33 Unique Gifts for Boss Lady To Make Her Day Special

Gifts for Boss Lady

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It’s never easy to shop for the best gifts for a boss lady. Maybe she’s an entrepreneur, a super ambitious woman who hustles hard to go after her dreams, a true boss lady, or she just kicks ass at life in general.

From practical gifts for her office to personalized pieces, you’ll find at least one thing that will suit her preferences.

What Are The Best Gifts for Boss Lady?

In the following gift guide, you’ll find 33 awesome gift ideas for the boss lady in your life who deserves appreciation.

Boss Lady Gift Box for Coffee and Wine Lovers

33 Boss Lady Gift Box for Coffee and Wine Lovers

Any boss lady will be more than happy to receive an expensive gift as unique as this one. If the girl boss in your life enjoys drinking coffee and wine more than anything, then she’ll love this Boss Lady Gift Box for Coffee and Wine Lovers. Each wooden wine holder has been carefully hand crafted into a scooped bevel to allow for a smooth and flat finish. The box comes fully shrink wrap protected, and the wine and mug rack itself is bubble-wrapped to ensure it’s in perfect condition for them on arrival.

32 Monthly Planner

Featuring 18 months of monthly pages, this Monthly Planner is the ideal present for any lady who enjoys working most of all. All of the 2022–2023 holiday-specific pages will help her master every holiday clearly. This planner also features a reduced weight design that can be easily placed in handbags or backpacks, making it much easier to carry no matter where she goes. The thicker and pure white paper of the planner makes it resistant to even the most passionate artist, resulting in reduced ink leakage.

Monthly Planner

Decision Maker and Paper Weight

31 Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Everyday life brings new challenges, the solutions to which may not be as simple as she’d like them to be. Indecision often leads to a wrong decision, and that’s starting to weigh. She needs to spin this fun and functional Decision Maker and Paper Weight, and she’ll have the challenges sorted out. Made with quality materials and a matte silver design, this gorgeous gadget will look great on her desk or anywhere else for those quick decision clinchers.

30 As Good As Gold Gift Basket

Give this generous gift of sweet and savory delights, and watch your reputation for great gifting grow. Surprise the boss lady in your life with this As Good As Gold Gift Basket, featuring delicious items inside a woven keepsake basket. This gift basket for female boss also includes a free note card with your personal message. Decorated with a solid-color ribbon, it’s the perfect expensive and luxurious gift idea for a boss lady!

As Good As Gold Gift Basket

Boss Lady Sticky Note Cube

29 Boss Lady Sticky Note Cube

This Boss Lady Sticky Note Cube is stylish artwork made specifically to empower strong women who are true boss ladies. It contains 600 boss lady sticky note sheets in a rich black and white design, perfect for any office. This thoughtful gift is perfect for the boss lady in your life and will make her feel extra special. Show her how well you know her with a practical yet unique gift idea.

28 Fun Desk Toy For Adults

Satisfyingly soft to the touch, the 6 pieces combine to make hundreds of different shapes. This Fun Desk Toy For Adults combines the power of a squeezable stress ball with the creativity of Speks magnet balls, so allow her to stretch her imagination with endless ways to fidget and create.

Fun Desk Toy For Adults

Magnetic Cable Manager

27 Magnetic Cable Manager

When you’re looking for really useful gifts for your boss lady, consider giving her this Magnetic Cable Manager. The Smartish magnetic cable organizer is essentially a small but quite heavy desktop or nightstand pad with a built-in magnet along the top. Not for storing cables until they are needed, but rather for wrangling loose cables that are already on the desktop. There’s a nice rubbery bottom to hold the whole thing in place, and it works with all cables and chargers.

26 Adjustable Laptop Bed Table

Made from 100% high-quality MDF wood, which is environmentally friendly, strong, and steady, this Adjustable Laptop Bed Table is great for a healthier working environment when used in conjunction with a regular desk. It is a multifunctional laptop and tablet desk tray with easy adjustable height and viewing angles, a foldable design, and is easy to use thanks to the dual auto-lock buttons on each side to easily enable quick changes in height.

Adjustable Laptop Bed Table

Acrylic Stapler Set

25 Acrylic Stapler Set

Making a unique gift has never been easier. Surprise the boss lady in your life with this Acrylic Stapler Set with 1000 staples and a staple remover, the most commonly applied item in the office, which can help the organization of messy files, papers, receipts, etc., and make the desktop cleaner. Made from top quality materials, the stapler and staple remover are made of an ABS body with stainless-steel rod movement, making them sturdy, durable, and not easy to deform.

24 Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Get her ready for a legendary tea time! This Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser will let her dive into the depths of her cup to release her favorite flavors. Made of silicone, simply separate the top of Baby Nessie from the bottom and place the loose-leaf tea into it. Then, submerge the infuser into a cup of hot water and wait for the leaves to brew. Nessie makes the perfect adorable gift for foodies, especially for friends and relatives who are into the fancier things in life.

Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

How Boss Ladies Swear Coloring Book

23 How Boss Ladies Swear Coloring Book

Surprise her with a really useful gift that will not only make her happy but also help her reduce stress. Give her this How Boss Ladies Swear Coloring Book that features laugh-out-loud funny and original designs that are perfect for taking the stress out of work, relationships, family gatherings, and other unnecessarily stressful situations. It will give her hours of fun, and that’s exactly what a lady boss really needs at the end of the day.

22 Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight

This symbolic item pays tribute to the accomplishments of empowered women everywhere and will make the ideal present for a boss lady who gives all of herself every single day. This Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight is a representative of the many glass ceilings that have been shattered by wonderful women, and it is a celebration of their continued efforts towards equality. This beautiful piece is displayed between two solid panes, and the design is set in pewter with “Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight” engraved on the bottom.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight

Rose Gold Desk Organizer

21 Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Whether in the home or office, help her de-clutter any desktop or table with style and efficiency with this Rose Gold Desk Organizer. Constructed of mesh metal material and coated with a lovely rose gold finish, this lovely organizer will definitely improve her work efficiency because she’ll take less time to find the files she wants. It’s the perfect solution for organizing desk files, letters, and small office supplies.

20 Leather Business Name Card Holder

Give the boss lady in your life the opportunity to keep her business cards undamaged in this Leather Business Name Card Holder. It’s a great way to stay organized on the go. Featuring chic design and sturdy construction, it holds note cards, ID cards, business cards, and more. This beautiful and stylish holder is endowed with fine texture and a comfortable tactile impression.

Leather Business Name Card Holder

Cute Spiral Journal Notebook With Pen

19 Cute Spiral Journal Notebook With Pen

Smartphones can make life much easier, but nothing beats the old pen and paper when it comes to jotting down important notes. Surprise the boss woman in your life with this awesome Cute Spiral Journal Notebook With Pen. It will let her organize her ideas faster, easier, and in style! Its pages are thick and lined for easy note-taking. Plus, it is held together by rose gold spirals that will let her turn pages easily and fully.

18 Pop-up Note Bear Dispenser

Help her increase her productivity with a little fun with this Pop-up Note Bear Dispenser. The pack includes a 50-sheet pad of blue pop-up notes. She can simply peel and scribble down all her thoughts. The notes are made from PEFC certified paper fibers, coming from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. They’ll hold stronger and last longer, with 2x the sticking power!

Pop-up Note Bear Dispenser

Cat Eyeglasses Holder

17 Cat Eyeglasses Holder

Using a single piece of sustainable Indian Rosewood, Indian artisans hand-carved this richly finished cat. If the woman in your life is not only a boss lady but also a cat lover, then she’ll be more than happy to receive this Cat Eyeglasses Holder. It makes a charming piece of decor that solves the problem of mislaid specs as well! The pretty cat display stand wouldn’t take up much space and would make it easy to reach for the glasses.

16 Boss Lady Soy Candle

A delicious smelling candle with a thoughtful message, this Boss Lady Soy Candle is the perfect candle for any strong, independent woman. Featuring all clean ingredients, it is the best candle to add to her collection. It features the scent of sea salt, jasmine, wood, and cream. She’ll be able to enjoy this pleasant smell for more than 40 hours! This candle is made of 100% natural soy, is free of toxic chemicals, and is absolutely phthalate-free.

Boss Lady Soy Candle

Inspirational Morse Code Bracelet

15 Inspirational Morse Code Bracelet

Surprise the boss lady in your life and make her feel extra special with this Inspirational Morse Code Bracelet. Made of Eco-friendly materials, it will never fade, tarnish, or turn her wrists green. This meaningful bracelet is made of Red Jujube wood and hematite stone beads, making it durable and perfect for long-term use. It even comes with a cute gift box and a message card.

14 Best Boss Ever Pots

If you thought the perfect gift for a boss lady doesn’t exist, you were wrong! Give her these Best Boss Ever Pots made of premium quality materials. All pots have a drainage hole at the bottom to ensure smooth water drainage and air circulation for the plants. The 3 bamboo saucers catch water drips, are easy to clean, and ensure pots can easily fit on any surface. These pots are simply beautiful home décor and will fit anywhere.

Best Boss Ever Pots

In the Company of Women Book

13 In the Company of Women Book

Across the globe, women are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and starting creative businesses. This In the Company of Women Book profiles over 100 of these influential and creative women from all ages, races, backgrounds, and industries. The interviews are accompanied by stunning portraits of the women in their homes and work spaces. An invigorating and empowering collection of life-earned wisdom and practical advice.

12 Contemporary Desktop Picture Holder

Featuring a unique and original design, this Contemporary Desktop Picture Holder with additional storage combines functionality with décor to create a unique photo display that is versatile enough to place anywhere. This beautiful holder features 7 clips to hold all photos and a ceramic storage container for plants or stationery. It is a simple and modern addition to her desk or dresser.

Contemporary Desktop Picture Holder

Bad Ass Boss Lady Engraved Pencils

11 Bad Ass Boss Lady Engraved Pencils

Here’s the best present for your favorite female boss! These Bad Ass Boss Lady Engraved Pencils not only look cool, but they will make her smile every time she uses one. Stamped with gold, black, or white lettering, each of the seven in the set displays a fun but inspirational message to strengthen her resolve even when she doubts herself.

10 Japanese Zen Garden Kit

A most peaceful and calming experience, this Japanese Zen Garden Kit is the stress reliever she’s always needed. Intrinsically appealing and healing, it’s designed to help her practice meditation, boost creativity, and increase her focus, right from her own desk. It brings together the elements of nature in the form of water, sand or gravel, rocks, and plants and provides a sense of tranquility that allows the person viewing it to find peace and calm.

Japanese Zen Garden Kit

Boss Lady Wall Art With Metal Frame

9 Boss Lady Wall Art With Metal Frame

This stunning Boss Lady Wall Art With Metal Frame is not just great looking. The frame is made from heavy-duty, top-quality aluminum metal and is meant to be cherished for life. It’s the best gift idea to show appreciation and make the boss lady in your life feel really special. The frame is large enough to notice yet small enough to not take too much space.

8 Wine Glass Set

If you’re looking for gifts for female boss that are truly distinctive and able to constantly put a smile on her face, give her this Wine Glass Set. Make each drink a memorable one with a set that will remind her that she is more than capable of taking on the challenges ahead of her. These super strong and durable cups are made with careful attention and checked for superior quality. The set includes a functional 14 oz coffee mug that says ‘’Before work’’ and a 14oz wine cup with the words ‘’After work’’.

Wine Glass Set

Boss Lady Insulated Tumblers

7 Boss Lady Insulated Tumblers

This eye-catching Boss Lady Insulated Tumbler will leave a deep impression on your boss. It is both beautiful and useful. The large 20 oz capacity is suitable for daily use. The shape of the product allows easy handling for an adult-size hand. It keeps ice for 9 hours, while keeps coffee and beverage hot for 3 hours. The package comes with an elegant gift box and card. You can write your personal message on it and make it the perfect gift for the boss lady in your life.

6 Boss Lady Rose Gold Novelty Desk Sign

Allow her to ensure everyone else knows who’s the boss around here with this Boss Lady Rose Gold Novelty Desk Sign. The nameplate has a white background with rose gold foil wording and will fit perfectly into her office or simply as home décor. This beautiful sign will look stylish and elegant anywhere she puts it, so wonder no more and surprise her with a unique gift.

Boss Lady Rose Gold Novelty Desk Sign

Funny Boss Lady Card

5 Funny Boss Lady Card

If your boss is a person with a good sense of humor, then she’d love this Funny Boss Lady Card. It will surely put a smile on her face when she opens it. The hilarious words printed on the card will make her laugh every time she reads them. Because everyone deserves a break from work.

4 Cute Boss Lady Coffee Mug

Mugs are always a good idea when it comes to boss lady gifts, especially for hard-working people. Give the female boss in your life this Cute Boss Lady Coffee Mug that features a truly unique and stylish design. You can be sure that she doesn’t own such a beautiful mug. On one side of the mug, she gets her name and a cute illustration, and on the other side, it says ‘’Boss babe’’. Because personalized

Cute Boss Lady Coffee Mug

Unicorn Boss Lady Keychain

3 Unicorn Boss Lady Keychain

When you’re looking for the best gift to put a smile on the face of your boss, consider giving her this Unicorn Boss Lady Keychain. The unicorn has long been the symbol of positive emotions, good feelings, and fun. And that’s exactly what this keychain brings with it. She’ll surely love the cute images and funny words on it.

2 Unique Tote Bag

This Unique Tote Bag is designed with care, constructed with high-quality materials, and made to last so she can enjoy it for years to come. The soft-touch material of the handles won’t rub or irritate the skin like other nylon strap materials. The front zippered pocket is roomy enough for a 10-inch tablet or other large accessories. This tote has plenty of room for all of her office gear and supplies.

Unique Tote Bag

Boss Lady Mouse Pad

1 Boss Lady Mouse Pad

With its vibrant colors and unique design, this Boss Lady Mouse Pad will quickly become her favorite office accessory. She’ll enjoy very much the soft materials, which are comfortable for wrists and hands, and the smooth, non-slip surface. This mouse pad is also very easy to clean and maintain. It will give her an entirely new feeling at the office!

The thing about giving a gift to a boss lady is that it’s got to have the right tone.

It needs to be work appropriate and fit your personal relationship, all while being thoughtful and practical, too.

The perfect gifts for business women should be heartfelt without crossing the line, which can definitely be tricky.

Boss ladies are fierce, strong, and powerful, and any gift you give them should reflect that.

The above ideas are functional, funny, stylish, and personal. She’ll definitely love them!

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Watch the video to find out what our TOP 5 gift ideas are. Product links are in the video description.

Do you have a female boss in the office? Or maybe your wife is a boss lady? What gifts would you pick? You can share in the comment section.

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