32 Brilliant Gifts For Outdoorsy Women Who Enjoy a Great Adventure

Gifts For Outdoorsy Women

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The simple act of appreciating nature is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There is nothing better than being active while feeling the sun on your skin and looking at breath-taking landscapes.

If you know a woman who would rather go hiking than get her nails done, or who would prefer to swim in a mountain lake than lounge on a resort’s beach, then this gift guide is for you!

What better gift to give your outdoorsy woman than something she can use on her next adventure?

What Are the Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women?

You want to get her something that she can really use and that will enhance her outdoor adventures, and those are the gift ideas you’ll find in this post.

Crossbody Sling Backpack

32 Crossbody Sling Backpack

When you’re looking for really practical and unique outdoor gifts for women, you should definitely consider giving her this Crossbody Sling Backpack. This awesome crossbody backpack includes multiple features, like a mesh water bottle pocket, a convenient headphone pocket, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Another benefit of the backpack is that she can wear it diagonally across her back or across her chest, which lets her see her bag clearly.

31 Outdoor Sleeping Bag

With more space than more restrictive mummy-style bags, this unique Outdoor Sleeping Bag allows users to stretch out and usually features a soft interior lining for all-night comfort. This bag is more than just a few layers; it’s two independent sleeping bags — one inside the other. The inside and outside bags are easy to take apart and can be used separately. Each has its own warmth rating.

Outdoor Sleeping Bag

Women's Hiking Shoes

30 Women’s Hiking Shoes

This smooth leather hiking boot is made of leather and mesh and is waterproof. It looks like classic mountaineering boots. Surprise the outdoorsy woman in your life with a really useful and unique present by giving her these Women’s Hiking Shoes. The lightweight midsole is cushioned and supportive enough to keep up with her most ambitious day trips. Responsive, supportive cushioning and super-grippy rubber outsoles are geared for miles over rocks, grass, etc.

29 Solar Inflatable Light

With an adjustable strap, 65 lumens, and a lifespan of up to 24 hours on a single charge, this Solar Inflatable Light is the long-lasting, utility-loving, gets-the-job-done kind of light. It’s perfect for camping, hiking, RV camping, or any other outdoor activity. It’s easy to carry, doesn’t get wet, and is strong enough to last through even the toughest adventures.

Solar Inflatable Light

Insect And Mosquito Repellent

28 Insect And Mosquito Repellent

This awesome Insect And Mosquito Repellent uses an advanced powder-dry formula that dries on contact, leaving the skin feeling smooth and dry, not oily or greasy. Surprise the adventurous woman in your life with this great product that repels mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile Virus, biting flies, gnats, and ticks.

27 Garmin GPS Smartwatch

Give her the opportunity to spend more time doing the activities she loves and stay in tune with her body with this amazing Garmin GPS Smartwatch. This smartwatch was made to keep up with her lifestyle. This stunning display turns heads and wrists alike. It offers more than 20 preloaded sports apps. The watch goes up to 5 days on a single charge.

Garmin GPS Smartwatch

Emergency Crank Weather Radio

26 Emergency Crank Weather Radio

These devices are more relevant and reliable than ever. They serve multiple functions and are an excellent addition to her emergency supplies. Surprise an outdoorsy woman with this unique Emergency Crank Weather Radio. When extreme weather strikes and she is without power, emergency crank radios are the best option for staying powered up and informed.

25 Headlamp

Trails can be tricky to maneuver at night. Besides being similar to an unknown maze, these tracks usually contain rocks, tree roots, twigs, and even animals. Any of these obstacles can prove harmful, and it is very convenient to have your hands free to catch yourself, move obstacles, run, or do something else. A Headlamp has several benefits that will make nighttime hiking both enjoyable and safe. And if the outdoor activity lover in your life doesn’t have one, she’d be very grateful if you surprised her with such a thoughtful gift!


Camping Tent

24 Camping Tent

Setting up this awesome Camping Tent will be a breeze. It can be pitched within 10 minutes. A simple insertion of the poles into the snag-free pole sleeves is all that’s required. The tent has a single entrance and a large rear window, making it perfect for warmer weather. It is definitely a remarkable low-cost option for new campers, thanks to its easy design.

23 Walking Stick For Hiking

Serious hikers have known the benefits of trekking poles for decades. Aside from providing stability while hauling a heavy load or moving over technical terrain, hiking poles have distinct advantages even on easy trails. Surprise the outdoorsy woman in your life with this great Walking Stick for Hiking. It’s lighter and more flexible than aluminum, so she’ll be able to move faster and use less energy, allowing her to walk longer distances. It is without a doubt one of the best adventure gifts for her!

Walking Stick For Hiking

Huge Emergency Blankets

22 Huge Emergency Blankets

Choosing the best emergency blankets on the market could mean the difference between hypothermic shock and a nice, warm shelter in extremely cold weather conditions. Give these incredible Huge Emergency Blankets to the adventurous woman in your life. These thermal blankets are a must-have for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities because they are designed to pack away ultralight and compactly.

21 Camping Mug Set

This awesome Camping Mug Set consists mugs that are a stylish choice for camping, travel, and home drinkware that can be enjoyed for years. They are very durable, so they can be packed in the camping gear without a second thought. These mugs are a great alternative to plastic because they are environmentally friendly, sturdy enough to pack in a camper, and they have outdoorsy design styles. She can store them in her fridge, freezer, cabinet, or even use them over the fire for a true camping experience.

Camping Mug Set

Insulated Water Bottles

20 Insulated Water Bottles

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like an ice-cold drink to quench your thirst. This BPA-free Insulated Water Bottle – insulated with stainless steel and a sturdy vacuum seal lid – can keep the drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, making it the ideal companion for any busy commute or adventure. It also has a sweat-proof exterior, so she can keep it stowed in her bag or backpack without worrying about any of the other items getting wet.

19 Professional Tripod For Cameras

Video productions require the assistance of various tools. One of the most common pieces of video equipment is the tripod. A good tripod attaches to a camera securely and lets the operator move the camera carefully up, down, and from side to side. Instead of handheld shakiness, tripods deliver a more cinematic aesthetic. Surprise the woman in your life with this unique Professional Tripod For Cameras and allow her to capture great views on her next adventure.

Professional Tripod For Cameras

Mountain Necklace For Women

18 Mountain Necklace For Women

Here’s the perfect gift for those who live in the wilds or who love to travel. It’s a simple Mountain Necklace she can wear anywhere. For those inspired by the great outdoors and the challenge of the mountain, this necklace is a fantastic gift and reminder to get out there and conquer it. It’s time to head for those hills! It comes beautifully packaged and ready for any gift-giving occasion.

17 Outdoor Soap

This awesome Outdoor Soap is a great addition to any camper’s gear. Its small size provides an easy and lightweight way for it to be packed. Only a few drops provide quick, effective suds for camp cleaning chores in hot or cold water, or even salt water. The natural ingredients will clean up a heavy mess on the camp dishes and clothing while remaining gentle enough when washing the hands, face, and hair.

Outdoor Soap

Multifunctional Headwear And Face Mask

16 Multifunctional Headwear And Face Mask

Consider giving her this Multifunctional Headwear and Face Mask if you’re looking for the perfect outdoor gift. It lifts sweat away from the skin, offers UV protection, and repels bugs so she can stay outside longer. It can be worn 12 different ways, from cap to balaclava, neck gaiter to hair tie. It is made with 100% recycled microfiber that dries quickly, wicks moisture and offers UPF 50+ sun protection against harmful UV rays.

15 Extra Large Picnic Blanket

The arrival of warmer weather calls for more time spent outdoors, whether in the backyard or at nearby parks, and a picnic blanket is an absolute must for such activities. But this Extra Large Picnic Blanket is something more! This waterproof picnic blanket can comfortably fit up to 4-7 adults and still be roomy enough for food and drinks. Its thicker design and four corner pockets will keep the picnic mat grounded against the wind, which also offers extra sitting comfort, unlike other thin beach blankets.

Extra Large Picnic Blanket

Water Filter For Hiking

14 Water Filter For Hiking

Give the outdoorsy woman in your life the opportunity to purify water wherever she goes with this unique Water Filter For Hiking. She can drink directly from lakes, rivers, or her water bottle. All it takes is to put the lower part of the straw in the water and sip through the other end. The filter can be cleared by blowing into it after use. Let her see how easy and safe it is to drink water straight from the source when she has her own water filter.

13 Crossfire HD Binoculars

With sharp optics and a chest harness included, these Crossfire HD Binoculars are an excellent mid-range option for stargazing and more. It offers sharp, bright, and contrasting views of everything from wildlife at dusk to glistening stars by night. They are made with carefully chosen glass elements that give them excellent resolution, reduce chromatic aberration, and give great color accuracy, sharpness from edge to edge, and light transmission.

Crossfire HD Binoculars

Hand Warmers

12 Hand Warmers

For winter sports enthusiasts, Hand Warmers can mean the difference between calling it a day early and playing outside for as long as possible. Surprise a loved one with this awesome product that provides everyday warmth and is ideal for keeping the body warm when the temperature gets cold. Hand warmers are fast, effective, safe, and convenient – the ideal gift for an outdoorsy enthusiast.

11 Complete National Parks of the US

From creation areas and trails to historic sites, from nature hikes to seashores, this comprehensive travel guide is the perfect gift for anyone who loves spending their free time in the outdoors. The Complete National Parks of the US is the ultimate travel planner for all things national parks, filled with full-color photos, detailed maps, historical background, and practical facts on the location of the park system’s properties, as well as the best times to visit and top-rated activities.

Complete National Parks of the US

Camping Utensil Set

10 Camping Utensil Set

Made from ultra-durable food grade BPA-free nylon, this Camping Utensil Set includes a full-size fork, a full-size knife/spoon combo, and a reusable tether. It’s the ideal gift for camping, backpacking, picnics, and packed lunches. The spoon/knife nests securely with the fork, and the set includes a reusable shock-cord tether for attaching the set to a bag or backpack or hanging the utensils to dry.

9 Weatherproof Top Spiral Notebook

This awesome Weatherproof Top Spiral Notebook is tough enough to survive rain, sweat, mud, and anything else life on the-farm digs up. The wire-o binding prevents the notebook from becoming bent out of shape when tossed around in a pack or a pocket. The Polydura cover makes a hard but flexible shell that keeps the notes from getting scratched or stained. And the rulers, conversion charts, and map scales printed on the cover prove handy in the field.

Weatherproof Top Spiral Notebook

Stormproof Match Kit

8 Stormproof Match Kit

This Stormproof Match Kit is a cheap way to make sure she is safe and comfortable in the outdoors. It is an important part of her “10 Essentials” gear. The kit includes 25 windproof / waterproof matches, 3 strikers, and a waterproof case. The storage container has an exterior feature that holds one striker that can be easily replaced by the other strikers that were included in the kit. It also has an o-ring seal for the cap to make the container watertight. The matches will light in any weather and will even light again after being submerged in water.

7 Women’s Wool Boot Socks

When she’s wearing closed footwear, like hiking boots, running sneakers, or cute canvas kicks, pairing them with socks that are breathable, fast-drying, odor-controlling, and temperature-regulating is going to make her feel more comfortable. Surprise the outdoor enthusiast in your life with these Women’s Wool Boot Socks that can absorb moisture (up to 30% of their weight without feeling wet), creating a pocket of dry air around her feet.

Women’s Wool Boot Socks

Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

6 Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

This one-of-a-kind Vacuum Insulated Food Jar will keep your hot things hot, your cool things cool, and it can also keep things iced. With a lid that converts into a cup or bowl, there’s really no need to look past this iconic container. The jar is fully insulated to keep everything at the ideal temperature, even hours after you pack it. The lid seals tight, so she doesn’t need to worry about leaks, and the wide mouth makes it easy to clean.

5 Roll-Up Wool Blanket

This nylon-backed Roll-Up Wool Blanket is easy to clean and ready for an adventure. It can be rolled up and has a leather-trimmed carrying handle. Make sure she can get cozy wherever she is with a blanket that is made from soft 100% wool, making it perfect for camping, road trips, or simply to keep her warm if her car breaks down.

Roll-Up Wool Blanket

YETI Soft Cooler

4 YETI Soft Cooler

This YETI Soft Cooler is built with some of the toughest material, and can withstand the toughest conditions. It is guaranteed to make the toughest load seem like nothing more than a small haul with its ergonomic design. One of the best features of this cooler is that, as soon as it is unzipped, all the contents inside are accessible. She can see what she’s looking for and get it right away; she doesn’t have to feel around in the bag blindly.

3 Travel-Sized Sun Care Pack

When she travels with a carry-on bag, she does need to think ahead and plan to make sure she gets all of her important items through the security checkpoint. Give the outdoorsy woman in your life this awesome Travel-Sized Sun Care Pack. The vegan and reef-friendly formula of the products is packed with Vitamin E and other skin-nourishing ingredients that will leave her feeling moisturized and comfortable rather than dried out after a day in the sun.

Travel-Sized Sun Care Pack

Camping Hammock

2 Camping Hammock

With 17 different colors to choose from, this Camping Hammock is sure to have her favorite color available. Each hammock comes with the tree straps and carabiners she needs to set it up quickly. It won’t take up much room in her backpack either, as it folds up as small as an eggplant. This model has a lot of space, so she can easily sit on the side or lay down diagonally to take a nap. The soft parachute fabric feels nice against even bare skin.

1 Women Who Hike Book

Each adventurer tells their own story about their favorite hike and some of the challenges, experiences, and successes they’ve had on it. Surprise her with a book that will both motivate and inspire her. The Women Who Hike Book includes a map, hike specs, miles and directions, GPS coordinates to the trailhead, and a sidebar with something noteworthy about the hike, the location, or the adventurer.

Women Who Hike Book

These gifts for outdoorsy women are unique and sure to impress even that special someone on your list who has everything.

As you’re looking for outdoor gifts for her, think about what kinds of outdoor activities she likes to do most.

If she likes to hike, look for gifts that help her with hiking. Check out camping gifts if she likes to camp.

No matter what your outdoorsy adventurer likes to do most, the above gift ideas will be useful for her next adventures.

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Want to see more ideas? Watch the video for 5 more suggestions. Links to the gifts are in the description of the video.

Do you know any active, outdoorsy women? What kinds of gifts do you think they would like? Leave a comment with your opinion.

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