32 Funny Gifts For Brother That’ll Make Him Laugh His Butt Off

Funny Gifts For Brother

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We know it can be hard to find a gift that is both unique and funny. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 32 unique and gag gift ideas that are sure to make your brother laugh out loud.

From quirky mugs and witty T-shirts to unconventional gadgets and novelty items, this list has it all.

These funny brother gifts are sure to make him smile, whether it’s his birthday, a special event, or just a surprise.

What Are the Best Funny Gifts for Your Brother?

Gag Gift Calendar


T-Rex Wine Holder


Funny T-Shirt For Brother


So, keep reading to discover the ideal funny gift that will make your precious brother’s day unforgettable!

Star Wars Kama Sutra

32 Star Wars Kama Sutra

The “Star Wars Kama Sutra” will make your brother laugh out loud! For your sweet brother, who loves Star Wars and sarcastic jokes, it’s a galactic riot of laughter. This book’s playful nudge to grown-up fun in a galaxy not so far away had him laughing like a Wookiee. Caution: Not for kids, but a comedic treasure for adults still nurturing their inner rebel!

31 Emergency Underpants

When your bro’s day goes ‘down under’, these Emergency Underpants save the day! Hilariously packed in a tiny tin, they’re a side-splitting surprise for your mischievous brother. They’re a mix of fun and usefulness. No more ‘uh-oh’ moments; just ‘under-wear’d’ giggles! And yes, they fit like a (comical) charm!”

Emergency Underpants

Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener

30 Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener

Looking for a fun gift for your brother? Grab the Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener! The Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener is here! Not only does it hold his favorite drinks, but it’s also funny. Imagine his surprise when you used a ghostly hand to pick up his bottle caps! This is great for guys who like to laugh while they drink. All over the world, brothers love this “spook-tacular” hit!”

29 Pick Your Poison Card Game

Unleash uproarious fun on game night with the Pick Your Poison Card Game for your brother! The crazy world of “what ifs” and “would you rathers” will make him and his friends laugh out loud. Get into strange situations and enjoy the crazy decisions that everyone makes. It is a gift that goes on giving; laughter is guaranteed!

Pick Your Poison Card Game

Bomb Dual Alarm Clock

28 Bomb Dual Alarm Clock

Hey, the Bomb Dual Alarm Clock is your hidden weapon if your dear brother loves his Z’s too much! Think about this: he’s sleeping soundly for one minute, and then BAM! There are alarms going off and on, and his bed is shaking like it wants to dance! This is one of the best gag gifts for brother, and it is also kind of useful (because, you know, being on time is important).

27 Funny Ninja Flip T-Shirt

If your bro’s got a stealthy sense of humor and loves a good surprise, this Funny Ninja Flip T-Shirt is the way to go. Picture him casually flipping it over to unveil a ninja surprise, guaranteed to get giggles all around. Not only is it hilarious, but it’s comfy, stretchy, and perfect for his next ‘sneak attack’ at the family BBQ. Get it and watch him flip out (literally)!

Funny Ninja Flip T-Shirt

Magnetic Pen

26 Magnetic Pen

He will always be grateful if you give him this Magnetic Pen! It’s more than just a pen; his fingers can play with it and make robots, animals, or anything else that strikes his fancy. It’s great for relaxing and the best toy for artistic people. Be aware that it’s only for people over 15 years old. It’s cool for teens, but not for little kids. Get ready to zap his boredom away!

25 Hockey Puck Opener

This Hockey Puck Opener is the must-have item for your hockey-loving brother that will earn you big brother points! These aren’t any pucks; they’ve been used in the NHL and are now ready to serve his favorite beer. He’ll go crazy when he finds out it’s from a real game, complete with authentic marks and information. Plus, he can hold a piece of sports history! Just remember, each one’s as unique as your bro!

Hockey Puck Opener

Funny Talking Pickle Toy

24 Funny Talking Pickle Toy

Want to make your bro laugh ’til he’s green? Get him the Funny Talking Pickle Toy! It’s not just a pickle; it’s a yodeling, repeating, light-up sensation. Imagine him having hilarious conversations with this zesty little comedian. This present will make him laugh, whether he likes jokes, pickles, or pranks.

23 Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game

Ever wondered where to find a hilarious game for your brother, who’s a huge ‘Rick and Morty’ fan? Look no further! The Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game is all about strategy, laughs, and bizarre theme park buildings inside a…human body. With wild bodily reactions and unexpected twists, it’s a roller coaster of fun. This is going to make your brother happy!

Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game

Brother's Cereal Killer Spoon

22 Brother’s Cereal Killer Spoon

Gift your bro this hilarious Cereal Killer Spoon and watch his breakfast turn into a scene of delightful “crimes”! It’s a morning chuckle, guaranteed. Durable, shiny, and just the right size, this spoon is the perfect sidekick for his cereal adventures. Plus, its high-quality engraving adds that personal touch, making every spoonful absolutely ‘killer’!

21 Happy Nuts Body and Nut Wash

Looking for funny gift ideas for brother? The Happy Nuts Body and Nut Wash is a hoot! Not only will he chuckle every time he showers, but he’ll also enjoy the refreshing sandalwood scent and feel super smooth all over. It’s gentle, moisturizing, and downright hilarious. Perfect for the bro who loves a good laugh and feeling fresh!

Happy Nuts Body and Nut Wash

Mom's Favorite Funny T-Shirt

20 Mom’s Favorite Funny T-Shirt

Gift your bro the Mom’s Favorite Funny T-Shirt, and watch the family giggles roll in! It’s not only hilarious but also super comfy. Crafted with love in Michigan, its soft fabric feels like a gentle hug. Ideal for the guy who enjoys a good joke and cares about quality. He’ll also be proud to wear it, which will make family get-togethers even more fun!

19 Build On Brick Coffee Mug

Build On Brick Coffee Mug is a fun new way for your brother to drink his coffee. He can start his day with a creative boost from this strange cup, which lets him add bricks and designs as he drinks. Safe, roomy, and promising endless fun, it’s the perfect way to ensure his mornings are never boring. A priceless addition to his mug collection!

Build On Brick Coffee Mug

Funny Dress Socks

18 Funny Dress Socks

Gift your bro these Funny Dress Socks and watch his feet become the life of the party! Not only are they a comfy carnival for his toes, but they’re also a hilarious nod to the circle game meme. Perfect for adding a sprinkle of fun to even the most formal events, these socks are a snug, laugh-inducing winner. Comfort and chuckles? Yes, please!

17 Funny Crochet Poo Doll

For the brother with a quirky sense of humor, this Funny Crochet Poo Doll is a hoot! Lovingly hand-knitted, this cute potato charm is more than just a doll – it’s a day-brightener. The cute design makes it great for bags, desks, or just cuddling. If things get “spud-tacularly” hard, this little potato will make him smile! If you’re looking for funny birthday gifts for brother, you can’t go wrong with this choice!

Funny Crochet Poo Doll

Throw Throw Burrito Game

16 Throw Throw Burrito Game

Gift your brother the Throw Throw Burrito Game, and prepare for a hilariously wild game night! Imagine the excitement of a card game meeting the chaos of dodgeball, but with soft burritos instead of balls. It’s all about quick reflexes, sharp eyes, and being ready to duck and dive. Not just a game, but a huge fight that will make everyone laugh out loud, dodge, and throw. There has never been a more crazy dodgeball game!

15 Worlds Okayest Brother Sweatshirt

Make your brother’s day with the Worlds Okayest Brother Sweatshirt! It’s a cheeky nod to his unique brand of ‘okay-ness’ and sure to get a hearty laugh. Crafted with a cozy cotton blend, this sweatshirt isn’t just a gag gift; it’s his next must-have piece of clothing. Plus, the comfy, vintage feel makes it a winner. He’ll proudly sport his ‘title’ while enjoying the snug warmth. Perfect for any bro who’s awesomely average!

Worlds Okayest Brother Sweatshirt

Yodeling Pickle

14 Yodeling Pickle

Give the gift of endless chuckles with the Yodeling Pickle! Perfect for your bro who thinks he’s seen it all, this pickle will prove him wrong. It’s not just a pickle; it’s a musical sensation that yodels its heart out. Batteries are included, so the fun starts right away! Ideal for livening up parties or just annoying your brother in the best way possible. Who knew a pickle could bring so much joy?

13 Sorry No Hablo Fuctardo Tumbler

Surprise your precious brother with the “Sorry No Hablo Fuctardo” Tumbler, and watch his day brighten with laughter! With its 20-ounce capacity, this cheeky tumbler is not only fun but also very useful. Hot stays hot, cold stays cold, and the humor stays fresh. Easy to clean and tough as nails, it’s the sidekick your bro never knew he needed for both indoor chills and outdoor thrills.

Sorry No Hablo Fuctardo Tumbler

The Man Fork

12 The Man Fork

The Man Fork is the best way to give your brother the best eating experience ever! The stainless steel beauty is all about eating in the style of an alpha male. No more small bites for him. Not only is it a fork, but it’s also a call to all cooks who want to eat like champions. He’ll also have more time for manly things afterward, since real men don’t do dishes – they go on adventures!

11 Fart Extinguisher Air Freshner

Want to get a hilarious gift for your brother? The Fart Extinguisher Air Freshener is here to rescue noses everywhere! When your bro’s culinary creations unleash chaos, he can identify the source and take aim with this fragrant superhero. It holds 100ml of fragrance, so he’s ready for round two. Say goodbye to bad air and hello to good laughs!

Fart Extinguisher Air Freshner

A Hot Sauce Gift Set

10 A Hot Sauce Gift Set

Check out this Hot Sauce Gift Set that even made it to Oprah’s Favorite Things! With 7 different hot sauces inspired by flavors from around the world, it’s a thoughtful and tastebud-tingling present. From mild to blazing hot, these sauces will complement any dish. Get ready for some flavorful adventures and gift your bro a fiery delight!

9 Whiskey Glass and Cigar Holder

This Whiskey Glass and Cigar Holder combo is a game-changer. It’s a tumbler and cigar rest in one, allowing him to enjoy both without the hassle. No more balancing acts or worrying about condensation on the cigar. Plus, it’s a unique and classy gift for any occasion. Also, it makes a stylish and one-of-a-kind gift for any event. Cheers to giving funny-looking and thoughtful brother gifts!

Whiskey Glass and Cigar Holder

Screaming Goat Keychain Button

8 Screaming Goat Keychain Button

This Screaming Goat Keychain Button is the ultimate stress reliever. He can press the button whenever he’s having a bad day at work, school, or home, and the goat’s scream will make him feel better. It’s also a great present that will make his friends laugh. Even though this button is small, its goat scream is loud enough to be heard and make anyone’s day better.

7 Gag Coffee Mug For Brother

With the hilarious message, “I’d take a bullet for you!” printed on both sides, this Gag Coffee Mug For Brother is the perfect blend of funny and practical. Plus, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, so he can enjoy his morning brew hassle-free. Whether he prefers an 11 oz or 15 oz mug, the large C-handle makes sipping easy. Affordable and amusing, it’s a gift that’ll bring a smile to his face with every cup.

Gag Coffee Mug For Brother

Gag Gift Calendar

6 Gag Gift Calendar

Need a funny gift that will make your brother laugh all year? Check out this Gag Gift Calendar! Actual dogs answering the call of nature are shown every month, and $1 from every sale helps a dog in need. The folded size is 17 x 11 inches, and it lists US holidays. This funny gift will keep him laughing all year instead of boring calendars.

5 Funny T-Shirt For Brother

Take a look at this Funny T-shirt! It proudly declares, “I’m A Proud Brother Of A Wonderful Sweet And Awesome Sister.” It’s great for Christmas, birthdays, and even Father’s Day. With this cute outfit, you can show your brother how great and beautiful you are. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and guaranteed to get a laugh.

Funny T-Shirt For Brother

Funny Custom Portrait For Brother

4 Funny Custom Portrait For Brother

The Funny Custom Portrait is a one-of-a-kind keepsake made from your photos. Imagine his face when he sees a personalized work of art that captures his essence in a funny way. It’s the perfect way to show your love and share a good laugh. Get ready for some serious sibling bonding over this masterpiece!

3 Video Game Controller Cufflinks

These Video Game Controller Cufflinks are the perfect gift! Whether he’s getting married, heading to a formal event, or just wants to add a fun touch to his outfit, these cufflinks have got him covered. They come in a sleek box, making them an easy and thoughtful gift choice. So, give him a stylish boost with these cufflinks, and he’ll be ready for anything with a smile.

Video Game Controller Cufflinks

Funny Retro Record Coasters

2 Funny Retro Record Coasters

Give your brother a blast from the past with these Funny Retro Record Coasters! They’re mini vinyl records that add a cool, retro vibe to any table. These coasters come in a stylish holder and make a perfect gift for music lovers. They’re not only a fun conversation starter, but they also protect your furniture from drink spills. So, if you want to rock your brother’s world with a gift that’s both fun and functional, these coasters are the way to go!

1 T-Rex Wine Holder

If your bro enjoys having good wine, get him this cute and funny-looking T-Rex Wine Holder! Made with attention to detail, this cast resin dinosaur adds a fun and unique touch to his home decor. It’s like having a mini-museum exhibit on your table. Your bro will roar with joy when he sees it!

T-Rex Wine Holder

In the quest for funny gifts for brother, remember that the key is to bring joy and laughter into his life. From witty mugs to quirky gadgets, the possibilities are endless.

Keep his personality and sense of humor in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect, laughter-inducing gift.

The thought and humor that went into your gift will really make it stand out, whether it’s for his birthday, a holiday, or just a surprise.

So embrace the fun, explore unique ideas, and most importantly, celebrate the special bond you share with your brother through laughter and unforgettable moments.

So, have fun shopping, and get ready to see his face light up with laughter!

Does your brother love gag gifts? Give your ideas in the comments that you think are really funny! We may include it later in our list.

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