32 Inspirational Gifts for Women for a Healthy Mind and Soul

Inspirational Gifts for Women

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Flowers, chocolates, or a bottle of wine are always nice gifts, but sometimes they don’t quite say what you want them to say.

Inspiration is all around you. You’ll find it in the things you interact with, the movies you watch, and the people you choose to spend your time with. Different inspirational gifts will speak to different people.

Once in a while, when your loved one experiences a challenging life’s period, there is nothing better than a good inspirational gift to help her discover her strengths, get inspired, and move on.

What Are the Best Inspirational Gifts for Women?

Here is a list of 32 thoughtful inspirational gifts for a woman that will surely inspire her heart and soul.

Positive Thought Wall Art Plaque

32 Positive Thought Wall Art Plaque

If you are in search of house décor products for the beloved woman in your life, then an inspirational plaque can be just what you need. This thoughtful Positive Thought Wall Art Plaque is created with the intention of bringing positivity and confidence thanks to its meaningful quote. It will add a little extra something to any interior and can become one of the best gifts for her to remember and cherish.

31 100 Books Bucket List Poster

A great gift for any book lover who needs some inspiration in their life is this 100 Books Bucket List Poster. It compiles 100 of the best novels ever written, to be scratched off as she reads them. From Wonderland to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, these posters invite her and the kiddos to read their way through 100 iconic books. Each title must be scratched off with a coin to reveal the literary art underneath.

100 Books Bucket List Poster

“You Are” Rug

30 “You Are” Rug

This awesome ‘’You are’’ Rug is made from 100% woven polyester, offering an exceptionally soft touch as well as high durability. It is the perfect thickness so that she can open doors, and the rug won’t get bunched up or stop the door from opening and closing. The print quality is very good, with rich and vibrant colors. The rug has its own unique style with handwritten inspirational and motivational words. She’s unlikely to meet someone else with the same rug in their home.

29 Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender doesn’t only carry a heavenly and floral scent; it also provides a number of other benefits, such as treating anxiety, improving skin texture, and promoting healthier and shinier hair. This amazing Lavender Essential Oil can be used in massages or baths, beauty DIYs, or with a diffuser. For great-looking hair, strong nail support, and radiant silky-smooth skin. Give a loved one the chance to embrace self-care today with the clarifying effects of this lavender oil!

Lavender Essential Oil

Pink Cinema Light Box

28 Pink Cinema Light Box

When someone in your life needs motivation, surprise them with this thoughtful Pink Cinema Light Box. It features 220 letters, 180 emojis, 2 markers, 30 transparent cards, a USB wire, and 2 envelopes to store the letters, all of which are in an original packaging. This pink light up sign will really impress the person you’re giving it to! Includes all the letters, numbers, and symbols she needs to create her sentences. 110 in pink and 110 in various colors. It’s the perfect gift to give a feminine aesthetic touch to her room.

27 Drink Tea Read Book Be Happy Spoon

This unique and meaningful Drink Tea Read Book Be Happy Spoon would be perfect for the brew lover in your life. They can snuggle up with a cup of tea while thinking of the lovely person who bought them the spoon. It will make any recipient happy and make them feel loved. It will be a great reminder for them that life is beautiful and full of moments to live for.

Drink Tea Read Book Be Happy Spoon

Encouraging Quotes In A Beautiful Wood Box

26 Encouraging Quotes In A Beautiful Wood Box

Bring the beloved woman in your life a box full of sunshine and cheer up her mood with these Encouraging Quotes In A Beautiful Wood Box. This thoughtful gift consists of 36 inspirational quotes that are rolled into scrolls and held in a beautiful wood jewelry box. ‘’Surround yourself only with those who will lift you higher’’ is only one example of the encouraging quotes included in the box.

25 Motivational Sports Water Bottle

BPA and toxin free, made with an easy-to-open tab, this Motivational Sports Water Bottle is perfect for those who want a lightweight, smaller sized bottle that’ll keep them motivated and drinking from 8 AM to 7 PM. In addition, the bottle comes with a removable filter, which many note is great for infusing tea or fruit into their water. This bottle can definitely enhance her lemon water game!

Motivational Sports Water Bottle

Inspirational Keychain For Women

24 Inspirational Keychain For Women

When you want to make someone’s day brighter and remind them that they shouldn’t lose their positive energy, you can choose this Inspirational Keychain For Women. It makes a truly motivational gift that can remind your loved woman and let her know how awesome she is whatever she goes through in life or career. It’s the little gestures that really matter, and she’ll surely appreciate this thoughtful gift!

23 Kaleidoscope Necklace

This handcrafted piece of jewelry is hanging from a sterling silver chain and will make a really meaningful gift for someone special in your life who needs some motivation. This Kaleidoscope Necklace has three mirrored surfaces inside that reflect a shifting tapestry of vibrant colors, provided by tiny grains of sea glass and recycled glass. It will really be the jewelry of her dreams.

Kaleidoscope Necklace

Inspirational Wall Art

22 Inspirational Wall Art

Give her a gift that will inspire her every single day with this Inspirational Wall Art. This amazing home decoration is printed on premium canvas, and it is waterproof, UV resistant, and fade resistant. It is stretched and ready to hang on solid wooden frames. The side margins are also printed to create a particularly decorative effect. This beautiful wall art will fit into any room – bathroom, bedroom, hallway, etc.

21 52 Lists for Happiness Journal

What truly creates sustained happiness? Like any other experience, happiness takes dedication and practice. This 52 Lists for Happiness Journal will inspire journal readers to cultivate their own uniquely happy and fulfilling lives through the power of lists! This beautiful, undated hardcover journal with 52 listing prompts encourages readers to reflect, acknowledge, and invest in themselves, ultimately transforming their lives by figuring out exactly what makes them happy.

52 Lists for Happiness Journal

Inspirational Athletic Running Socks

20 Inspirational Athletic Running Socks

To run a good race, you need a good pair of socks. These Inspirational Athletic Running Socks’ woven performance socks for women are great socks for runners. They feature premium-quality materials and construction that won’t let her down, mile after mile. These socks are made from moisture-wicking performance polyester yarn that will keep her dry and comfortable, no matter how much her feet sweat. They’re also cushioned to keep her foot contours padded. This adds a whole new dimension to her foot comfort.

19 Hopebox

The gift of hope transcends circumstances. When you don’t know how to express your love, concern, sympathy, or gratitude, let a Hopebox say it for you. Each box provides comfort and an unprecedented expression of love. Where there’s hope, there’s life. Each hopebox contains a delightful assortment of treasures thoughtfully selected to feed the heart and soul, while a unique, heartfelt message is set on top.


Inspirational Morse Code Bracelets

18 Inspirational Morse Code Bracelets

Get into your creative groove with these Inspirational Morse Code Bracelets, ready to give you inspiration when you need it and permission to keep exploring and making. This morse code bracelet is made of red jujube wooden and hematite stone beads. It is odorless, durable, and provides long-term use. It comes with a cute gift box and a message card.

17 Inspire Her Pop-Open Cards

Invite a woman in your life to embrace the journey ahead with the moving quotes within this set. Encourage her to listen to the true, wise statements of her own heart with these Inspire Her Pop-Open Cards. Inside, she’ll find timeless messages of inspiration to capture her heart. Each box includes 30 pop-open cards, each with a different inspiring quotation inside.

Inspire Her Pop-Open Cards

Compliment Pencils

16 Compliment Pencils

Do you look for inexpensive inspirational gifts? Pastel, neon, holographic, metallic…there’s definitely a pencil in this pack that fits whatever style she’s currently vibing. These old-school Compliment Pencils are each printed with a fresh compliment that will boost her confidence by at least 110%. They come pre-sharpened, so she can start writing down her dreams the second she open the box. The set includes 10 sharpened no. 2 graphite wood pencils with an eraser end.

15 Empowering And Inspiring Art Print

Let an incredible and inspiring woman in your life know just how amazing and powerful she is with this empowering mini-easel print with magnet. This Empowering And Inspiring Art Print has a three-dimensional, layered paper design featuring heavy, textured cardstock and glittered embellishment to give it an original, handmade look. It will bring a smile to any special lady’s face every time she reads it.

Empowering And Inspiring Art Print

Zen Garden Kit

14 Zen Garden Kit

This Zen Garden Kit will bring Japanese décor to the home of a loved one. With this full set of six unique handmade bamboo tools, let her creativity run free, effortlessly creating healing meditative patterns in her zen sand garden for desk. With so many tools and features, she’ll be able to enjoy the luxury and freedom of being able to make it truly hers, reinventing it over and over as she wishes.

13 Inspirational Scripture Stones

These beautiful and meaningful Inspirational Scripture Stones are the ideal gift for someone you really love. They are engraved with care and can be used in many different ways. The inspiring words will last for many years to come and will be a great addition to various places in her home – bathroom, garden, office, etc. Any time she needs some words of faith, she can use them to uplift her mood.

Inspirational Scripture Stones

Little Jar Of Big Ideas

12 Little Jar Of Big Ideas

Here is the perfect handmade gift for your friend, relative, or partner who needs a dose of inspiration and motivation in order to stay on top of things. This beautiful Little Jar of Big Ideas and accompanying quotes and notes convey emotions and thoughtfulness in a memorable way, which shows your support and encouragement to succeed. Simply place your motivation and inspiration in the jar!

11 Inspirational Wine Tumbler For Women

When you really want to remind someone special how much you care, surprise them with this Inspirational Wine Tumbler For Women. This amazing double walled and vacuum insulated tumbler provides a sweat proof and condensation free cup exterior. The tumbler comes with a beautiful gift box, a straw, a straw brush, and a clear BPA-free lid to prevent spills.

Inspirational Wine Tumbler For Women

50 Affirmation Cards

10 50 Affirmation Cards

With 50 inspiring affirmations – and whimsical illustrations – it’s super wise but not super woo-woo; openly optimistic but not overtly self-helpy. Cheer up the woman in your life who needs some motivation with these 50 Affirmation Cards. Their cartoon illustrations are ever-so-cute, and they come in a sweet sliding gift box with a lift-out ribbon.

9 Engraved Compact Mirror

An unusual and tasteful token to tell any female how much you care for her – and an especially perfect personalized gift. Surprise her with this Engraved Compact Mirror that will remind her not to forget how beautiful she is every time she opens it. This beautiful present is made from high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and unbreakable.

Engraved Compact Mirror

A Little Pocket Bear Hug

8 A Little Pocket Bear Hug

Let a special someone know you’re there for them with A Little Pocket Bear Hug. This cute little bear can fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket to make those you care about smile. The little plush bear carries an encouraging message, professionally printed on card. Each bear and poem are wrapped in tissue and placed in a Kraft pillow box.

7 Strength For Each Day Book

Help someone important discover a powerful and positive mindset each day of the year with the Strength For Each Day Book, which contains 365 uplifting insights and encouraging scriptures! Take the time to read God’s Word, listen for his voice, and pray for direction, and the Lord will empower you to handle life peacefully and wisely. Maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of something unpleasant is the key to victory, and it enables you to enjoy the journey!

Strength For Each Day Book

Unicorn I'm F***ing Magical Coffee Mug

6 Unicorn I’m F***ing Magical Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are always a good idea for a practical gift, but when they carry a special message, they make the gift even more extraordinary. This Unicorn I’m F***ing Magical Coffee Mug features a large C handle for comfort and beautiful printing, featuring a humorous joke and a sarcastic saying. Made with high-quality ceramic, it’s simply one of the best inspirational gifts for her.

5 Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

The world can be a trying place for feminists who are climbing corporate ladders and trying to achieve life goals. This Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace is a perfect reminder for someone special to keep kicking butt and to keep going after what they want or deserve. It displays a simple piece of real shattered glass, which symbolizes women achieving their goals. The round frame and chain are sterling silver, and each necklace is handmade.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

Inspirational Standing Flip Calendar

4 Inspirational Standing Flip Calendar

This gift idea is great not only for keeping up with the days of the week but it also sets the tone and affirmations for her every day life. Give it to a special lady in your life who needs some inspiration. This Inspirational Standing Flip Calendar features 365+ inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, or daily challenges. It will fit perfectly in the office or as a home decoration.

3 Metal Feather Bookmark With Butterfly

When you’re looking for a unique gift for someone important who needs some motivation, this is the perfect idea! This Metal Feather Bookmark With Butterfly is uniquely designed and made of a high-quality alloy metal that is both wear-resistant and lead-free. It even comes in a beautiful design that makes it ideal for different gifting purposes.

Metal Feather Bookmark With Butterfly

Inspirational Rainbow Cosmetic Bag

2 Inspirational Rainbow Cosmetic Bag

Lovely and thoughtful, this beautiful Inspirational Rainbow Cosmetic Bag is a very suitable gift for the woman in your life who’s having a hard time. This beautifully designed bag will remind her of how much she means to you, and she will feel inspired each time she uses it. With its gorgeous pattern and meaningful wording, it’ll make the perfect gift for her!

1 Empowering Question Cards for Mindfulness

If you’re looking for the best tool for introspection and self-discovery, these Empowering Question Cards for Mindfulness are the ideal gift idea! The set features 52 thought-provoking question cards designed to help you love yourself, let go of toxic relationships, question your patterns, and stop self-sabotaging. Help someone special feel inspired, empowered, and become a better person than before!

Empowering Question Cards for Mindfulness

In many cases, a few inspirational gifts go a long way in helping your loved ones feel okay and pushing them to keep moving forward.

Give them the optimism, positivity, and mindfulness they need to crush it in life and work with the above gift ideas.

The best inspirational gifts for women are those that can uplift and encourage them to keep thinking positively and pushing forward to achieve their goals.

For more inspiring ideas, watch our video. Links to the products are listed below the video.

Know a woman who needs a little inspiration? What gift would you give her? In the comments, tell us what you think would work.

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