29 Best 3rd Anniversary Leather Gifts For Him That He Would Treasure

Leather Gifts for Him

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People say that the third year of marriage is the first “real” anniversary for young couples.

While the first year is as sweet as cotton and the second is still as fragile as paper, in the third year, the relationship between the partners is already stronger and permanent.

The third year is called “Leather” because of this. Leather, especially natural leather, is a very durable material that can stand up to any conditions and changes.

In the same way, after three years of marriage, the couple’s relationship has grown deeper, making it stronger and more fun to be with.

What Are The Best Leather Gifts for Him?

So, here are 29 leather gifts that will make the person you love happy. Do not miss also reading about the cutest anniversary gifts for him.

Leather Beer Holster

29 Leather Beer Holster

Allow him to enjoy seasons of tailgating and be the envy of all his friends with this unique Leather Beer Holster. Strong and durable, the beverage holsters are built to last for a long time. This one is hand-made from thick, coated leather and has a water-repellent surface. It’s perfect for various types of usages – DIY jobs, hiking, gardening, BBQs, and more. Both of his hands will be free, and his cold beer will always be within reach.

28 Leather Rustic Style Cuff Bracelet

This might be the hottest gift for a special someone, and for good reason. This Leather Rustic Style Cuff Bracelet will put his style right out there, boldly letting everyone know where he stands. The bracelet comes with two buttons on the strap, making the leather cuff adjustable. If your other half is into boho style, then surprise him with a handmade cuff bracelet.

Leather Rustic Style Cuff Bracelet

Engraved Compass With Leather Case

27 Engraved Compass With Leather Case

Whether your loved one is preparing for an outdoor adventure or an emergency situation, this Engraved Compass with Leather Case will be an essential piece of his travel gear. It will keep him on the right path and offer peace of mind that no matter what comes his way, he’ll be ready. It comes with a leather bag so that he can store his helpful compass safely.

26 Men’s Sandals

Designed with leather uppers, these Men’s Sandals provide casual comfort without sacrificing style. These flip-flops are built with anatomical arches, cupped heels, and rubber sponge outsoles to create a cushioned, supportive feel. The responsive cushioning will make every step feel amazing.

Men's Sandals

Leather Men's Gloves

25 Leather Men’s Gloves

Make sure he’s well equipped for his next ride with these Leather Men’s Gloves. They are made from soft deerskin and feature a thermal lining to keep hands protected from the cold wind and air. The gloves also feature adjustable wrist strap closures, allowing a secure fit.

24 Leather Wallet And Money Clip

Tokens has converted many from the overloaded toaster-sized billfold to this slim yet sturdy Leather Wallet and Money Clip just right for the essentials. Cash under a strong magnetic clip-on front, a few credit cards in the two back pockets, and his all-important driver’s license in the inner pocket.

Leather Wallet And Money Clip

Black Leather Scooter Jacket

23 Black Leather Scooter Jacket

This one-of-a-kind Black Leather Scooter Jacket is both versatile and stylish. Keep in mind that, as designed, this style jacket is a tighter fit. Give your loved one the opportunity to look cool and stay warm in this black jacket, which is made from premium buffalo leather. A special thermal liner keeps the heat in and the cold out, while zippered side pockets provide ease of access and enhance the jacket’s visual appeal.

22 Weekender Wine Bag

This bag is made perfectly from real Buffalo leather, which gives it a soft feel and a rugged style that will last for a long time. These are just a few of the fantastic features of this Weekender Wine Bag. It can hold six wine bottles of different sizes and comes with a corkscrew, an aerator, and a way to carry a single bottle. Also, it’s versatile and stylish, with a removable liner that allows you to pack anything you wish.

Weekender Wine Bag

Personalized Cufflinks With Song Lyrics

21 Personalized Cufflinks With Song Lyrics

The perfect luxury leather gifts for him do exist. Surprise your partner with these Personalized Cufflinks with Song Lyrics. Some of their unique features are – genuine, hand-dyed leather, customized with your wedding song lyrics or any other song of your choice, and they come in a luxury keepsake box!

20 Leather Journal

Give the love of your life this Leather Journal, made of leather material with a retro appearance, consisting of 140 pages of refillable paper, including a mobile phone slot and a card slot. It’s very convenient and practical, making it easy to carry and use outdoors, on the way to travel, or in the office. This gorgeous notebook is a great choice if your partner has to take notes at work, keep a diary, take travel notes, etc.

Leather Journal

Custom Coordinates or Date Bracelet

19 Custom Coordinates or Date Bracelet

There’s one dot on the map that holds more of your deepest memories than any other place. It’s where you fell in love, found your community, or risked it all. Give your other half this Custom Coordinates or Date Bracelet as a symbol of your true love and feelings. This bracelet will help you remember that important place or date in your life.

18 Harley-Davidson Boots

Rev up his engine in style with these Harley-Davidson Boots. They feature a full-grain leather foot under a matching 6″ leather shaft with laces and a side zipper. These boots are great for everyday wear, whether he’s standing, walking, or hiking. They’re designed with contrast stitching, metal eyelets, and speed hooks for a fast lace. Boots to die for!

Harley-Davidson Boots

Leather Coasters

17 Leather Coasters

With these Leather coasters, he can keep his desks and rooms neater and more organized—elegantly and stylishly. If your partner is a careful person who likes the luxurious feel of leather, then these coasters will become one of his favorite things in the house.

16 Personalized Leather Bookmark

Here’s the ideal gift for the book lover in your life. Give him this unique Personalized Leather Bookmark and watch his reaction. It makes the perfect personalized accessory for your home or office! There’s no need to wonder anymore! This is one of the best personalized leather gifts for him and will surely make your partner happy.

Personalized Leather Bookmark

Toiletry Bag for Men

15 Toiletry Bag for Men

The Toiletry Bag for Men is foldable and very light, so it won’t take up much room in his luggage. It will hold all of his essential toiletries and keep them organized. Its unique design will allow him to get a toiletry bag, shaving kit, and cosmetic bag all in one. It is made of man-made PU leather, which is strong and durable, protecting the inside toiletry kit better.

14 Premium Business Portfolio

What’s so special about this Premium Business Portfolio is that it’s not too big, not too flashy, and just sophisticated enough to say he’s doing it right – a monogram that speaks to class, intelligence, and royalty. While this portfolio is certainly the most well equipped, it’s also the most protective of the internal belongings, protecting them from rain, snow, dust, water, and more.

Premium Business Portfolio

Third Anniversary Engraved Leather Picture Frame

13 Third Anniversary Engraved Leather Picture Frame

Enjoy your first 3 years of marriage by framing the perfect picture in this Third Anniversary Engraved Leather Picture Frame. Leather is the traditional gift for 3 years together as husband and wife. Hence, this will make your special day extra special! Display a memorable photo of you and your spouse and celebrate.

12 Personalized Wallet

Personalized Wallets are the perfect gift for all those small moments that make up everyday life. Made from the finest leather with reinforced stitching, the wallet is strong and durable and will serve your partner well for years to come. The vintage appearance looks even better with age, never fading. The simple and elegant design gives you a more comfortable and lighter experience.

Personalized Wallet

Monogrammed Flask Set

11 Monogrammed Flask Set

Every guy deserves a good-quality flask that he can take with him wherever he goes. This stainless-steel Monogrammed Flask Set is wrapped in quality leatherette and holds up to 6 ounces of his favorite booze. With this flask, he’s an elevated man, and he’s got the drinkware to show it.

10 Leather Apron With Tool Pockets

Designed with an adjustable harness and waist that offers a good fit for men, this Leather Apron with Tool Pockets will be the perfect gift for your partner, especially if he enjoys fixing things around the house. It comes with double stitching made from heavy duty genuine leather that ensures safety from heat. Moreover, it has an x-shaped harness that spreads the weight evenly across the shoulders and back.

Leather Apron With Tool Pockets

Leather Keychain

9 Leather Keychain

This Leather Keychain is strong, durable, and long-lasting. It can be used to carry three or more sets of keys. It is made of smooth, buttery brown leather with strong stitching around the edge and a single metal uppercase letter in the middle. Help your loved one organize his keys in a stylish and unique way. He’d appreciate this beautiful keychain very much.

8 16 Pieces Manicure Set

Surprise your partner with a gift to keep his nails neat and stylish. This 16 Pieces Manicure Set contains 16 pieces of nail and toenail tools for three functions, including hand care, facial care, and foot care. It has everything a man needs to keep his nails neat and healthy. All tools are made of high-quality stainless steel with higher strength and hardness, and are sharp and durable.

16 Pieces Manicure Set

Our Adventure Book

7 Our Adventure Book

The embroidered words of “Our Adventure Book” and the genuine leather strip make the cover unique and give the best hand feeling of 3D touch. Each book comes with Pixar UP postcards and photo corner stickers. With only one book, he will get eight postcard collections. There are many different ways he can use it – as a scrap book, wedding album, anniversary keepsake, etc.

6 Engraved Leather Pen

It’s not necessary to buy an expensive gift for your anniversary. Depending on your loved one’s preferences, you can choose a cheaper gift that will make him equally happy. This Engraved Leather Pen is made of top-quality leatherette. It also comes beautifully packaged in tissue paper and a gift box.

Engraved Leather Pen

Leather Anniversary Special Song On Canvas

5 Leather Anniversary Special Song On Canvas

If you’re wondering how to make the music lover in your life happy, then wonder no more! This Leather Anniversary Special Song On Canvas is a truly unique and memorable gift, perfect for a special occasion like your anniversary. Your special song and portrait on a custom-made cotton canvas! That’s definitely something you don’t get every day.

4 Engraved Leather Tray

This convenient Engraved Leather Tray is a great way to organize essentials at home, in the office or on the go. It’s crafted in rich rawhide leatherette and finished with pinched snap corners. If you want to choose something unusual yet beautiful for this special occasion, the leather tray is just the right choice!

Engraved Leather Tray

Whiskey Set with Leather Box

3 Whiskey Set with Leather Box

When you’re on the search for a creative anniversary gift, you should definitely consider getting this Whiskey Set with Leather Box. It will make your partner fall in love with whiskey even more. This stunning whiskey glass has a unique design. The diamond-like detailed texture and brilliant refraction sparkle in the light to make any drink look great.

2 Leather Backpack

This amazing Leather Backpack is made with full grain leather and extremely durable materials. If your husband needs a backpack but you don’t want him to lose his style, then choose this beautiful piece. It features a vintage leather rucksack with a main compartment, inner and side pockets, plus a front quick-access pocket with magnetic closure.

Leather Backpack

Leather Cigar Case

1 Leather Cigar Case

When you’re looking for a new cigar travel case, you might be overwhelmed with all the different available choices. This Leather Cigar Case holds 3 cigars with a max length of 6.5 inches. Its classy and elegant look will surely be the first thing your partner notices. If he’s into smoking cigars, he’ll absolutely love this case.

Whichever gift you choose, remember that you are the most important thing to your loved one, and you don’t need to worry so much about whether he will like it or not.

But with the gift ideas listed above, you can’t help but hit the mark with your gift. Be sure that your partner will greatly appreciate your choice, concern, and effort.

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If you need more ideas, our video has 5 more leather gifts for men. All of the product links are in the description of the video.

Do you enjoy celebrating the third anniversary of your relationship? What gifts would you suggest for him? You can tell us in the comments section!

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