwriting Bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry that will suit anybody’s preferences. It’s made of high-quality 925 Sterling Silver. That’s a personalized keepsake gift that your mother will highly appreciate.

Special Mom Bamboo Cutting Board

21 Special Mom Bamboo Cutting Board

Here’s an idea for moms who enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing the family’s favorite meals. This specially designed Bamboo Cutting Board is a unique present to give to a mother with a sense of humor. It’s made from 100% high-quality recyclable Moso Bamboo and comes professionally wrapped.

Cabinet Cribbage Set

20 Cabinet Cribbage Set

Here’s an unusual and interesting present if your mother enjoys playing card games. This Cabinet Cribbage Set is a card game, distinctly known for the cribbage board, or crib used for score keeping. Its beautiful construction makes this classic 3-player board a favorite.

Animal Butt Magnets

19 Animal Butt Magnets

The next suggestion would make a great present for a mother with a sense of humor. These Animal Butt Magnets are ideal for posting notes and photos on the fridge. The set includes a giraffe, leopard, lion, elephant, tiger, and hippo butts.

Music Playing Cards

18 Music Playing Cards

These Music Playing Cards make an inspirational gift for any mom who loves music and is a fan of various music genres. The cards feature loving illustrations of musical greats on each card. The genres are split up into four units: Clubs – R&B, Soul, Blues, Hearts – Pop, Diamonds – Folk and Country, and Spades – Rock.

Smart Shower Curtain

17 Smart Shower Curtain

Transform your mother’s bathroom from boring to colorful and fun. This Smart Shower Curtain is made from environmentally friendly EVA vinyl. It will make a great addition to your mother’s bathroom, especially if she’s a fan of The Big Bang Theory.

What I Love about Mom

16 What I Love About Mom

If you and your mother like sentimental gifts, then here’s the ideal suggestion. This What I Love About Mom book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your mom is the best. You can make it heartfelt, hilarious, or honest; it’s up to you. It will make a unique, personalized gift for your mother.

Bath Bombs Set for Mom

15 Bath Bombs Set for Mom

These Bath Bombs for Mom are the perfect gift for any occasion. Pamper her with these specially blended and formulated essential oils. They’re made with organic and natural ingredients, making them perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Personalized Wooden Recipe Book Biner

14 Personalized Wooden Recipe Book Biner

This handmade, Personalized Wooden Recipe Book Biner will become your mother’s great helper in the kitchen, complementing the interior of her home. It can be used as a diary, photo album, wish book, keepsake book, drawing album, wedding album, and more.

Funny Wine Glass for Mom

13 Funny Wine Glass for Mom

If your mother is a wine lover, then she’ll really appreciate this present. This Funny Wine Glass comes conveniently gift-ready in a nice white gift box with colored bubble wrap. The hilarious inscription on the glass will make your mother smile any time she uses it. The glass is made of premium-quality crystal clear stemware.

Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

12 Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

Here’s another gift suggestion for mothers who enjoy spending time in the kitchen. This Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking book features a charming narrative, illustrated walkthroughs, and a lighthearted approach to kitchen science, demystifying the four elements of good cooking.

Funny Coffee Mug

11 Funny Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are always a good idea and suitable for any occasion. This Funny Coffee Mug comes with a funny design, displayed on both sides. The design also features a premium full-color sublimation imprint, creating a vibrant, long-lasting, and lead-free look.

Custom Design Porcelain Tea Cup

10 Custom Design Porcelain Tea Cup

Don’t get your mom just a regular tea cup, get her this Custom Designed Porcelain Tea Cup. It’s crafted of premium enamel porcelain with a high gloss, vivid and chic peacock pattern and natural color gradients. For your mother’s convenience, it’s also microwave and dishwasher safe.

A Dozen Reasons I Love You Mom

9 A Dozen Reasons I Love You Mom

Giving flowers and cards is somehow… predictable. If you desperately need gifts for mom who wants nothing, you can shake things up a little with this handcrafted collection of Reasons Why You Love Your Mom. You may choose from 50 different options to create a collection filled with a dozen heart-shaped wooden messages.

Vinyl Record Holder

8 Vinyl Record Holder

This durable Vinyl Record Holder can safely store 30+ records. It will keep your mother’s records dust and scratch free. It comes with a convenient carry handle.

Picture Frame Collage and Wall Décor

7 Picture Frame Collage and Wall Décor

Give your mom the opportunity to create an instant photo collage with this Picture Frame College and Wall Décor. Your mom will easily display nine of her favorite 4×6 photos in a single picture frame.

Great Mom Candle

6 Great Mom Candle

Allow your mom to experience some all-natural soy candles. This Great Mom Candle features the finest custom blended fragrances with no additives. Mothers also need time to pamper themselves.

Star Map

5 Star Map

This Star Map will help your mother celebrate a moment in time, designed especially for her. The star map is based on dates and locations, and you can choose from 25 colors, or even request a specific color. All the text in your design is customizable, and there are different fonts to choose from.

Love You Mom Pears

4 Love You Mom Pears

These sculptures are something you don’t see every day. Your mother would love to receive these unique “Love You Mom Pears.” They’re made of wheat clay, painted with love and finished with a coat of high-quality clear varnish. They will fit perfectly with any home or office decoration.

Mom Ring Dish

3 Mom Ring Dish

This is one of the most meaningful, hard to shop for mom gifts that will be highly appreciated. This Mom Ring Dish is the perfect addition to her bedroom decorations, allowing her to keep anything she likes in it – jewelry, small items, keys, etc. Every piece is made from premium materials that have been ethically sourced.

Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug

2 Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug

Yes, your mom is the best, and you want her to know this at all times. This Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug is handmade by professional workers, featuring a marble pattern, making it an exclusive gift. It comes in a beautiful gift box with a spoon and a coaster.

Mother's Garden Stone

1 Mother’s Garden Stone

Make a touching gift for your mother with this Mother’s Garden Stone. The stone is accented with sunflowers and lush green leaves and engraved with a heartwarming message. It’s treated with a special finish for protection against the sun and weather.

Whether your gift is expensive or not, for your mother, it will be priceless. You know her best, and you know what she would be happy about, even though she says she doesn’t want anything.

You have certainly found what you are looking for in the above suggestions, and your mother will definitely appreciate it.

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Do you have a mother who doesn’t want anything as a gift? What unique ideas do you have to make her smile? You can share it in the comments 🙂

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