29 Exciting Pokemon Gifts for Boys That Are Huge Fans

Pokemon Gifts for Boys

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Having a Pokemon fan in your life is awesome because this popular Japanese anime has been on everyone’s TV since 1997, and people of all ages know it.

Children love collecting cards and many other things from the over 800 unique creatures in the show.

This means that you have thousands of gift options thanks to the variety of characters.

What Are The Best Pokemon Gifts for Boys?

The following 29 exciting Pokemon gifts will help the young fan in your life level up his games, flex his imagination, and have lots of fun.

Pikachu Pokemon Boys Costume

29 Pikachu Pokemon Boys Costume

Any young Pikachu fan will love this Pikachu Pokemon Boys Costume. With this yellow jumpsuit and Pikachu headpiece, the young Pokemon lover will have hours of fun. It can even serve as a Halloween costume or just an everyday piece of fun clothing to play with. Imagine how excited he’ll be to show it off to his friends.

28 Pokémon GO Plus

Adventures will be everywhere when you give the young fan this Pokemon GO Plus. The device can be paired with Pokemon GO for easy game play. It can automatically throw pokeballs, and the young one can catch Pokemon without even pressing a button. It only takes a few seconds to press and hold the central button, and it can sing lullabies, track his sleep, or act as a morning alarm.

Pokémon GO Plus

Pokemon Smartwatch

27 Pokemon Smartwatch

The Pokemon fan in your life will love having this Pokemon Smartwatch, equipped with so many cool features and made especially for kids. It comes with a selfie cam, a voice recorder, an alarm, a stopwatch, a calculator, a photo album viewer, and changeable watch faces. All these awesome features will help him while he’s out and about on his adventures.

26 Pokemon Pikachu Water Bottle

Help the young Pokemon fan stay hydrated all day long with this Pokemon Pikachu Water Bottle that’s easy to use. Made from high-quality BPA-free tritan plastic, it’s ideal for everyday use, and it’s also dishwasher-safe. It’s lightweight, and it won’t take up too much space in the young one’s backpack. The 28-ounce water bottle comes with a plastic screw-top lid that helps eliminate spills and messes.

Pokemon Pikachu Water Bottle

Pokemon Trainer Guess Legacy's Edition

25 Pokemon Trainer Guess Legacy’s Edition

Give the big Pokemon fan a fun and exciting game that will ask him several yes or no questions in order to guess which Pokemon the player is thinking of. The Pokemon Trainer Guess Legacy’s Edition features 151 iconic and unforgettable Pokemon from all regions, and it will take a swing at any Pokemon he can think of with its voice recognition feature.

24 Pokémon Hoodie For Boys

Any avid Pokemon fan would love to add this Pokemon Hoodie For Boys to their wardrobe collection. Featuring a comfy hood and two pockets, it is the best choice for a young Pokemon lover. Packed with a cool design, soft and cozy material, and playful style, it will surely make him stand out and keep him warm. With its clever red and white Pokeball design made up of Pikachu’s silhouette, it will be the best addition to his Pokedex!

Pokémon Hoodie For Boys

Pokemon Walkie Talkies

23 Pokemon Walkie Talkies

With these Pokemon Walkie Talkies, the young Pokemon fan will be ready for adventures. The two-way radios feature an extended range of up to 500 feet, so he can play both indoors and outdoors. Using the kid-friendly controls, he and his Pokemon friends can exchange static-free messages with the push of a button. And the adjustable volume control will allow him to be as loud or as quiet as he wants.

22 Pokemon Snapback Cap

The young Pokemon fan can catch them all while being protected from the dangerous UV rays with this awesome Pokemon Snapback Cap. Made from 100% cotton, it is comfortable, durable, and breathable. It’s uniquely designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love outdoor adventures. With this awesome looking hat, he’ll be even more motivated to be the best Pokemon player.

Pokemon Snapback Cap

Pokémon Trainer Trivia

21 Pokémon Trainer Trivia

The 1000 questions included in this Pokemon Trainer Trivia will turn the young fan into a real Pokemon expert. He can test his Pokemon knowledge and set new records against the virtual game master. It has a single player mode and a multiplayer mode, so he can enjoy the game on his own or challenge his friends. The game has 3 levels of play to let him progress as he gains knowledge.

20 Katakan Silo Ceramic Mug

With a durable and sturdy Pikachu mug, the young Pokemon fan can curl up on the couch with a refreshing drink and play some Pokemon games. This Katakan Silo Ceramic Mug features a pokeball and Pikachu text design, making it a cool gift for any Pokemon trainer out there. It’s BPA and toxin-free, and it is also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Katakan Silo Ceramic Mug

Pokemon Piggy Bank

19 Pokemon Piggy Bank

These little magical creatures are cuddly and adorable, and almost all kids adore them. If you know such a kid and want to give him the greatest gift, surprise him with this Pokemon Piggy Bank. The bank is fully automated and is designed with a sensor that detects when a coin is placed within Pikachu’s grasp. Saving will be so much more fun, especially with the tiny voice coming out of the box.

18 Pokemon Bluetooth Headphones

With their awesome features and unique design, these Pokemon Bluetooth Headphones will make one of the greatest Pokemon gifts for boys. They’re designed to protect kids hearing thanks to the volume reduced sound. The aux cord allows children to connect to any device with an audio jack. They’re very easy to use and can be connected to any device via Bluetooth.

Pokemon Bluetooth Headphones

Pokémon Action Figure Building Toys Set

17 Pokémon Action Figure Building Toys Set

With this great construction toy, you’ll help the Pokemon fan in your life develop his creativity and problem-solving skills. This Pokemon Action Figure Building Toys Set features 6 buildable and poseable Pokemon figures and hand-activated battle move launchers, including water, fire, and a grass launcher. With this present, the Pokemon fan will never feel bored again!

16 Pokémon Grid T-Shirt

Lightweight, comfortable, and uniquely designed, this Pokemon Grid T-shirt will take his play-ready look to the next level. This awesome looking t-shirt will instantly become his favorite one and will be a great addition to his Pokemon wardrobe collection. The young fan will be super excited to show it off as fast as possible to his buddies.

Pokémon Grid T-Shirt

Pokemon Beach Towel

15 Pokemon Beach Towel

With this super soft and cozy Pokemon Beach Towel by his side, the young Pokemon trainer will be ready for battle. With its vibrant colors and favorite characters, its generous size, and its smooth surface, it will be the best addition to his beach or bathroom collection. Made from quick-drying fabric, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use – the pool, the beach, or right after a shower.

14 Detective Pikachu Box Set

If you’re looking for a unique, exciting, and interesting gift idea for a boy obsessed with Pokemon, then surprise him with this Detective Pikachu Box Set. The set comes with one foil promo card featuring Mewtwo-GX, one foil oversized card of Mewtwo-GX, four Pokemon TCG booster packs, two additional Pokemon TCG booster packs, and one code card for the Pokemon trading card game online. It’s got everything to make the young fan the happiest one in the world.

Detective Pikachu Box Set

Pokemon Boys' Pikachu Pajamas

13 Pokemon Boys’ Pikachu Pajamas

Life’s so much better with a bowl of cereal, your favorite cartoon, and the coolest pajamas out there. Give the young Pokemon lover these super comfy Pokemon Boys’ Pikachu Pajamas, made of 100% cotton, to provide him with comfort and cozyness at all times. He’ll love jumping into his soft pajamas after a long day of catching Pokemons, and waking up in the morning to watch his favorite cartoon or play his favorite game.

12 Pokemon 300-piece Puzzle

All of his favorite Pokemons are included in this Pokemon 300-piece Puzzle which you can surprise the young fan with. The puzzles are made of high-quality materials and come with a bonus insert to assist in solving them. The set contains four puzzles with different levels of difficulty to help him develop basic cognitive skills. The young Pokemon lover will be occupied for hours and will be so excited to show you the results.

Pokemon 300-piece Puzzle

Nope Not Today Snorlax Pokemon T-Shirt

11 Nope Not Today Snorlax Pokemon T-Shirt

Comfortable, good looking, and ultra-soft, the Pokemon fan in your life will love his look in this dependable, durable classic. Very lightweight, this premium Nope Not Today Snorlax Pokemon T-shirt is the best one you can give to him. The high-quality prints will add a statement to his daily routine, and he’ll impress everyone while wearing them.

10 Monopoly Game Pokémon Johto Edition

In this special Monopoly Game Pokemon Johto Edition, the young fan will travel through all eight Gyms and battle Gym Leader Pokemon. He can buy, sell, and trade with other trainers, choose his partner Pokemon, and set off on a journey across Johto on this custom game board. The game comes with complete instructions, but it isn’t complicated at all.

Monopoly Game Pokémon Johto Edition

Pokemon Pikachu Ceramic Bowl

9 Pokemon Pikachu Ceramic Bowl

Step up his ramen game with this awesome Pokemon Pikachu Ceramic Bowl that even comes with chopsticks. It features a wide mouth opening and can be used for all kinds of delicious meals – noodles, soup, ice cream, cereal, or whatever else the young Pokemon fan loves. It’s BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher-safe, and it’s perfect for both hot and cold food.

8 Pokémon Classic Chapter Book Collection

Help the young Pokemon lover get to know the original adventures of Ash and his loyal Pikachu in this Pokemon Classic Chapter Book Collection. In this awesome set, he’ll meet familiar characters from the Pokemon video games or the popular TV series. He’ll surely be motivated to increase his skills after reading the whole collection.

Pokémon Classic Chapter Book Collection

Pokemon Boys' Underwear Multipacks

7 Pokemon Boys’ Underwear Multipacks

Made of combed cotton with an elastic waistband for ultimate comfort, these Pokemon Boys’ Underwear Multipacks will make a great gift for a young Pokemon fan. The pack of 5 boxer briefs features different Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle. Their fun colors, styles, and designs are what make every kid love them.

6 Binder for Pokemon Cards

If you are looking for super cool gifts for Pokemon Go lovers, choose this Binder for Pokemon Cards, made from durable and waterproof PU material for easy cleaning. It has good shock and moisture resistance and will keep his trading cards well protected and organized at all times. It can hold up to 440 cards thanks to the 55 platinum 4-pocket pages. The binder also features a durable zipper and sturdy handle to completely protect card sleeves from falling, and it’s very easy to carry.

Binder for Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Collector Chest Set

5 Pokemon Collector Chest Set

This sturdy Pokemon Collector Chest Set features more than a dozen unique Pokemon goodies, including many not found anywhere else. The young Pokemon fan in your life will be more than excited if you add this set to his collection with booster packs, foil cards, and other special goodies. It’s a present that will be treasured for a long time.

4 Pokemon Travel Bag for Boys

Whether he’s going on his next adventure or to a friend’s house to play, this Pokemon Travel Bag for Boys is a great way to transport his things safely and stylishly. The bag features quality padding and inner storage pockets, with an adjustable strap to carry it over the shoulder or waist. Featuring unique images of Charizard, Lucario, and Pikachu, this bag will hold everything he’ll need to take his gaming on the go.

Pokemon Travel Bag for Boys

Pokémon Labyrinth Board Game

3 Pokémon Labyrinth Board Game

Full of magical and addictive family fun, this Pokemon Labyrinth Board Game is a great choice to enjoy family time. The most famous Pokemon are hiding in the crazy maze, and players have to move the paths very skillfully so that they can collect other Pokemon. It’s a fun game, perfect for game nights and for developing strategy skills.

2 Pokemon Espeon and Umbreon Plush Stuffed Animal Toys

New additions to his stuffed animal toy collection? If you’re still wondering if it’s a good idea, stop now! These cute and cuddly Pokemon Espeon and Umbreon Plush Stuffed Animal Toys are a must for the collection of any Pokemon fan. The young one will love taking them everywhere on his adventures, sleeping with them, cuddling them, and showing them off to his friends. They’re just the best Pokemon gifts for kids!

Pokemon Espeon and Umbreon Plush Stuffed Animal Toys

Pokemon Colorful Bedding Set

1 Pokemon Colorful Bedding Set

Give his bedroom an animated makeover with this amazing Pokemon Colorful Bedding Set featuring his favorite Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle Pokemon characters. The entire Pokemon atmosphere will come through in this 5-piece twin-size bedding set. Designed for comfort, the super soft microfiber material is long lasting and will keep the child cozy all night long.

Any Pokemon fan out there would love to have any of these gifts in their collection. The great thing is that there are so many gift options to choose from, so there’s something for everybody.

Whether he wants to catch them all or show off his love for the popular game and TV series, the above gift ideas will absolutely be a hit with any boy who loves the world of Pokemon.

If you know a fan who’s totally obsessed and captured by the colorful Pokemon world and lovable characters, these Pokemon gift ideas for boys are just for him!

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Need some more ideas? Watch the video to find out what our top 5 ideas are!

Is your boy a Pokemon fan? What would you get him as a present? Give your suggestions in the comments.

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